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Taylor Swift Is Still Single After Getting Dumped By Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift Steps Out In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Tom Hiddleston apparently dumped Taylor Swift last week following a three month relationship because things got too boring. That could mean a few things: 1) Taylor put out, but she wasn’t all that exciting in the sack after a couple months; 2) Taylor didn’t put out & he got tired of doing whatever it was she does with her boyfriends behind closed doors (i.e. board games, watching TV, listening to her old albums, etc.).

It’ll be interesting to see who bags Taylor Swift next, but I don’t know why an already-famous person would want to put themselves through the bullshit that comes with dating a Taylor Swift when they can just easily grab a virtual nobody who’s 2-3x hotter? Then again, curiosity makes people do some f’d up things.

Regardless, these latest photos were snapped as Taylor came out of her NYC apartment to do a little home decor shopping at ABC Carpet And Home.

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NYC: Sexy Emily Ratajkowski Hits Lunch In The Upper East Side

Emily Ratajkowski Lunches In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

You gotta love this woman! I’m not sure that she’s even walking down the runway for a designer during New York Fashion Week, but I think it’s safe to say that Emily Ratajkowski is sexier than 75% of the models in attendance! Da-Daaayum!

These new photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the sultry model-turned-actress enjoyed a relaxing lunch with a friend at Sant Ambroeus on Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side. What’s a sexy model like Emily doing in UES?! Regardless, she’s been awfully busy the past few days attending a number of fashion shows during NYFW. We’ll have more photos of Emily soon.

Emily Ratajkowski Lunches In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

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Kendall Jenner Plays The Shy Card in NYC

Kendall Jenner at the Kendall & Kylie Pop-Up Launch at Samsung 837 in New YorkPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pacific Coast News

After disappointing last night at the Kendall & Kylie Pop-Up launch event at Samsung 837 in the Meatpacking District, Kendall Jenner was spotted catwalking around earlier this morning wearing dangerously short short-shorts. The young model & reality TV star wouldn’t let the papz photograph her face, but something tells me you guys won’t mind.

We should mention that New York Fashion Week kicked off yesterday, so be on the lookout for a lot of models & celebs catwalking around NYC in the coming days.

Taylor Swift Officially Begins Search For Her Next Temporary Boyfriend

Taylor Swift Leaves Restaurant In New YorkPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

You guys have any guesses as to who Taylor Swift’s next man will be? Taylor’s love life is getting a bit hilarious when you consider the fact that her average relationship lasts around three months.

I have a feeling she enjoys the highs of the initial hookup (we’re not exactly sure what that means on Planet Taylor) and then breakups following the obligatory “First Fight,” which anyone & everyone must go through. With Taylor, I’m assuming it’s some sort of power struggle where she wants to be the dominant one & most self-respecting dudes won’t take that shit so they just hit the eject button. There most be other interesting theories out there with respect to her frequent breakups, so feel free to chime in below in the comments.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday. Taylor in the all-black workout getup was snapped as she left one of her workout sessions. She wore the leggy outfit to a post-breakup-bitch-fest-dinner with friends in NYC last night.

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A Leggy Shay Mitchell Takes A Selfie During Her Parking Lot Catwalk!

EXCLUSIVE: Shay Mitchell pays a visit to a talent agency in Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Shay Mitchell, the beautiful 29-year-old star of the hit ABC Family/Freeform series “Pretty Little Liars,” was seen walking out of a talent agency office in Beverly Hills carrying a white box. The actress, who hid behind a pair of vintage round, metal rimmed sunglasses, showed off her long legs in dangerously short short-shorts and a pair of sexy heels. Shay was either video chatting or busy taking selfies as she walked to her car in the parking garage.

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Rihanna Gets Leggy For A Dinner Date With Drake at Nobu in NYC

Rihanna and Drake go for an intimate dinner date at NobuPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Drake & Rihanna, who are currently taking a breather from sleeping with random hot fans & celebrities, are really enjoying each other these days. The pair were seen meeting up for what appears to be a very classy dinner at the ultra-exclusive (and expensive) Nobu in NYC.

So is it safe to assume that these two just have crazy amounts of freaky sex when they’re behind closed doors? Rihanna likes to say in her interviews that she’ll go months without getting any, so it’s possible Drake is serving some purpose as RiRi takes a breather from her world tour. For those of you in Philly or NYC, make sure to check out Rihanna during one of her final two shows (Philly – Sept. 3 & NYC – Sept. 24).

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Alessandra Ambrosio Works Her Style In L.A.

Alessandra Ambrosio Stops By The Country MartPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pacific Coast News

This was going to be another one for our Parking Lot Catwalker, but Eva Longoria took that honor today. After having a great time at the recent Summer Olympics back in her native Brazil, Alessandra Ambrosio was back to working her stylish mojo at home with family in Los Angeles.

On Sunday, the Victoria’s Secret model & busy mom was laughing it up with her two kids Anja & Noah at the beach in Malibu. Ale showed off her legs in a pair of short-shorts and striped top. Later on Sunday, Ale was see leaving the Brentwood Country Mart wearing a long summer dress.

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CONEY ISLAND: Red Carpet Models at Sports Illustrated Swim City Fan Festival

Mia Kang, Nina Agdal, Robyn Lawley and Samantha HoopesPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Mia Kang, Nina Agdal, Robyn Lawley and Samantha Hoopes

After having lots of fun at the beach earlier in the day, swimsuit models Nina Agdal, Hailey Clauson, Hannah Ferguson, Barbara Palvin, Samantha Hoopes, Hannah Davis got dolled up for the concert at the end of the day packed with bikini-fueled festivities. This was all part of the Sports Illustrated inaugural Summer of Swim Fan Festival in Coney Island on Sunday. For those of you who missed the event, S.I. has a great catch-up post.

Since this was all held to pimp their inaugural Summer of Swim special, we should mention that Hailey Clauson was chosen as the cover model! Not sure about you guys, but she reminds me a little of Candice—at least in that cover photo!

Hailey Clauson lands the cover of inaugural Summer of Swim SpecialSource: Sports Illustrated; Hailey Clauson lands the cover of inaugural Summer of Swim Special

If you still want more photos, flip through the official set at Sports Illustrated.

Hailey Clauson, Kate Bock, Hannah Ferguson and Hannah Davis JeterPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Hailey Clauson, Kate Bock, Hannah Ferguson and Hannah Davis Jeter

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Pixie Lott Keeps Things Very Simple In London

Pixie Lott brightly accessorizes her otherwise simple outfit as she arrives at the Haymarket Theatre in LondonPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Pixie Lott, the 25-year-old singer, songwriter and actress, was spotted heading to her acting gig at the Haymarket Theatre in London earlier today showcasing her simple, yet sexy, sense of style. She had what appears to be a colorful printed scarf serving as a belt to her short-shorts which she wore over a very tight-fitting tank top.

As we mentioned in our previous post, Pixie’s currently starring in the musical “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which is playing at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London’s West End. Performances will run through September 17th, 2016.

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