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Super Prostitute Mariah Carey & her Puppy Whore it up

These were snapped near Radio City Music Hall, so let’s hope she snatched a well-connected music exec for the night.

Joss Stone Bikini Pictures. Did Joss Stone lose 20-30lbs?
Rachel Bilson is Drunk
Paris Pissed Off at Cannes
UseMyComputer brings a juicy photo of Adriana Lima sucking…

Jaime Pressly Doesn’t Want a Sex Tape
The Law of Spokepersonism
Lindsay Lohan is Moving to London. It’s about fucking time she moves out of the US.
Tom & Katie’s Lazy Sunday
Mariah Carey Is Tacky; Has Great Legs

Kristen Cavalleri Visits The Moon
Boning Paris Hilton: Career suicide or necessary evil?
No Dress Can Stand Against Victoria Silvstedt and Her Boobers
The People We Love to Hate shows the evil side of xanex.

Spider-Man 3 Set Pictures
“The Breakup” sucks ass
Pinks Nipples in Black and White
Ben Affleck Has a Headache

Alyssa Milano is a Baseball Fan…Hairy arms, perky nips! Ow!
Carmen Electra: The Ageless Tuna

Alessandra Ambrosio & Ana Beatriz Barros for Memorial Day

It was a slow day for us at The Bastardly but it doesn’t mean that the rest of The Bastardly Gossip Network wasn’t hard at work. Check out what was making headlines this Memorial Day!

Alyssa Milano brings us the weather report and looks like it was a cold day at Shea Stadium.
Let us all welcome Shiloh the Messiah into the world!
On this Memorial Day let’s also remember heroes will be heroes. Big ups!

Britney still smiling even with all the shit that falls upon her.
Keeley Hazell…mmm…mommy, I’m thirsty!
Damn you Christopher Knight!

Eva Longoria and her cans in Cannes.
In case you missed it the first time, Brad and Angelina had a baby girl and she wasn’t namded Brangelina.
Conan’s “Jar Barf”

Hmm…would I be interested in a Nicole Ritchie gangbang tape?
Yes, Shilol wasn’t the only celebrity baby born. Congrats to Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale.

Elizabeth Hurley still hot, too hot, and will always be hot.
On this Memorial Day we have Latina flavored tuna… it’s Eva Mendes!

Evangeline Lilly Not LOST At The Bastardly

We haven’t lost our Bastardly minds here and are aware of the pure hotness of Evangeline Lilly…I’ve never watched an episode of LOST and so I really can’t appreciate her hotness but I can appreciate our homies within The Bastardly Gossip Network. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

I remember watching “Friends” and Jennifer Aniston’s pokey nipples…things haven’t changed.
Brandon Davis is your friend, my friend, damnitt, he’s everyone’s friend!
Happy 80th Birthday, Hef! The over/under on number of women he sexed that night is 15.

Paparazzi should fear Kate Moss…unless you offer her cocaine.
The Pussycat Dolls are NOT Dolls
Say “Hellooo!!!” to Rebekah Teasdale!!!
Nick Lachey’s flavor of the week. Play on Playa!!!

Au revoir Michelle Rodriguez! We’ll miss your, well, not really.
Ryan Phillippe could be the next Mr. Mom
Jesse James only now knocked-up Sandra Bullock???
3 Reasons to watch X-Men 3!

Katharine McPhee’s boobs still killing servers!
Health and Fitness advice from The Olsen Monkeys….riiiiiiight!
Hey Jillian! Could you lick me next???
What does K-Fed and Gollum have in common?

Paris Hilton never ceases to surprise me.
The Final Daily Danza…Judith Light is expecting a call!
Paris Hilton and raunchy seem to fit like hand in glove.
Today’s flavor of Tuna has a mystique flavor…it’s Rebecca Romijn!

Butta Jodie Marsh Emotionally Abusing A Dog

Check out the buttaface @ Buttafaces.com >>

Is Megan Fox Giving Brian Austin Green A Hand?
Avril Lavigne is So Punk
Dixie Chicks on Howard Stern

Britney’s Bump Busts Out
The Pussycat Dolls are Not Dolls
Enjoy some Adriana Lima courtesy of Usemycomputer.
Taylor Hicks: America’s Soul Survivor
Aniston & Vaughn’s First Photo Shoot

Paris Hilton Nipple Slip at Music Video Shoot
Janet Jackson Should Be Pissed At Mariah Carey
Joana Krupa Gallery

Katharine McPhee’s boobs crashed my server
Unfortunate memories of Chloe Sevigny
A National Holiday for Angelina Jolie
Britney Spears Whines in Poetic Verse

SIZZLER: Michelle Rodriguez Leaving Us Forever!
New “Simple Life” is simply unwatchable
Jennifer Love Hewitt Should Break Up…and take off her clothes.
Tuna Cannes is over. Nibble on some Kristen Bell.

