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BREAKING!! Alessandra Ambrosio Fills Up Her Range Rover @ Chevron!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Um, didn’t Alessandra Ambrosio just give birth last month (specifically, May 7)? This seriously has to be the quickest recovery in the history of supermodel postpartum recoveries, so major props to Ale & her team of docs, trainers, nutritionists & nannies!

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the Victoria’s Secret Angel was seen filling up her Range Rover at a Santa Monica Chevron before dropping off her designer puppy to a local veterinarian.

Confirmed: Minka Kelly & Wilmer Valderamma Are Officially Doing It! OW!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

So yeah, contrary to what Minka Kelly told the media over the weekend when she hit the Marquee nightclub opening in Sydney, Minka & King Sugar Daddy Wilmer Valderrama were seen going on a romantic stroll along the water earlier this afternoon in Sydney.

We’ve already written extensively about Wilmer’s latest coup following his string of hotties over the years, so we’ll let you guys read it here. Before we end, we gotta bust out the ubiquitious “DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNN YOUUUUUUU, WILLLLLLLMMMMMERRRRR!!!

Here’s a closer look at his Adidas kicks:
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

The Lohan Clan Scrapes Whatever Is Beneath The Bottom

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Just when you thought the drama was subsiding, they reemerge with even more shocking (and frankly head-shakingly disappointing) family tabloid drama.

The Lohan clan of misfits (whose public figurehead continues to be Lindsay, despite the obvious fact that she wishes to be packed into a capsule and launched in the direction of Jupiter) is back in the news, this time for the misdeeds of Poppa Lohan who had yet another scrape with the law.

The latest incident involved the 51-year-old Michael Lohan being arrested for domestic violence charges after he apparently got quite rough with his 28-year-old girlfriend (a bizarre entity named Kate Major) after grabbing her roughly and pushing her down repeatedly.

After being arrested, he quickly came down with a bout of chest pains and was checked into St. Joseph’s Hospital. He seemed to recover quickly once there, especially since he tried to sneak out when he thought the cops weren’t looking. Always a class act, eh Michael?

Lindsay, meanwhile, is preparing for the unveiling of her nude layout in Playboy. Reportedly, she earned almost $1 million for the right to bear it all in the 1980s Nudey Magazine of Choice. I wonder what she’ll say at next year’s AVN Awards Ceremony?

We at MoeJackson would like to offer our sincerest condolences to Lindsay and her career. (And, yes, I am fully aware that their antics make my job oh so easy).

Breaking! Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa new urban duo??!!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

SO word on the street is Amber Rose has found her self a new rapper sweetheart in rapper Wiz Khalifa, wiki here. In terms of status and swag?Def downgrade, seeing as i can’t remember anyone on the block buying a Wiz Khalifa album in about oh…two years. Get your girl back, Kanye! And gimme Selita!

Meanwhile here is Amber walking what gotta be the luckiest pug on the planet this week in LA!

BREAKING!! Wayne Rooney Cheated on Wife Coleen While She Was Preggers!

Happier Times: Wayne and Coleen before last nights revelations.

Manchester United and England striker WAYNE ROONEY has been exposed of cheating on his wife with a £1000-a-night hooker, all WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT, with the pairs’ now-born son, Kai.

Apparently, 21-year-old Jennifer Thompson was on the receiving end of Rooney’s force this time as she bedded him 7 times in 4 months during Coleen’s pregnancy. It even went as far as Rooney developing a strong bond with her and flashing her around in bars and clubs while his wife would sit around pregnant! Why do they all do these disgusting things? It’s as if footballer = being a loverat.

Having cheated on her with granny-prostitutes before they got married, ol’ Wayne doesn’t expect to be taken back by Coleen this time. Apparently he’s expecting a divorce now after confessing all to her after his England team last night beat Bulgaria 4-0! He said to pals:

“My life is in ruins…I’ve been so stupid. Coleen won’t forgive me this time. She will leave me.”

Wayne last saw Jennifer for business in October 2009, but not for anything like that after son Kai was born in the same November. Infact, they avoided each other to rule out awkwardness even if they did see one and other after Kai’s birth.

As part of the revelations, Jennifer said:
‘Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash. He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen.

‘Wayne certainly enjoyed all our meetings and didn’t seem to care what he was doing to his wife. I think he believes he is invincible and untouchable. As a woman, I wouldn’t want that done to me – especially if I was pregnant.’
…These women clearly forget that they’re making themselves look like huge sluts to the world by revealing these things, by the way.

Rooney is ofcourse currently in the England squad that is due to fly out to Switzerland for Tuesday night’s Euro 2012 qualifying game in Basle. But after revealing all to Coleen just yesterday, he may not even travel! Or, he might just pick up one of those ‘mysterious’ injuries. More on that as we get it.

Either way, maybe this is why he’s only scored 2 goals in 6 months for Man Utd. or why he hasn’t found the net in over a year for his country! Bollocks! Clearly a man that’s out of form for Club, Country and Coleen.

Images of Wayne/Mistress…Next Page.

UK: Cheryl/Cashley Divorce TODAY; Perry Wants UK Passport!

Bye bye Cheryl: Cashley and Cheryl’s marriage will officially be over today! Thank FUCK!

Cheryl and Ashley Cole will officially be divorced today at 10:00am GMT! Finally, right!? Now we can enjoy the fact that we all have slim chances of marrying the most gorgeous woman on earth one day, while Cashley can get on with his life and sleep with whoever he wants! Now there’s a change!

