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Rosario Dawson Hits Popoholic; Dlisted: Madonna Is A Model; Tuna’s Diggin’ Ela Rose

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- Madonna Took Lady Gaga’s Job As The Photoshopped Face Of Ver-sayce [Dlisted]
- Ela Rose’s Booty And Underboob Is Crazy Good! [HollywoodTuna]
- Rupert Friend got engaged to Paralympic sprinter Aimee Mullins: super-cute? [Celebitchy]
- Kourtney Kardashian Had To Get Naked Now Of Course [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- Boyonce Spoofs Beyonce’s ‘7/11′ Video Feel Good Video Of The Day [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Bill Cosby Breaks His Silence…to Thank His Few Supporters [Complex]
- Rosario Dawson Looking All Kinds Of Uber Hot And Ultra Busty [Popoholic]
– Leonardo DiCaprio Is Still Rocking A Bushy Beard, Parties It Up In Miami Surrounded By Women [Socialite Life]

- Mariah Carey better start wishing for more at Christmas [Evil Beet]
– Madonna for Versace Spring 2015 [Lainey’s Gossip]
- Model at Midnight: Alena Gerber [Celebslam]
- Anne Julie Does Christopher Walken of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- This Baby Dubsteps Way Better than You and Will Steal Your Girlfriend [The Blemish]
- Next Up on The Kardashian Sexy Train … [Fishwrapper]
- Bestselling Author Throws Embarrassing Hissyfit on Twitter After Book Snub [Pajiba]
– Little Kid’s Dubstep Dance Moves Should Be A Must-Watch For Every Raver [BroBible]

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Rihanna Hits I’m Not Obsessed; Tuna in Love With Daniela Lopez; Dlisted: More BS From K-Klan

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- Kim Kardashian Klaims She Used To Pray For Smaller Boobs [Dlisted]
- Daniela Lopez Osorio Because She Is Amazing [HollywoodTuna]
- Lindsay Lohan managed to look sober-ish, clean in London: what is happening?! [Celebitchy]
- Kourtney Kardashian Had To Get Naked Now Of Course [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- Rihanna Did She Accidentally Spill The Beans About Kanye West 2015 Tour? [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Once You Go Black: VH1 and the Growing Power of Black TV Viewers [Complex]
- Jessica Alba Instagrams Some Bikini Hotness [Popoholic]
– WATCH: James Franco Gets His Christmas Wish And Remains A Multitasker In This ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo [Socialite Life]

- Bill Cosby is being sued for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old [Evil Beet]
– Chris Rock writes provocative piece on race in Hollywood in The Hollywood Reporter [Lainey’s Gossip]
- Kourtney Kardashian gets in on the nipple action [Celebslam]
- Anna Ewers for Alexander Wang of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Goes Nude for Dujour [The Blemish]
- Annie Lennox Just Can’t Stop Telling Truths [Fishwrapper]
- Maternity Clothes Are Goddamn Hideous [Pajiba]
– The Definitive Ranking of Pringles Flavors [BroBible]

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Miranda Kerr Hits IDLYITW; Dlisted: ScarJo Gets Hitched; Tuna: Who’s Stefanie Knight?

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- Scarlett Johansson Introduced Everyone To Her “Husband” At The Gotham Awards Last Night [Dlisted]
- Stefanie Knight’s Booty Will Blow Your Mind [HollywoodTuna]
- Rosario Dawson, 35, adopted 12 year old daughter back in October [Celebitchy]
- Miranda Kerr Hopes You Think You’ll Look Like This If You Buy A Wonderbra [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- 77-Year-Old Grandma Can Deadlift Over 200 LBS Feel Good Video For The Day [I’m Not Obsessed]
– “The Walking Dead” Totally Broke the “No Spoilers” Rule on Facebook (UPDATE) [Complex]
- Exclusive Hi-Res Photos And Drool-Inducing Video: Alexandra Daddario Sizzles In GQ [Popoholic]
– ‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Coda’ Is An Emotional Mid-Season Finale [Socialite Life]

