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Eddie Murphy & Paige Butler Have Seriously Ditched Coffee Bean For Starbucks

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Like we said the last time we posted these two, they must have scored a sweet deal with Starbucks because they pretty much swore by Coffee Bean as their go-to, pre-let’s-have-sex-all-day coffee joint. The only other theory is that they received very shitty service at Coffee Bean and Eddie decided to try something else or who knows, it’s possible that Paige initiated the change? Needless to say, if you’re currently reading this and actually give a shit, don’t forget to click on a few ads & leave comments!

If changing up cafes took this long, don’t expect Eddie to do the same in the sugar baby department anytime soon. Eddie continues to stick with Aussie-flavored model girlfriend, Paige Butcher. You’d think he’d experiment with other chicks like every other high-powered Hollywood big, but I guess Paige & him have worked out very agreeable terms with respect to their relationship so there’s no point in screwing shit up (i.e. Eddie snaps, Paige arrives, Eddie pops, Paige leaves). In exchange for having annoying kids and living a cookie-cutter family life, Paige is opting for life as “Eddie’s Trophy Girlfriend,” who gets to enjoy all the luxuries of that life has to offer, which apparently includes a lot of free frappuccinos and lattes.

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Kanye West Takes Kim Kardashian’s Ass Out For Dinner In London

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are spotted leaving Mr Chow restaurant in London. Kim looked stylish in a pink skin tight leather dress while Kanye opted for a navy sweater and black leather pants. Madonna accompanied them where the trio had a lot to talk about in regards to embarrassing moments at awards show- Kanye and his now fancy rant against Beck’s at the Grammys and Madonna’s fall off the stage at the recent Brit Awards. Earlier, Kim and Kanye attended Madonna’s performance and party at Annabel’s private club. Later on in the night, Kim and Kanye were spotted at Sang Bleu tattoo parlour in Hackney.

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher at SNL 40th Anniversary Gala in NYC

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy was accompanied by his Paige Butcher at the SNL 40th Anniversary Gala at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. During the night, there was a tribute to Eddie who was presented to the audience by Chris Rock. Eddie didn’t make any jokes but just thanked everyone. The big event was attended by many including the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Bradley Cooper, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Keith Richards, Chris Rock and Dakota Johnson. Check out a full guest list of those who appeared on the SNL 40 special. For complete coverage and video exclusives, visit Saturday Night Live on NBC.

Sean Penn & Charlize Theron Take Jackson To The Park

Semi-Exclusive... Sean Penn & Charlize Theron Take Jackson To The Park

For those of you who thought this relationship wouldn’t last (which includes us), think again. Charlize Theron & Sean Penn appear to be deeper & deeper in love as the months roll on and believe it or not, but it’s even rumored that the couple are actively house hunting in Pacific Palisades.

I’m happy for them, but it just seems like two rich people who’re buying their way into a certain lifestyle and doing so on their own terms. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that and Sean Penn is a lucky bastard, but it’ll be very interesting if these two actually end up tying the knot and possibly even having a kid on their own to compliment Adoption Super Lottery winner Jackson. Man, that kid is lucky!

Semi-Exclusive... Sean Penn & Charlize Theron Take Jackson To The Park

Semi-Exclusive... Sean Penn & Charlize Theron Take Jackson To The Park

Katharine McPhee Films Scenes For ‘Scorpion’ in L.A.

Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel filming scenes for the TV show 'Scorpion' in Los Angeles

For those of you who don’t know, the big joke with Katharine McPhee is that she loves banging her co-stars, directors, production people, on-set delivery boys, etc., etc.—if the guy works on set, there’s a chance Katharine McPhee wants a piece!

To further support the scandalous rumors/’Bang Anyone on Set’ theories, here are new pics of Katharine on the set of her new CBS series as she films scenes with her ‘Scorpion‘ co-star/current BOYFRIEND Elyes Gabel (anyone surprised?).

Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel filming scenes for the TV show 'Scorpion' in Los Angeles

Hmm, What Are The Chances That Heidi Klum Is Sleeping With Both These Dudes?

Heidi Klum and boyfriend Vito Schnabel enjoys at the beach in St Barts

We’ll let you guys speculate on Heidi’s thirst for ménage à trois, but one of those dudes is her latest temporary boyfriend named Vito Schnabel and the other guy is either part of Heidi’s security detail or one of Vito’s friends.

The couple are currently enjoying an extended vacation in ultra-luxurious St. Barts. These latest photos were snapped yesterday as the trio chilled on the beach.

Heidi Klum and boyfriend Vito Schnabel enjoys at the beach in St Barts

Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Treat Jackson To Some Frozen Yogurt

Exclusive... Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Take Jackson To Get Frozen Yogurt

Unfortunately, our own Jackson wasn’t adopted by Charlize Theron & Sean Penn, although I’m pretty sure he’d be completely open to the idea. These new photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the little Hollywood family, albeit a really odd one, stopped to get some frozen yogurt.

Sean & Charlize just returned after spending some time in S. Africa together. They were both over there working together on a new project, ‘The Last Face’. Apparently the film is directed by Sean Penn and stars Charlize, along with Javier Bardem and Adèle Exarchopoulos.

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NYC: Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Cruise Around West Village

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis hold hands while out in West Village, NYC

So, this is probably how Derek Jeter will spend the next 30-40 years of his life. The dude is only 40 right now, so who knows, maybe he’ll live to be 90 or 100 considering he’s filthy rich and can afford the best healthcare money can buy.

One thing is for sure though, even if he ends up marrying Hannah Davis (we don’t think this will happen), it’ll be simply the first of many. What’s a guy like Derek Jeter to with his free time when he’s not fooling around with beautiful women?! After all, the guy is worth upwards $185 million and he has to spend it all some where, right?

Another reason we think he’ll continue on his relentless pursuit to find the ideal companion (note: this person doesn’t exist) simply because he’s too accustomed to change in the bedroom. Ever since his rookie year, the dude has gone through a long list of famous names including: Mariah Carey, former Miss Universe Lara Dutta, singer Joy Enriquez, MTV hottie Vanessa Minnillo, actresses Jordana Brewster, Jessica Biel, and Minka Kelly, and currently he’s dating model Hannah Davis. And we’re pretty sure when he wasn’t sleeping with these famous, he was countless other women who weren’t famous celebs.

Eddie Out With His Glorified, Longtime Coffee Holder / Girlfriend

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Girlfriend Making A Coffee Run

We’re just kidding, Paige! Let’s face it, millions of hot chicks around the globe would love to in your position (including the long list of other positions that Eddie enjoys), so it’s nice to see that you’re still hanging in there.

As we’ve stated previously, judging by the length of their relationship, Eddie and Paige probably share a non-committal, extremely freaky sex life that’s obviously fueled by tons & tons of hot & cold beverages from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Nothing wrong with that.

In latest project-related news, funny-man Eddie Murphy is going against expectations and is set to star in a straight drama about entertainment legend Miles Davis titled ‘Miles and Me.’ I gotta admit, as a big fan of both Eddie and Miles Davis, I’m already looking forward to this one.

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