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Petra Nemcova Loves You & You & You & You & You &…!

I suddenly have the urge to donate some money again! Damn it!!! It’s gonna be great when we’re doing our taxes & seeing how all our Bastardly donations are directed to only the Happy Hearts Fund.

Now for the daily sampling of Da Goss!! Please click, read, comment & return! Help us help The Bastardly Gossip Network, God damn it!!

Halle Berry May Join Hollywood’s Latest Trend
Have you seen this hottie? If so, dial 911.
David Spade is The Horndogg Community’s hero!! Yo. Da. Man!!!

Does your dog look like a celebrity? Find out @ cityrag
J. Alba ass…just for the hell of it.
Kate Beckinsale likes beads

Paris Hilton got booed by the crowd at a basketball game. No socialite mauling?! Fuck!
The hardworking people Egotastic have the entire Costume Gala collection. Check it!!
Amercian Idol Announces Tour Dates. Quick, throw something expensive @ the wall!

Scarlett Johansson Paparazzi Blocker
Kate Bosworth is a Super Babe
Jennifer Lopez Fires People to Help Her Career

Lindsay Lohan’s Ratnergate: Part Deux
My can of Tuna this afternoon was Karolina Kurkova flavored. You guys should try some of this!!

The Bastardly Gossip Network – Check it!!!

I’ll have a full buttaface explanation w/ our next buttaface!

Damn you, Chris!!

In the meantime, please go on a clicking rampage w/ the goodies below.

Did Ass get a nose job or what?

A British Prostitute MILF w/ bit boobs
Jessica Alba celebrates her B-Day & Fucking Cash Warren gets another taste of birthday sex!! You fucker, let Jessica Alba GO!!!

Edward Norton – Interview Magazine; haven’t heard a lot from this camp lately.
Mariah Carey Returns To Her HOriffic Roots
Brad Pitt jets back to America with ailing baby Zahara

Anna Nicole is rich!!
Eva Longoria has Boxes of Gifts, I think one of them is a Dildo
Mischa foo-foo shot

Jack Black is… Nacho Libre! This looks pretty funny.
Petra shakes her bod for the crowd. God damn.
The best tasting Tuna yet!! Stacy Keibler. Yummm-maay!

Bastardly Gossip Network – Weekend Edition


The Bastardly is slowly coming back to its old self. One of our good friends found a comments plugin that actually doesn’t crash the server! Big props to TS. Again. And again. And…

Anyway, it was a pretty rough week in terms of getting proper amounts of sleep, so I hope to catch up on that a little. Next week we’ll be kicking off the final week of Voting for your Bastardly Sexiest Women, so if you haven’t voted, please do so very soon!!! If you’ve already voted, please don’t vote again b/c it will only void all your votes (even the first one).

In the meantime, enjoy the goodies from our friends around the Bastardly Gossip Network!

Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts…that’s all we needed to read.
Baldwin Brothers found w/ Coke. What’s the big commotion?! 80% of the Hollywood elite do coke.
cityrag likes Grace Park. The Bastardly’s always game when lesbian lovin’ is in the mix.

Charlie Sheen needs to be shot.
Angie to be in Sin City 2?!
Shakira in da house!!

Someone is banging Kelly Osbourne. Money must be involved.
Nick Lachey needs to shoot a sex video w/ Vanessa MinNipple & email a copy to Jessica Simpson.
Kiera Knightley in a swimsuit…what’s there to see?!

Pete Doherty shoots heroin into an unconscious woman! Sick bastard.
Heather Locklear Hates Denise Richards

Today’s can of Tuna was a little tastier than yesterday. Say, “Hello, hello” to Holly Valance!! Yummmmmy!!

Julia Stiles Not Even Bastardly Brownbag Worthy


What the fuck happened to this chick? She needs one of those full-body transplants…or something.

Anyway, please go on a clicking rampage below by visiting our friends in the Bastardly Gossip Network! Rock the 40oz, my homies!!!

Jessica Alba. Nipple. Almost. Fuck. God. Damn. It!!
Phil @ Yeeeah knows good booty from bad booty. Yummy!!

What’s Eddy Murphy been up to? Check it!!
Is it really a surprise that FHM UK chose Kiera Knightley as their Sexiest Bitch in the world?! There should be a minimum cup size in order to make top 50.
Angelina Jolie’s Today Show interview. Ow!

Alexandra @ LA.com showcases some buttafaces
Nicole Richie and DJ AM to marry in July. Divorce is scheduled for September (after Labor Day weekend)
Natalie Portman has long nipples.

Alicia Silverstone: Now & Then
Mandy Moore claims to have unlimited orgasms. Fuck You, Wilmer!!!

Katharine McPhee’s Boobs: The Real American Idol
I broke out my can of Tuna today & tasted a slowly spoiling Jennifer Love Hewitt. What the fuck is this woman thinking?!!

More Julia Stiles if you can stand looking @ her…

The Bastardly Gossip Network Will Rock Your World

After a brief break due to some technical difficulties, we’re back!

Enjoy the great work from our friends around the Bastardly Gossip Network.

Cindy Margolis, the most downloaded woman on the net (in her little head), is scheduled to do Playboy. Very blah news. I was hoping for JLH or someone juicier.
Drunk Michelle Rodriguez is drunk & in jail for 4 days.
Paris. Car. Dead. Just kidding!