- Rihanna’s finally ready to release some new music [Evil Beet]
– Keanu Reeves wears his hair like Speed on the set of Daughter Of God [Lainey’s Gossip]
- God damn, Sofia Vergara [Celebslam]
- Miley Cyrus Good Hygiene Porn of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- You Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online Now [The Blemish]
- Tilda Swinton is Too Bizarrely Beautiful for This World [Fishwrapper]
- Amy Schumer Immortalizes Tilda Swinton with An Introduction Speech for the Ages [Pajiba]
– Here’s A Video Of A Drunk White Girl Arguing And Offering Sexual Favors To A Cop [BroBible]

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Celebitchy: Angie in a Car Crash?; Nina Agdal Hits Tuna; Dlisted: Shia LaBeouf In Trouble Again?

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- Shia LaBeouf’s Performance Art Collaborators Speak Out About Rape Allegations [Dlisted]
- Nina Agdal Is My Kind Of Party Girl! [HollywoodTuna]
- Angelina Jolie’s driver got into a bad accident in LA last night: is she okay? [Celebitchy]
– Kendall Jenner Hates Jesus [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- Dog Is Fan Of ‘Frozen’ Song ‘Let It Go’ Feel Good Video Of The Day [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Admit It, Last Night’s “The Walking Dead” Midseason Finale Was a Disappointment [Complex]
- Charlize Theron Goes On A Chesty Grocery Run [Popoholic]
– WATCH: The ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Teaser Trailer Is Finally Here! [Socialite Life]

- You Will Not Recognize Jake Gyllenhaal After Weight Gain [Evil Beet]
– Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander surfing in Australia [Lainey’s Gossip]
- Looking good, Tara [Celebslam]
- Cara Delevingne and Kate Hudson Thanksgiving Dance Off of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- Anna Cardwell Needs Money, Possibly for English Lessons [The Blemish]
- Anything Kim Can Do, Amber Rose Can Do Better (?) [Fishwrapper]
- Jennifer Lawrence Enters the Pop Charts, Which Are Sadly Still Dominated by Nickeback [Pajiba]
– Is This Sexy Lingerie Photo The Hottest Picture Kendall Jenner Has Ever Taken? [BroBible]

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Rosario Dawson Visits Popoholic; Jennifer Aniston Hits Dlisted; Nicola McLean on Tuna

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- Jennifer Aniston Pranked BBC Radio 1′s Chris Stark With An Awkward As Hell Interview [Dlisted]
- Nicola McLean Busts Out Big Time [HollywoodTuna]
- Chris Pine sings some Frank Sinatra for his Pine Nuts: awesome or awful? [Celebitchy]
- Katy Perry Went To Something [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- Hugh Jackman First Look At Him As Blackbeard In ‘Pan’ (Hot New Trailer) [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Adam Sandler: Crushing Dick Jokes Since Middle School [Complex]
- Rosario Dawson Returns With A Bodacious Cleavage Show [Popoholic]
– WATCH: Chris Pine Reveals He’s Single And Serenades A Lucky Fan On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ [Socialite Life]

- Is this Kevin Federline’s dick? [Evil Beet]
– Angelina Jolie in Paris to promote Unbroken [Lainey’s Gossip]
- Jennifer Aniston digging for gold [Celebslam]
- Miley Cyrus Ass Fucks Kim Kardashian on Instagram of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- Johnny Depp Doesn’t Give a Fuck Anymore [The Blemish]
- Kirk Cameron Just Got Even Sadder [Fishwrapper]
- Indisputable Proof That Canceling ‘Selfie’ Was ABC’s Greatest Mistake Ever [Pajiba]
– Two Hot Twins Walk Around Asking Men If They’d Want To Have Threesomes [BroBible]

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Celebitchy: J-Aniston’s Thanksgiving Wedding?; Tuna: We Love Daniela; Dlisted: Chevy Chase Looks Wasted