Who Wants To Lick Sexy Alyssa Milano's Hairy Arm?

It’s been so many years since Who’s the Boss went off the air & Samantha Micelli is still downright sexy! God damn! Remember to check out the rest of the set from premiere of The Breakup below.

Olsen Monkeys swing. Check it!
Halle Berry & Liz Hurley are in competition for the Juiciest Cannes Award

Katie Holmes Has Escaped. Almost.
Usemycomputer shows off Ana Beatriz Barros

Kurt Cobain’s last day
Thongs On Hairy Men Are Sexy
Paris Hilton Gets Paid to Wave
Kimora Lee Simmons Suffers For Her Art

Jack Black and Tanya Haden Expecting
A Nice Rack & some more linkies!
Did Vince Vaughn dump Jennifer Aniston?

Check the Ghost Rider Trailer
Better than fried oysters and redeye gravy
Don’t Fuck with Simon Doonan

Ryan Seacrest Breaks Bad News
Heather Graham is Unemployed. She is ripe for picking, all you rich bastards!!
The juiciest Tunna Cannes on display belong to Liz Hurley. My God!!

Kirsten Dunst: The Troll Butta

Check the butta on Buttafaces.com >>

Halle Berry Is Boobalicious
Jessica Alba is Pissed

Fran Drescher seeks political career. I didn’t even know she was still alive?!
Michelle Rodriguez Is Back In Jail

For the Bastardly Ladies: Gavin Rossdale Knocks A Few Balls
Kelly Ripa Smells Like Fish

Rebecca Romijn Likes her Sex Kinky and Public
Bradon Davis Is Icky Poo
Governor Of Namibia To Name Brad and Angelina’s Baby

Britney Spears – To Cheap for Kabbalah, Bras
Did Jennifer Aniston put Vince Vaughn on a conception diet?
Lindsay Lohan is a Firecrotch

LA Blog’s women plug the goss
Usemycomputer shows off Adriana Lima’s tongue. Yummy!

Bastard Mel Gibson is Clueless
Today’s Special Tuna Cannes Report: Denise Richards in her bikini w/ some greasy bastard.

Bastardly Breaking News! Mischa Barton Sleeps w/ Old Men

It doesn’t look too good for a post-OC Mischa. Reports emailed from friends @ the gathering spilled some sick juice—something about Mischa leaving w/ the old man following the bash.

W/ this in hand, for any of you who have lots of dough, this is a good chance as any other to get a piece of Overrated Mischa.

Check out the New Tuna & a couple photos of sexy Jenna Jameson holding a Tuna can. Also, who is that chick @ the top. Way to go, Tuna!!
Kate Beckinsale is No Wonder Woman. God this woman is sexy!
Kiefer Sutherland is a drunk bastard

Mother fucker!! The Da Vinci Code raked in $224 mil over the weekend!
Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton: Fight! – Part 4: Attack of Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge
MANiston is the #2 Celeb Girlfriend

Madonna On Why She Married Guy Ritchie
Brandy, David Hasselhoff To Judge ‘America’s Got Talent’
Robot Chicken: Voltron Get’s Served

CooCoo for CoCo’s Nipples
Dita Von Teese Naked (NSFW)
Drunk Tara Reid hasn’t died of alcohol poisoning…yet.

Did Tom Hanks get some Jesus?
Fergie Has a Sister…One more brown bag please.
Avril shows off the boobies @ Cannes of Tuna

Paris vs. Nicole – Celebrity Deathmatch Returns to MTV2!

Now I’m not one to really want to promote stuff but I watched this clip and thought it was damn hilarious so decided to give it a plug on the site. Yes, Celebrity Deathmatch is coming back to MTV2 and to launch it off we got Paris Hilton vs. Nicole Ritchie!!! New episodes begin on Saturday, June 10th.

Check out the clip below!!!

