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Nicky Hilton & Camilla Al Fayed: Wannabe Camera Whores

Nicky & billionaire heiress Camila al Fayed (yes, she’s related to Dodi al Fayed—and yes, he’s the same dude who was getting a piece of Princess Di before she was killed by her drunk driver) went out partying in London recently & paid off the paparazzi to take photos of them. Filthy rich, good for nothing attention-whores need some paparazzi love too, damn it!

Diddy Gives Lindsay Lohan The Boot
Anna Hathaway’s Boobs Cause a Riot
Aaron Spelling Had a Stroke

More Keeley Hazel. Wow, this lady is pretty damn solid! One & two more here.
Britney Can’t Stand K-Fed Either
Nicole Kidman is hairy scary
Reese Witherspoon is not pregnant

Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton vs. Sean Combs
Paula Abdul Ripped To Shreds By British Press
Paris rocks hobo-glove leftovers
Are Jay-Z and Beyonce over?

Moments we wish Jessica Alba was Naked
The Coreys!
Nelly Furtado Brainwashed By Deranged Cult!
Kate Beckinsale Can Squirt
Scott Stapp Discusses Sex Tape

Emma Watson is a Party Animal
Tinkerbell Tuna, anyone? Yumm-maaay!

PDA Queen/Transvestite Horseface, Tori Spelling, Has Sexy Horsie Legs

I swear, every photoset I’ve seen of these two, there’s at least one photo in which they’re making out. It appears as if Tori’s desperately trying to prove to the world that this dude really loves her. Very sad, indeed.

I wanna marry Tori too, God damn it!!!

Jessica Biel’s Fit For A Racetrack
The Gospel According to Denise Richards
Snoop & Taylor Like Gin and Juice

Holy God. Use My Computer does it again. Check this!
Kidman and Urban Are Gettin’ Hitched
Alba dabba do
Jessica Simpson needs some imagination

Lindsay Lohan is Not Jewish
Boy George Is A Wanted Man
Kate Beckinsale’s breasts slightly less appealing than before
Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky Baby Photos
Top 10 NES Games of All Time

Nicole & Keith Confirm Their Wedding Plans!
What Baby Flavor Should Brangelina Try Next?

Eliza Dushku is the flexible Tuna

Jessica Simpson flaunts her boobies for Maxim

…and Joe Simpson continues to whore-out his money making machine.

Carmen Electra’s down on her boobs???
Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria topless…commence wanking.
New Janet Jackson being released Monday, June 19th!…and she’s not fat!

Victoria Silvstedt is lucky
Jessica Simpson got some work done?
Lindsay Lohan: Too Young to Drink but Not Too Young For Bruce Willis
Jennifer Aniston has a sense of humor
Have Brangelina at your next party
If Jay-Z doesn’t drink Cristal, then I don’t anymore either…like I ever really started

Let’s take a look at Josie Maran
All Over Laura Bush!
Now that Brandon’s in on the Joke, It’s Over

Victoria Beckham – Fairy Godmother???
I still don’t understand how Carmen Electra could be down on her boobs?!?!?

Pregnant Anna Nicole Smith Shows off Her Belly

Victoria Beckham: Human Lighthouse
David Beckham, Mad at Germans
Lindsay Lohan Latest Lover

Usemycomputer shows off Scarlett
Hilary Duff Couldn’t Care Less
Shocking celebrity plastic surgery!
Paris Hilton Wears a Black Slip out on the town

Somebody Give Kate Bosworth a Cheeseburger
Ashlee Simpson Is Different
Meet Danity Kane, soon to be slutting it up on a TV set near you
Namibia kisses Brangelina’s ass; Jen to confront Angelina?

Red Hot Chili Peppers: AOL Sessions
Drug Use Does Affect Your Fashion Sense
7 Ways To Fool People Into Thinking You Actually Care About World Cup Soccer
Horseface wearing her Jockey Suit

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Playboy
Kate Moss Is In The Clear!
Tennis eye candy. Ow!!
Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Teasing

Bai Ling On June 7th & June 8th, 2006

June 7th, 2006 @ the 2nd Annual Turks and Caicos International Film Festival

Maria Menounos’s Juicy Lovelies. Holy God have mercy!
Paris Hilton is Handicapped
Angelina Round Up


Charlotte Church Sings Drunk at Secret Show
Ashton Kutcher’s gnarly neck beard
Salma Hayek’s Boobs Should Have Won
Paris Hilton Hit and Run Car Crash Video

Angelina Jolie for World Refugee Day
Trapped in the Closet Part 13: Tween Sex, coming to a computer near you
Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow Are ‘The Most Horrible Human Beings In The World.”
MTV Movie Awards Recap and Promo Videos

Transformers Teaser Poster and Website
Hot Slut of the Month: Harvey
SIZZLER: Tom Cruise Wants Angelina

The New Bond Girl is Sad
Today’s Tuna tastes like Heather Graham

June 8th, 2006 @ an event honoring Sean Connery @ the American Film Institute

Rachel Perry: Yay! for Hot Canadians!

I haven’t seen Rachel Perry on any VH1 shows recently except for when she does the narration for all those shows. Damnitt, I wanna see more Rachel Perry! While you ponder the thought, check out the rest of the happenings in The Bastardly Gossip Network!

Also, I know that picture above is ridiculous but I think she looks really cute *aaaawwwhhh! More non-recent pictures of her to follow…

Diddy vs. Jessica Simpson! Let’s get it on!!!
Lindsay Lohan is a coke machine…yes, you read that right.
Nick & Jessica – countdown to divorce

Dane -Cook’s Tourgasm on Myspace! (Shameless Plug!)