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- So I Guess Tiger Lily Just Got Back From Burning Man… [Dlisted]
- Daniela Lopez Osorio In A Bikini Will Blow Your Mind [HollywoodTuna]
- Jennifer Aniston’s friends think she’s throwing a surprise wedding every week [Celebitchy]
- Bette Midler Called Ariana Grande A Whore [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- Chris Pratt Takes On A Dinosaur In ‘Jurassic World’ [I’m Not Obsessed]
– No Surprises, Only Disappointment: The Reality of the Grand Jury’s Failure to Indict Darren Wilson [Complex]
- Kendall Jenner Goes On A Braless Shopping Spree In NYC [Popoholic]
– Everyone’s Throwing Bill Cosby Under The Bus Now [Socialite Life]

- Katie Holmes is panicking over Suri’s “detailed” Christmas list [Evil Beet]
– First trailer for Pan with Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, and Rooney Mara [Lainey’s Gossip]
- In beautiful people news . . . [Celebslam]
- Miley Cyrus Mocks Mexicans of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- Katy Perry Will Headline Your Ball Sport Halftime Show [The Blemish]
- Angelina Jolie Just Got A Little Bit Questionable [Fishwrapper]
- Let Nicolas Cage Instruct You On the Finer Points of Movie Theater Etiquette [Pajiba]
– Why SantaCon Is The Ultimate Battle Between Bros and Hipsters In New York City [BroBible]

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Miranda Kerr Visited IDLYITW; Emily Rata Gets TunaLove; Dlisted: Emo Lorde

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- Lorde Performed In A Box And Moshed Around The Stage At The AMAs Last Night Because It’s Lorde [Dlisted]
- Emily Ratajkowski’s Chesticles Reign Supreme [HollywoodTuna]
- Nicole Kidman in Prada at the UK ‘Paddington’ premiere: cute or blah? [Celebitchy]
- Miranda Kerr Is Walking For You [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- Reese Witherspoon Family Fun At The Farmer’s Market [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Before the Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision, Three Ferguson Residents Share What It’s Like in Their Hometown [Complex]
- Hilary Duff Gets A Parking Ticket, Doesn’t Care Because She’s Super Rich And Ultra Hot [Popoholic]
– Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Are Still Happily In Love, But The Hate For FKA Won’t Stop [Socialite Life]

- Bill Cosby refuses to answer to “innuendos” [Evil Beet]
– Jennifer Aniston talks about Rachel haircut and at two Cake screenings on the weekend [Lainey’s Gossip]
- Model at Midnight: Nadine Leopold [Celebslam]
- Jessica Alba Working Out of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- The 2014 American Music Awards Were Sunday [The Blemish]
- Demi Lovato Is Just Too Classy for This [Fishwrapper]
- Why ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Continues to Win the Guest Star Game [Pajiba]
– New Gameplay Footage For ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Is Out And Holy Shit Does This Look Awesome [BroBible]

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Evil Beet: Britney Reads Tweets on Kimmel; J-Aniston on Dlisted; Paz Vega Hits Tuna

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- And Here’s Jennifer Aniston’s Exquisitely Beaded Boobs, Bceause Why Not? [Dlisted]
- Paz Vega Makes A Hot Comeback [HollywoodTuna]
- Giada de Laurentiis stays so slender by never eating the food she cooks [Celebitchy]
- Stacey Dash Says Bill Cosby Never Raped Her If Anybody Was Wondering [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

- Reese Witherspoon Get Her Look From The ‘Wild’ Premiere [I’m Not Obsessed]
– Man Charged for Raping Woman After Pretending to Be NYPD Officer [Complex]
- Elisabetta Canalis In Leggings Is A Drool-Fest [Popoholic]
– The Creator Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Discusses The Delena Rain Kiss, Also Paul Wesley Is Trading In His Fangs For Sci-Fi [Socialite Life]

- Jimmy Kimmel has celebrities read even more mean tweets [Evil Beet]
– Lupita Nyong’o is red for Lancome in teaser [Lainey’s Gossip]
- Ray J is a god damn genius [Celebslam]
- Emily Ratajkowski Has Tits of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

- Raven-Symone Wants You to Know Bill Cosby Didn’t Molest Her [The Blemish]
- Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Even Know How to Feud Properly [Fishwrapper]
- Has James Franco Finally Out-Pretensioned Himself? [Pajiba]
– The Weed-Smoking Grandmas Did A Pre-Pot Interview And Yes, They’re Still Pretty Damn Funny [BroBible]

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