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Scarlett Johansson Flies In Nanny Diaries; Amanda Righetti @ E3

The Bastardly Gossip Network wants to sex you up. Check it!!!

Lindsay Lohan whoring herself again…Lindsay Lohan Sans Spandex
Yeeeah.com scored an interview w/ bloody Kate Bosworth!! Bastard!

Mike Myers, man of the people
Vanessa Minnillo Has Nipples. You can never have enough of the Minnipple!!
Getting Lei’d in The OC

Michelle Rodriguez Had An ‘Amazing Experience’ In Jail. W/ Free booze, who wouldn’t?!
Britney Spears Nude is Not Something I Want to See
Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox: Friends Forever? Courtney Cox better watch her back!

Britney Spears is Pregnant – Elisha Cuthbert is Not
Idiot pays $56,000 for single yoga lesson with Gwyneth Paltrow. Did it involve sex?
Jack Black in Computerman. This looks pretty funny.

Beyonce is a Cowgirl
Today’s can of Tuna has a MIFLY after taste…Bite down on some Heidi Klum, baby!

Did Nick Lachey ALSO Sleep with Ciara?

The Bastardly Gossip Network has the goss! Enjoy.

Petra Nemcova Is A Miracle Worker
Vida Guerra is a Joke. A joke with a HUGE ASS!!
Britney Spears Has a Surprise For K-Fed

Bijou Phillips Is Up To Her Old Bag Of Tricks
So now who’s the hottest Simpson?
On The Beach With Ryan Phillippe

Lindsay Lohan Looks Craptastic!
Nick & Jess At Odds Over Condo
Vince Vaughn on “Oprah”: Jen’s “one of my favorite people”

Madonna Lays a Horse
Josie Maran Gallery…PRE KNOCKED UP!! Hot women should not be allowed to get pregnant.

Charlie Sheen Likes Football. Dude needs his ass kicked!!
Today’s can of Tuna? A juicy, yet chunky Vida Guerra w/ a side of extra Ass.

Borderline Buttaface Roselyn Sanchez @ ALMA Awards

Check this buttaface & many others @ Buttafaces.com!

Jennifer Lopez Goes Grey
Jessica’s new hair color reminds us that her career is now over. She’s going to desperate measures to be noticed.
Indentured servant, Katie Holmes, gives us a peak @ her mommy boobies

Adam Brody is Horrified
Jolie Sets Tomb Raider Slimming Goal

Evangeline Lily’s Role Model is Angelina Jolie

Britney Spears cuts Kevin Spenderline off
Borat: The Movie Update! Sweet! I’m really looking forward to this shit!

Brad Wants To Buy A New House

Dennis Rodman is Angry
Today’s Tuna smelled like Ass. Oh man…

Smack Off On Jim Rome Going On Right Now

I listened one dude from the unemployed ghettos of Knoxville sound off for like 5-mins straight. I love how these guys take their radio so damn seriously! Turn it on to your local sports station if you’re interested in listening.

Respect the links.

Lindsay Lohan: Now With More Boobies
Wilmer Works His Charm On Tera Patrick
Denise Richards is a Wonderful Mother

The View is getting uglier.
Samaire Armstrong does Stuff Magazine. OW!!!

Tori Spelling Heads To Fiji To Get Married. The ButtaWedding!!
Is Mischa Barton Really Leaving The O.C.? The OC O. Ver?!

Nicole Richie’s VF shoot retouched to add weight.
Britney’s Big No Show
Eva Longoria Gets Naked when she Loses Bets

Stavros Niarchos is a Crybaby
Today’s can of Tuna features a succulent Rachel Bilson. Check it!!

Teri Hatcher Has A Weird Michael Jacksonish Face

I bet Teri Hatcher managed to seduce Dean Cain into sexing up her boney ass following the event. If anyone out there has ever wanted to get a piece of Teri Hatcher, I think now is a good time as any other. This lady is open for business, baby!!

Enjoy the links below!

FHM’s “Sexiest Women” Losers Party. The Tuna has all the ladies for you.
CaCee Cobb is Not a Celebrity. But she’s hot!!

Charlize & her boytoy @ the game.
Janet Jackson: Fat No More

The Evolution of the Homersapien
Anna Nicole is pregnant?! What the fuck?
George Michael Wont Wear A Wedding Dress

Tom Cruise now Demands Katie Holmes to Buff Up
Stavros Niarchos Fights For Paris
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn’s new home outside Chicago. Chicago tourism will probably drop as a result.

Heather Locklear Plays With Bigger Balls
Have you had Mexican Tuna?! Try the new Roselyn Sanchez flavor…

The Bastardly Gossip Network W/ Spanish Soap Action

Have fun w/ these!

Nich Lachey has taste.
Superman Returns Trailer. Check it!!!
Tom & Katie have a prenup. Everyone will be rich if anything goes wrong, so no worries.

Eva Longoria says she plays naked air hockey (w/ the entire neighborhood)
Tom Cruise Guzzles Olive Oil
Ass looks like ass w/ & w/out a nose job

Ryan Seacrest Dumped Michael Jack–errr–I mean, Teri Hatcher
Tom Cruise’s replacement. Ladies, what’s your take?
Japan had Spiderman?! What the fuck?

