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Leonardo DiCaprio Bikes Around NYC With A Mystery Girl

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio spotted out riding Citi bikes with a mystery girl and other friends in NYCPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Accompanying Leo were his entourage of buddies. The 40-year-old actor seems to be taking it easy during New York Fashion Week as he was spotted cruising around on a Citi Bike with friends. We’re pretty sure Leo’s nights are packed as he sits holed up in random VIP rooms across lower Manhattan vetting prospective girlfriend candidates for the coming fall/winter season.

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardo DiCaprio spotted out riding Citi bikes with a mystery girl and other friends in NYC

Oh Damn, Irina Shayk Hangs With Bradley Cooper’s Mom In NYC!

Irina Shayk Hangs Out With Bradley Cooper's Mom In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

I’m sorry ladies, but it looks like Bradley Cooper might be very serious about his relationship with Irina Shayk—and who can blame him, right? Girls like Irina Shayk aren’t exactly all that common, BUT—BUT, I’m still not convinced marriage is still the correct course of action for somebody in Bradley’s fortuitous position.

Obviously, Bradley isn’t some average dude, so he has to make the tough decisions that average dudes wouldn’t fantasize about making in their own lives (i.e. “Shall I marry Irina,” “Shall I cheat on Irina with another, potentially hotter, model,” shall I take up Leo’s offer to spend a week on a yacht with his ex-girlfriends?” etc., etc.).

I doubt Bradley’s mom would let something like this happen on her own watch, but assuming she does, I feel like Bradley needs to spend a few days or so with Leonardo DiCaprio reflecting on how far he should take his relationship with Irina. I think Leo can knock some sense into Bradley.

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Mariah’s Billionaire Boyfriend James Packer Sings & Dances To “Dreamlover” While Walking Around NYC

EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey's billionaire boyfriend James Packer is seen dancing while listening to music on his phone in New York CityPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

We always wondered what kind of guy, especially a guy who is reportedly a billionaire, would suffer through a relationship with a high-maintenance diva like Mariah Carey? Well, it’s one that apparently likes to dance and sing to tunes on his iPhone while walking down the street in NYC. Let’s just say that most billionaires, who can bang any chick on the planet, don’t normally want to shake things up with somebody like Mariah Carey, of all people. Not sure if he’s just a very happy guy, but if this is out of the ordinary, I think it’s safe to say that he took a few extra Zoloft pills with his brunch!

As for Mariah, the couple only spent part of the weekend together. After taking her twins Monroe and Morocan to the Bronx Zoo on Sunday morning, Mariah jetted off to Cali and was later seen with friends at the fair in Malibu. James Packer didn’t accompany her, but the couple apparently rendezvoused somewhere in Italy last night to attend a U2 concert. Aaah, the life of the rich & famous! They use their private jets like we use our cars!

Mariah Carey Enjoyed A Day At The Fair In MalibuPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Victoria Justice is Still Madly in Love! Vacations in Hawaii w/ her BF

Victoria-Justice-at-Teen-Choice-Awards-2015-Arrivals-1-bikiniPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Beach Photo: Own the rights to these photos? Please contact us immediately


The photos on the beach in Hawaii with her man (Pierson Fode) were snapped just last week, so it appears these two are madly in love (for now, at least).

I wanna say that Pierson might eventually get bored of Victoria (I know some of you guys think that’s impossible, but it happens all the time) and cheat on her following a fight or drunken outing with friends, but let’s just say the guy will hold off on such douchebag-plans for at least a few months, if not, through the holidays! The guy’s obviously taking pleasure in enjoying the company of his woman during a bikini-fueled Hawaiian vacation, so we gotta give him props.

Nikki Sixx Hits Miami Beach w/ Sugar Baby Courtney Bingham

Nikki Sixx & Courtney Bingham Enjoy A Beach Day In MiamiPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

56-year-old ‘Motley Crue’ rocker Nikki Sixx appears to be still living it up with his 29-year-old wife Courtney Bingham. The happy couple (for now) were seen enjoying a nice day at the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon.

After dating for a few years, they tied the knot last year in March. Even though the guy already has four children with two previous marriages with former Playboy Playmates, he still wants to have more kids. Who knows, maybe he loves writing alimony checks?!

Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel are All Smiles at LAX

Miranda Kerr, Evan SpiegelPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Miranda Kerr is all smiles while departing on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California with her new boyfriend Evan Spiegel. The 32-year-old model and her 25-year-old billionaire boyfriend couldn’t keep their hands off of each other while they waited for their flight! For those who don’t know, Evan Spiegel is the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat.

Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas Out In Los Angeles

Gigi Hadid, Joe JonasPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid look to be close while out and about in Los Angeles. It’d been almost two weeks since we’d posted the two of them together so we’re sure Gigi was ecstatic to grab hold of her Jonas brother. The pair had a late night partying with Kylie Jenner last night on her 18th birthday.

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