After you look at these body doubles you’ll feel cheated.
Magician David Copperfield Robbed At Gunpoint. He survived.
Some Kiera Knightley eye candy

Britney’s scapegoat: her nanny. What is this, “Hate On Your Personal Slave” month?!
Black, White, Read All Over
Kevin Costner…A proud member of Super Horndogg Community. Haha.
I was a little hungry today, so like everyday, I opened up my can of Tuna only to find…Hot Skinny Supermodels In Jeans. Oww!!!

Gaylijah Wood Sells Intel To Gay Community

We can’t do it all, so that’s why we have the friendly Bastardly Gossip Network! Check it!!!

* Lindsay Lohan can now wink.
* Wow! Scarlett Johansson Old School Pictures! This is awesome!
* Kierra Knightley is bogged down about her fame. Waaaaaa. I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams. waaaaaa. I wish i had a normal life. waaaa. I wish I could’ve had more sex. waaaaa. Ok this is lame.
* Howard Stern digs Rosie O’FuckingDonnell! What the hell?
* Jennifer Lopez in Bazaar
* Jude Law does gay pose & beats on Paparazzi. But I gotta admit, the dude is addicted to sex. Can’t blame him for using his fame & money in sleeping w/ as many chicks as possible.
* Aside from Katie Holmes, Brooke Shields gave birth baby daughter named Grier. Full name? Grier Hammond Henchy.
* Did you see the killer whale? If you missed it, check it! Please don’t feed the whale.
* If you ever want to see boobies, her to Celebrity Crunch. They have ’em lined up @ the top.
* Oh man, goodtimes! The Tuna opens up a can of Daisy Fuentes. Yummy!

The Bastardly Gossip Network Rockin’ Your World

It was a damn busy day, so check out the juice!

* Hollywood Tuna has evidence of why Kelly Clarkson looks so bad in a bikini…hilarious.
* Avril’s lookin’ scruffy & tasty.
* For all you guys w/ Man Hand fetishes.
* Angie to ditch Brad following baby?! What the fuck? If that happened, Brad Pitt would commit suicide.
* Kobe Bryant—fucking whorebag ball hogging son of a bitch!
* Evangeline Lilly Bunny Rabbit Fantasy. Who wants to hop in bed w/ this chick?
* Anne Hathaway does Central Park w/ mantoy.
* Lindsay Lohan & Versace make love. What the fuck is next?! Then again, Versace went w/ Lil’ Kim, too, so whatever.
* Yeeeah! gets the Funniest Title of the Day Award: “Tom Cruise Plans to Eat Baby’s Placenta”

The Buttacat Prostitute Dolls Spread Eagle In Florida

The Bastardly Gossip Network was hard @ work this Good Friday

* A bunch of photos famous pinup British Prostitute, Lucy Pinder.
* Must see photo! Young Angelina Jolie @ 13. Big lips are in attendence.
* What CAN’T fit inside Mick Jagger’s mouth?
* The Rice Chaser Saga Continues…
* Nicole Richie engagement, Part II. Damn you, DJ AM/PM!!!
* Joe Simpson: Super bastard.
* Kylie is back in da house! We wish her all the best!
* Paris Hilton shows no love for Mommy Hilton.

Damn You, CPU Quota Exceeded Screen!!!

We don’t know about you guys, but Jackson and I want to break our monitors everytime we see the screen. Thank you for your patience while we make our move to a new host. I don’t exactly know the exact move date just yet, but we’re working w/ an ASAP attitude!

Visit our friends in the The Bastardly Gossip Network. They don’t get CPU Quota Exceeded Errors, so no worries!

* Lindsay Fucking Lohan has a wax statue of herself. Didn’t like 3million people die of AIDS in Africa last week?
* Estella Warren is looking very sexy. Yummmaaay!
* First Britney statue, now Cocaine Kate Moss doin’ her thaang.
* MICHAEL DOUGY STOLE CATHYZEE!! Someone push him off his wheel chair, already!
* Brad Pitt is addicted to The Jolie’s FooFoo. Don’t blame him.
* Mariah Carey is skankin’ it up as if she’s 20 all over again.
* Yeeeah.com knows what’s up: Ass is an Ass of an Artist. Let’s hope she buys a home in Australia and never comes back to the states.

And now…a photo of half-naked midgets.

Lindsay Keller: Too Hot For Her Brown Bag! Ow!

* Holy God Have Mercy!! Petra Nemcova w/ Dr. Ruth! Even Dr. Ruth looks hot standing next to Petra. THANK YOU, Mr. TUNA!!
* CityRag just got our attention! Holy Horndogg Godd!
* Cameron Diaz is not only Angry, but she’s also Slutty! Go Angry Cams!!
* Britney & son issues. Height of ghettoness.
* Lindsay Lohan Loves Kate Moss. Let’s hope they OD together.
* J. Alba & slave @ Malibu Film Festival
* Ass being an Ass In Asstralia
* Fergie pregnant?! ButtaBaby!!!
* Evangeline Lilly Worships Scarlett Johansson. Let’s hope they hook up!!
* Jennifer Love Hewitt claims she never let Wilmer Valderrama take a ride. Doubt it.

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