Paris, Nick Lachey, and Wilmer Vilderamma party with Paris’ new boyfriend
Tyra’s big forehead & fro

Jeremy Piven is a Pirate
I broke out my can of slightly aged Tuna today. Say, “Aaah” for Ms. Denise Richards!

Petra Nemcova Loves You & You & You & You & You &…!

I suddenly have the urge to donate some money again! Damn it!!! It’s gonna be great when we’re doing our taxes & seeing how all our Bastardly donations are directed to only the Happy Hearts Fund.

Now for the daily sampling of Da Goss!! Please click, read, comment & return! Help us help The Bastardly Gossip Network, God damn it!!

Halle Berry May Join Hollywood’s Latest Trend
Have you seen this hottie? If so, dial 911.
David Spade is The Horndogg Community’s hero!! Yo. Da. Man!!!

Does your dog look like a celebrity? Find out @ cityrag
J. Alba ass…just for the hell of it.
Kate Beckinsale likes beads

Paris Hilton got booed by the crowd at a basketball game. No socialite mauling?! Fuck!
The hardworking people Egotastic have the entire Costume Gala collection. Check it!!
Amercian Idol Announces Tour Dates. Quick, throw something expensive @ the wall!

Scarlett Johansson Paparazzi Blocker
Kate Bosworth is a Super Babe
Jennifer Lopez Fires People to Help Her Career

Lindsay Lohan’s Ratnergate: Part Deux
My can of Tuna this afternoon was Karolina Kurkova flavored. You guys should try some of this!!

The Bastardly Gossip Network – Check it!!!

I’ll have a full buttaface explanation w/ our next buttaface!

Damn you, Chris!!

In the meantime, please go on a clicking rampage w/ the goodies below.

Did Ass get a nose job or what?

A British Prostitute MILF w/ bit boobs
Jessica Alba celebrates her B-Day & Fucking Cash Warren gets another taste of birthday sex!! You fucker, let Jessica Alba GO!!!

Edward Norton – Interview Magazine; haven’t heard a lot from this camp lately.
Mariah Carey Returns To Her HOriffic Roots
Brad Pitt jets back to America with ailing baby Zahara

Anna Nicole is rich!!
Eva Longoria has Boxes of Gifts, I think one of them is a Dildo
Mischa foo-foo shot

Jack Black is… Nacho Libre! This looks pretty funny.
Petra shakes her bod for the crowd. God damn.
The best tasting Tuna yet!! Stacy Keibler. Yummm-maay!

Bastardly Gossip Network – Weekend Edition


The Bastardly is slowly coming back to its old self. One of our good friends found a comments plugin that actually doesn’t crash the server! Big props to TS. Again. And again. And…

Anyway, it was a pretty rough week in terms of getting proper amounts of sleep, so I hope to catch up on that a little. Next week we’ll be kicking off the final week of Voting for your Bastardly Sexiest Women, so if you haven’t voted, please do so very soon!!! If you’ve already voted, please don’t vote again b/c it will only void all your votes (even the first one).

In the meantime, enjoy the goodies from our friends around the Bastardly Gossip Network!

Scarlett Johansson’s Breasts…that’s all we needed to read.
Baldwin Brothers found w/ Coke. What’s the big commotion?! 80% of the Hollywood elite do coke.
cityrag likes Grace Park. The Bastardly’s always game when lesbian lovin’ is in the mix.

Charlie Sheen needs to be shot.
Angie to be in Sin City 2?!
Shakira in da house!!

Someone is banging Kelly Osbourne. Money must be involved.
Nick Lachey needs to shoot a sex video w/ Vanessa MinNipple & email a copy to Jessica Simpson.
Kiera Knightley in a swimsuit…what’s there to see?!

Pete Doherty shoots heroin into an unconscious woman! Sick bastard.
Heather Locklear Hates Denise Richards

Today’s can of Tuna was a little tastier than yesterday. Say, “Hello, hello” to Holly Valance!! Yummmmmy!!

Julia Stiles Not Even Bastardly Brownbag Worthy


What the fuck happened to this chick? She needs one of those full-body transplants…or something.

Anyway, please go on a clicking rampage below by visiting our friends in the Bastardly Gossip Network! Rock the 40oz, my homies!!!

Jessica Alba. Nipple. Almost. Fuck. God. Damn. It!!
Phil @ Yeeeah knows good booty from bad booty. Yummy!!

What’s Eddy Murphy been up to? Check it!!
Is it really a surprise that FHM UK chose Kiera Knightley as their Sexiest Bitch in the world?! There should be a minimum cup size in order to make top 50.
Angelina Jolie’s Today Show interview. Ow!

Alexandra @ LA.com showcases some buttafaces
Nicole Richie and DJ AM to marry in July. Divorce is scheduled for September (after Labor Day weekend)
Natalie Portman has long nipples.

Alicia Silverstone: Now & Then
Mandy Moore claims to have unlimited orgasms. Fuck You, Wilmer!!!

Katharine McPhee’s Boobs: The Real American Idol
I broke out my can of Tuna today & tasted a slowly spoiling Jennifer Love Hewitt. What the fuck is this woman thinking?!!

More Julia Stiles if you can stand looking @ her…

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