If you think that’s hot (or even if you don’t) check out these hot links from The Bastardly Gossip Network! Have a great freaking weekend!!!

Could someone please remind Hilary Duff that she’s a pop singer???
Charlie Sheen gets Back to School…hummunah, what?
Balls, Balls, more Balls, and some Nuts!!!
Do you link Angelina Jolie could make being in labor hot?
Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez are geniuses! They cast scary Fergie to be in the horror film, Grind House!

Britney is only human
….and the video of Britney Spears having a break down!
Johnny Depp. Respect.
Let us all hope that Superman Returns lives up to the hype.

I would like to make some beautiful Bastardly babies with Rebecca Romijn!!!
John Stamos should go make some babies with Sheryl Crow.
Girls of the world! Drinking pee makes you hot like Evangeline Lilly!
The superpowers of a Scientologist vs. the mutant powers of the X-men. What would win out?

Good thing I don’t watch Access Hollywood….Mischa Barton you spoiler!!!
As much as I’ve be ragging on Mischa, I would still volunteer to scratch for her itch.

Keeley Hazell. Topless. NSFW (but I just had to look!)
Today’s tuna is foxy flavored because we got Megan Fox!

Eva Longoria is #1 for Maxim Hot 100… again?!?!?

We know there’s no way in hell that Eva Longoria would be at the top of the Bastardly Sexiest Women 2006…unless she granted me an all-access putang pass then I might consider it…but what kind of crap is that??? #1 on Maxim Hot 100 again??? How the hell does one accomplish such a task? I’d assume that there was a lot of sexual intercourse, oral sex, and heavy petting involved. Now that’s some serious news reporting in The Bastardly Gossip Network so be sure to check out our hot list of links below!!!!

I’d love to see how Scarlett Johansson would make it up to me if she stood me up!
Brandon Davis, you genius! Lindsay Lohan is not black or white…but a firecrotch!!!
As Summer Roberts would say on The OC, “Eww!!!”

Frankie Rayder likes to go completely naked at the beach!
In addition to Mischa Barton, good riddance that Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t make out Top 100.
Katie Holmes and Mr. Fantastic got something in common…

Britney Spears eats (whatever the fuck you wanna consider) “Pan-Asian” food…and doesn’t look like complete shit!…oh yeah, and the baby is pretty cute too.
Making some reference to being gay (not like there’s anything wrong with that) would be too easy with Elijah Wood so I won’t even start to comment on what he’s been up to.
Who would wear the pants in a relationship between Rosie O’Donnell and Tom Cruise?
Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton…these bitches really do hate each other!?!?!

$5,000,000 more for Maddox and Zahara to buy more toys!!!
As long as Bruce Willis ain’t hittin it with Petra Nemcova then we gotta respect the dude for getting his at 50.
Don’t you all remember the days when you thought of Christina Ricci you thought of 2 things: Casper and her tiggo bitties!!!

Did you grow up in the 80’s like me and watch Transformers???
I just remember seeing Cheryl Hines on that Celebrity Poker Showdown show…now I don’t have to imagine what’s underneath that shirt of hers.
We were forwarded a picture of Hogwarts new girl’s uniform…

Did you know that Christina Ricci has more tattoos than your average sailor?
Today’s tuna comes straight from the shores of Baywatch!… it’s Gena Lee Nolin!

Ashlee Simpson Showin' Off The Ass Cellulite. Ymmmaaay!

That ass is begging to be slapped!

Can you dig it? And, I’m not talkin’ about Ass’ Ass, by the way.

Lindsay Lohan Loves Her Tits
Halle Berry Hates Her Fans
The Un-Hot List

Two tasty asses by Usemycomputer. Ow!!
Cheryl Hines is topless
Paris Hilton Thinks Her Friends Are Funny

Kate Moss Dating Keira Knightley’s ex?
Kylie Minogue Planning Comeback Tour Dates.
Christina Aguilera vs. Mariah Carey: Fight!

Katie Holmes Is Exhausted
Somebody Stole Paris Hilton’s Gross Display of Materialism
“DaVinci Code” is so bad that people hissed at it

Jessica Alba and Axl Rose?!?!
Janice Dickinson Rages Against Britney and Kevin

Christina Aguilera is Drunk…Again.
Today’s can of Tuna features Elisha Cuthbert. She was #11 on the Bastardly Sexiest 100.

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