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Socialite Whore Victoria Silvstedt Selling ManWash Lube

Victoria, the Horndogg Community loves you!! Everyone please show your support by bagging some ManWash.

Jessica Biel Bikini Pictures
Michelle Rodriguez is on the Beach
Katharine McPhee Bails on Idol Tour

How to look famous
Suri Cruise Does Not Exist
UseMyComputer features the Virgin Adriana
The Tuna was seriously ON today!! Check out Rachel Hunter Bikini Pictures, too!!

Keira Knightley Just Isn’t Into Her Boyfriend
Some Lame Diana Ross News
Kathy Grifffin’s Life On The D-For-Divorce-List
Ashley Judd reveals her lousy treatment for depression

11 Bad-Good Horror Movies You Need To See
Shannen Doherty on The View!
Keira Knightley and her Sunken Pirates Chest
Gillian Anderson doesn’t Want To Believe in The X-Files 2

JT’s SexyBack Not So Hot
Kate Moss Snorts Coke, Earns More
Anne Hathaway: The Carpenter?

Junkie Links By James Brown

Props to D-Listed for the snap.

Keira Knightley Is Definitely Not Anorexic
Clay Aiken Comes Out at Kelly Clarkson’s Concert
Hilary Swank Blames Substance Abuse for Divorce

Pam Anderson’s back on the Rock
Superman Returns Wasn’t That Gay
UseMyComputer brings us Gisele!! Yummy!
Evangeline Lilly Has Airport Trouble

Ice-T to Produce David Hasselhoff’s New Album
Tour de Jake
National Enquirer’s 50 Best and Worst Beach Bodies
MSN Movies: 10 Best Superhero Movies

James Brown: “Women Should Know Their Place”
Uma Thurman’s Boobs Hit the Beach

Kelly Rips on Herself
Lindsay Lohan Turns 20
Cash Warren has his hands firmly on Ass Heaven. Damn him.

Bastardly Breaking News! Michelle Rodriguez Only Drinks Hard Liquor!

The Bastardly Gossip Network does not celebrate July 4th. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan’s Unworthy Bikini Pictures
Tom Cruise: Born on the Third of July
Lindsay’s Post Party Plans

Kiera Knightley is looking ultra skinny—not that she was fat before or anything…
Rachel Hunter Topless Pictures and Fake Breasts
Lindsay Lohan Is Not A Druggie
Paris’ tragic smoke

David Beckham quits as England’s World Cup Captain
Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek: Bandidas!
53.75 Hot Dogs in 12 Minutes. Check out this dude…

Shiloh and Kingston’s Play Date
Uma Thurman Has a New Man
Victoria Beckham’s Exposed Bra Trend Continues

Lacey Chabert's Cleavage Brings Us The Links!

As The Bastardly sends you off to the 4th of July holiday let’s all remember those who have given so much for our Independence… in addition, big ups to Lacey Chabert for giving some independence to her cleavage for our viewing pleasure!

MILFilicious Rachel Hunter Bikini Pictures.
Teri Hatcher Is Not So Ugly.
Kelly Clarkson Can Sing But Can’t Dress.

Sean Preston Spears Federline: Superstar
Use My Computer shows off Brooklyn Decker! OW!
Jessica Biel is back on the market.
Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Birthday Plans Are Not So Secret.
Lil’ Kim Free To Obstruct Justice Once Again.

Ashlee Wins By A Nose.
David Beckham quits as England’s World Cup Captain.
Celebrities Reveal Their “Kryptonite”
Something To Laugh At… Paris Hilton.

Gwyneth Returns.
Uma Thurman Has a New Man.
Today’s Tuna…Rosario Dawson!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is Coming!! Owww!

Victoria Beckham Walks Her Bra
Elizabeth Hurley is the Queen of All MILFs
Jim and Jenny – No More Hiding

Use My Computer shows off Halle Berry & Boobies
Jessica Biel is Back on the Market
Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Christensen?
Kylie Minogue Comes Out

Tom Cruise’s couch jump immortalized
Matt Dillon and Nicole Richie?
Ana Beatriz Barros Gallery
Woody Harrelson Will Choke Yo Ass

Cameron Diaz Licking Christina Applegate
Paris Turns It Up
Kate Moss Writes a Poem
Tuna…Kim Smith style.

Tennis Uglies @ 2006 Wimbledon

My sincere apologies for following up Jackson’s World Cup Babes post w/ these Wimbledon Uglies. In an attempt to compensate for the ugliness in this post, please check out our extensive collection of 2006 World Cup posts compiled by Jackson.

