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Hollywood Really F’d-Up Shia LaBeouf. Damn.

Shia LaBeouf Shows Off His Fashion Sense 2-1Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

I wanna say that he’s just F’ing with the papz, but these days when it comes to Shia LaBeouf, you can never be too sure.

The seemingly always-troubled actor was spotted grabbing lunch at a Taco Bell in Sherman Oaks while rocking a retro Nascar T-shirt tucked into his grey sweatpants. As some of you may have heard, Shia who was arrested for public intoxication in Austin, Texas earlier this month.

Who Invited Lindsay Lohan To Weisses Fest 2014?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan attended Weisses Fest 2014 in Linz, Austria. I’m really surprised that we’re spending the time giving her a post but I supposed we wanted to give some love to Lindsay’s sideboob action she’s got going on. Honestly at this point we’d probably write about reminding you to check out her latest project but we’re too lazy to even do that so head over to the Gallery and check out more of Lindsay, if you care.

OK, Kelly Brook's Muscle-Man Fiance David McIntosh Just Got A Little Weid

Kelly Brook - booty in tights, out in West Hollywood  adds----3-28917

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as the couple hit up their daily workouts. Aside from eat, sleep & have plenty of sex, I guess the only other thing that Kelly Brook & David McIntosh do is make multiple trips to the gym.

In this latest set, Kelly’s big ball of muscle was seen rocking a pair of freaky-looking leathery tights. Who knows, maybe those babies will help him get even bigger, assuming that’s possible.

Shia LaBeouf Continues Clinging To His Homeless Style

Shia LaBeouf, wearing his trademark brown pants, boots and tattered hat, picks up some books in Los Angeles

God damn, just like most people in Hollywood say when actor Shia LaBeouf comes up in conversation, “What the fuck happened to this guy?” Seriously. I guess it was the people around him when he was flying high on ‘Transformers’ & ‘Indiana Jones’ fame (or maybe the lack of people) that caused him to somewhat implode.

I still think this guy will make a comeback, but in order to make a successful comeback Shia needs to complete his extended journey through the dark, sad & depressing side of life. In a way, this will ultimately build character when he inevitably bumps into the right person down the road who can successfully pull him out of his hole. Of course, that’s the best case scenario. The majority of other cases involves Shia overdosing on a wide assortment of drugs…

These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as Shia was seen wearing his trademark brown pants, boots and tattered hat while hitting up a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles. In other LaBeouf-news, the dude is apparently suing his uncle for a 2nd time for $200,000, after wining a judgment in February to the tune of $800,000. The lawsuits stem from an unpaid loan Shia gave his uncle in January 2011.

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