Celebrities love their weed!!!
Lindsay Lohan can’t sit still
Janet Jackson: Worst. Breasts. Ever.
Luke Perry in Windfall…now that’s a winner!

Sean Preston Trademark!?!?!?
Brad Pitt just murdered 100 kittens!
Britney’s hot “manny” is really her new security guard

Kate Moss and the White Lines….er, I mean, White Stripes video.
Oh yeah baby! Right Said Fred!!!
You think Cindy Crawford would like me to her boob?
Vocabulous: Peroxide Clones

It’s official, Scarlett Johansson has the best rack in the world
Emmanuelle Chriqui is not a wookie…and I’d lick her hairy arms.
New flavor of tuna on the market!…Tina O’Brien!

Emmanuelle Chriqui: Another Hairy Hottie

Want to know more about Emmanelle? Click here.

Since it must be asked…who would you choose as your hairy lover?

Hairy Emmanuelle Chriqui or Hairy Alyssa Milano? Think this one through, people…

Linkgasm to follow. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Really Is A Mean Girl
Mariah Carey Walks Her Dog. Again.
Time Inc. vs. Gawker Re:Jolie-Pitts

Dane Cook’s Tourgasm on MySpace (plug)

Use My Computer has a killer Jessica Simpson photo up. Check it! If you can’t see it, click here.
Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt to be known as “Shovel”
Jessica Alba Makes Everything Horny
Lindsay Lohan Almost Flashes Her Firecrotch

We Almost Forgot About All The Men At The MTV Movie Awards
The golden couple will return, oh yes, they will return
Paul McCartney Didn’t Know Heather Mills Posed Naked
Britney hits the gym; wants to design baby clothes

Jolene Blalock Photoshoot Video
Brangelina is Pissed!
CAPTION THIS: Nicole’s Water Rage
Free Richard Ramirez: Less Popular T-Shirt Idea

Better than Chili Cheese Fries and a Fried Peach Pie
Jodie Sweetin to Host a Strip Show
Tuna that’s aged to perfection…Liz Hurley!

Hate On Paris Hilton's First Music Video, Stars Are Blind

Our buddy Pottymouth came through for us w/ this one.

Check this shit out! I think it was made in someone’s back yard or
something. Her mouth doesn’t go with the words like a bad kung foo movie.
The scene on the sand that she had the tit slip on…look at the fucked up
painted ocean background. This is just fucking ridiculous!

Jessica Simpson’s Wardrobe Will Never Malfunction
Baby Shiloh is For Sale
Hot & Frizzy 97 Summer Jam

Use My computer shows off Tina O’Brien
Janice Dickinson names names
Katherine Heigl Wants a Sex Tape…I’m praying already!
Jessica Alba Kicks Ass – Now in Video

Nicole Kidman Goes To Extreme Measures To Keep Wedding Private
Not a Day Goes By When Mimi Doesn’t Look Like a Fool!
CFDA Awards probably as thrilling as the colors of these women’s dresses (with one obvious exception)
Brittany Murphy: The Next ‘Britney’?

Why does Shiloh have teeth?
Superman Batman Movie Anyone?
The Apprentice: Safe Happens
Horny Devils

Britney Spears Files Libel Suit Against Us Weekly
Christina Milian Celebrates 666
The yumminess that is Caprice Bourret

Christina Milian the Giant & Nicole Richie @ an MTV Event

I’ll let the photos do the talkin’!

Jessica Simpson Needs Professional Help.
Phil @ Yeeeah.com has a problem. Rosario Dawson Ate His Balls.
Madonna Rocked a Bit Too Hard

James’ brows James’ brows
Use My Computer shows off Jakki Degg. Oh baby.
Jenny McCarthy Hearts Jim Carrey.
Jessica Alba Wants to be Topless

Janet Jackson’s Jewelry Made Her Want To Lose Weight
Janet’s Bodacious New Bod
Is Superman gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…(hah)
Ashton and Demi Forget They’re in Iowa

Kim Kardashian’s myspace and eBay seller ID
Jessica Alba Talks Fantastic Four 2
SIZZLER: Oprah Is A Dumb Broad
A real-life Princess Diaries is unfolding…
Nicole Kidman won’t have sex with Keith Urban, but she’ll have sex w/ Tom Cruise

Maria Sharapova has a frontal wedgy
Anna Nicole Smith Confirms She’s Pregnant
Tera Patrick puts her clothes on for FHM. This is too juicy!

Guess Who Mariah Carey Slept With? – A Bastardly Game

This is from many years ago, so you can bet your ass that Mariah slept w/ someone in one of these photos.

Enjoy the linkies below & thank you for your Bastardly support! You guys kick ass!

Christina Aguilera Sans Red Lipstick
Yeeeah has got some a tasty photo of Eva Mendes showin’ off her Boobies. Hubba hubba!
Jared Leto NOT Gay
SIZZLER: Paris Thinks Rod’s Daughter is Sexy

Beyonce’s wet wedgie
Nelly Furtado is Fun To Look At
Usemycomputer shows off Natalia Vodianova sucking on a pickle.
Nicole Richie still on her anorexic deathbed.

Ashlee Simpson Has New Lips Too
Jessica Alba Gets Wiggy With It
The New Kevin Federline
Rebecca Romijn See Through

Nick Lachey’s new girlfriend, Kimberly Kardashian
Keira Knightley Gallery
Paris Hilton has a new Mangina
The dudes @ Double Viking showin’ the goodies: CJ and Raquel

Teri Hatcher loves Philadelphia, or at the very least needs attention at all times
Mira Sorvino & Chris Backus Have a Boy
Emma Watson is a Superhero
Have you ever had sweet, juicy Tuna? Well, open wide for Marissa Miller! God Daaa-Yummy!

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