The process in the UK court of law is known as a ‘decree nisi’, which is basically a fast-tracked divorce as both parties wanted to make it as easy and as quick as possible for each other to move on and get on with their busy lives. Soon enough, there will be no legal connection between the two.

Cheryl is currently in the USA working and keeping a close eye over all activities, including the smoothing of the divorce as well as selling what she and Cashley shared. Cashley himself is in the England squad and is expected to start tonight’s Euro 2012 Qualifying match against Bulgaria at Wembley…so basically neither will be at court or keep in touch. In either case, they don’t need to. This whole fast-track divorce has been moulded around the busy schedules of both stars to keep things cool, which they still maybe between the two. It only got delayed as Cheryl was recovering from malaria not so long ago.

Cheryl said to pals:
“Thank God the nightmare is over. It’s been a horrible few months but at last I can look forward to the future. It feels like a massive weight has been taken off my shoulders. It’s sad the way things have turned out but life goes on.”

Cheryl – we’re all backing you, babe! And Cashley – I’m actually going to be at Wembley tonight and hundreds of thousands will be relying on you – so keep the snake in the cage and focus on defending those balls! Not too hard for you, surely!?

Katy Perry…Next Page.

Julia Roberts Holidays With Hairy Armpits…Again!

Hairy does it! Actress Roberts with her husband AGAIN fails to shave the pitties!

Hollywood actress JULIA ROBERTS has gone on yet another beach holiday in Hawaii with her infamous ‘hairy armpit’ look! The ‘Pretty Woman’ star, 42, has had a history of hairy-pit moments and it doesn’t look as if she’s taken the hint and pulled out the razor either!

She did the same thing during the 1999 premier of ‘Notting Hill’ – but her underarms were probably more reminiscent of Shephards’ Bush!

As reported in The Mirror, here’s some interesting facts on the history of women and armpit shaving!

*£300 Million a year is spent on the UK alone to ensure smooth underarms for females!

*1 in 100 women refuse to shave their armpits in the UK! (I’m not making these up…)

*Researcher Merran Toerien says: “It became a big deal in the 1920s because of the change in dress fashions.

“It was largely pushed by advertising suggesting that women could be fashion­able only if they had hair-free armpits.

“Of course that also tapped into women’s insecurities and a whole new industry was born.”

Damnit, Jules! What a fuzzy-pickle to put yourself in! Just shave them for God’s sake!

Images from Julia’s “Bad Hair Day” in the Notting Hill-Premier UK, 1999…next page!

UK: Pregnant Lily Allen Takes a Fall; Europa League Qualifying Review!

Pregers: Lily Allen fell, but should be pretty damn careful this time!

UK Music Artist LILY ALLEN had to be treated for WHIPLASH after she fell over at London’s ‘Wolseley Restaurant’ on Tuesday. She also badly injured her wrist.

Lily only announced last month that she was pregnant for a second time, a baby with her now-boyfriend SAM COOPER, after her first pregnancy ended in a tragic miscarriage. You’d think that she’d take it easy this time, but apparently, she brushed herself down and “laughed it off”! ..according to an on-looker.

As is the fashion these days, Allen typically updated her Twitter Account after every major development. Her tweets in the last two days included:

“I fell over in the foyer of The Wolsley this morning. Tres embarrassing. Hurty wrist”

“At the docs. Its whiplash from my fall yesterday! Oh deary me”

Easy, Lily!

Europa League Qualifying Matches Short Review…Next Page.

UK: Cashley’s New Squeeze Baits Him Up On Twitter; Man Utd. 3-0 Newcastle Utd.

Ashley Cole arrives at the Mayfair Hotel in Central London on Saturday night, after his teams 6-0 win over West Brom!

ASHLEY COLE is bedding yet another woman on another night, but this time, the secret lasted only a matter of hours! The Chelsea left-back hit-up the posh Mayfair Hotel just hours after his team demolished West Bromwich Albion 6-0 in the EPL, and linked up over there with SARAH PURNELL, his new mistress-figure who used to be a..lapdancer! Just as classy as his left-foot!

Although Cashley isn’t techically cheating on anyone at the moment, the twist here is that he was left a bit frustrated at the fact that the saucy details of what they got up to that night were revealed on Purnell’s new Twitter Account!

Blabber-mouth Purnell told her girls, as well as the rest of the World of her plans on Saturday night, even before the two romped the night away.

Her first tweet read: “Can’t beat the mayfair :)” Sure you can’t. You probably didn’t know where your next meal was coming from a week ago..

The one in the ‘Morning After’ was even more attention-seekingly frustrating, when she revealed to all: “The mayfair hotel last night was tooo messy 🙂 just woke up from last nights antics – lifes a flirt ;p xx”. Thanks for the heads-up!

This brunette must be new to the www. As if two tweets weren’t enough, she went off on another one about the same thing earlier today, saying: “Feeling the monday blues after a ridiculously good weekend 🙂 The events at the mayfair hotel last night were emotional 🙂 miss u babe xx”. Okay, so she’s calling him babe already. If Cashley is this lapdancer’s best and most ’emotional’ lover so far, you’d have to feel for her since she began the trade. Seriously.

Anyways, Cole can’t be too pissed because she’s not as bad looking as those L.A. slags. And for the record, she’s just doing her job, NOT cheating – two things that you can’t really rely on Cashley for! And using Twitter is probably much more classier than texting naked pictures of your misters away. Thinking you wouldn’t get caught! Pshh! As fat as the chance that you have of retaining that Premier League Title, Ash!

Sarah the ‘Twit’er – Purnell snapped going to the Mayfair Hotel.

Manchester United 3-0 Newcastle Utd, Match Report…Next Page.

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