Boys & Lesbians:
Can’t Get Enough 2006 World Cup Babes!
Even More Bastardly Girls of the 2006 World Cup
Bastardly Flashback: 2002 World Cup Bastardly Girls!
Bastardly Wives & Girlfriends of the World Cup 2006
More Bastardly Girls of the 2006 World Cup!!!
The Bastardly Girls of the 2006 World Cup! OW!!

Girls & Gays:
For The Ladies: Cristiano Ronaldo
For The Ladies: David Beckham
For The Ladies: More Soccer Dudes / Footballers

Bastardly Breaking News!! Kate Bosworth Drops Car Keys! Superman A No Show!!

Big ups to the Bastardly Gossip Network!

Jessica Alba Loves It Free And So Do I
Keira Knightley is Desperate to Kiss Johnny Depp
Marcia’s Wedding Album

Britney Spears Thinks It’s Malibu’s Fault
Lindsay Lohan gets Farked up
Raquel Houghton sharing Dane Cook with Jessica Simpson?
Jessica Alba has the Luckiest Dog in the World

Rapper Khia Dissing Janet Jackson For No Good Reason
Cirque du Paris
Christina Aguilera won’t even look at interviewers
The 7 Greatest Superpowers

The Brangelina Thieves Have Been Captured!
FYI The Simple Life 2 Sucks

Superman Returns Box Office Watch
Katie Cassidy is the New Dallas Girl
The delicate Adriana Lima Tuna

Blue Cantrell @ 2006 Booty Entertainment (BET) Awards

All I gotta say is that aside from looking very skankilicious, that’s a really odd figure to have printed on your dress. A little kinky & odd @ the same time.

Jackson & I will try to cover the entire 2006 BET awards tonight. I passed out a little early last night & was able to pull the Bastardly graveyard shift

In the meantime, enjoy a few more snaps of Ms. Cantrell & the latest Goss from our friends in The Network.

Once again, the latest on Jenna Jameson
Paris Hilton Goes Out in Her Undies
Jessica’s Second Public Affair

Playboy Wants Ashlee Simpson
Britney Spears of the sea
Katie Cassidy gets Lucy Ewing “Dallas” role
Scarlett Johansson is Sexually Overwhelming

Avril Lavigne Quote Of The Day
The bobble-ization of Jessica Alba
Brad and Angelina fighting over alone time and Brad’s smoking
Superman Returns Resource

Vivica Fox is Beginning to Look Like Jessica Simpson
Britney Spears and her Naked Bump

Sugar Bits – MJ Moves to Europe
Johnny Depp is a Gay Pirate
Check the Tuna for all the hottest bitches!

Nadine Velasquez looks way better than Christina Ricci

Yesterday’s links post of Christina Ricci was not visually appealing to the readers so I figured I’d post some hot pictures of Nadine Velasquez today. Enjoy some hot Nadine followed with some hot links from The Bastardly Gossip Network!

Once again, the latest on Jenna Jameson
Harry Potter is a dead wizard
Thank God Ashlee Simpson turned down Playboy

Lindsay Lohan is busy
Hmm…Amy Poehler
Everyone loves a little April Scott!
Jessica Simpson’s music video is gonna be sexy

Beyonce and Jay-Z, maybe not so broken up
Naomi’s a smooth criminal
Star Jones says she was fired from “The View”
Lucy Pinder by the pool gallery

Really…Naomi Campbell will beat again
I’d like to reiterate my sigh of relief that Ashlee Simpson won’t do Playboy
GAMES: K-Fed Dancing With Fire

Jennifer Aniston strips off in front of Vince’s parents
Today’s flavor of tuna has some seal in her… it’s Heidi Klum!

Susan Ward with the weekend send-off…

In no way is Susan Ward related to the links and these photos don’t really even look like photos what with all the touching up that’s been done on it… but oh well, she’s hot just like the links we’re serving up in The Bastardly Gossip Network!

April Scott! The New & Improved Daisy Duke!
Lindsay Lohan forgets her bra in a Taxi Cab.
Britney in Black and Blue.

Kate Bosworth has a lot of bones.
We can’t go a day without a Mariah Carey link…
Better than Fried Okra and Cornbread.

Sienna Miller Still Trying to Be Trendy.
Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Still Together.
Keith Urban takes on the ‘she’s pregs’ pose.
Angelina Jolie commissioned nude pregnancy portraits.
Petra Nemcova is Hot. Yes, indeed.

LaToya Jackson’s Insane.
Straight Outta Waldorf!
Pink Taco Opening.

Victoria Beckham is Not Your Average Whore.
Today we got some Cuban flavored tuna…it’s the lovely Christina Milian!

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