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Belfast: Selena Gomez @ MTV Europe Music Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Lia Toby/WENN

Did Selena Gomez split with Justin Bieber? Assuming you have no life & a creepy affinity toward puppy-love, that’s the question on a lot of minds at the moment and judging by Selena’s scandalous outfit at the MTV Europe Music Awards held in Belfast, Northern Ireland earlier tonight (Nov. 6), I’m leaning toward a resounding yes.

From the front the dress looks dangerously harmless & classy, but when get a view from the back, that’s when you know Selena’s in search for a new man. Granted, Justin hooks her up with some stupidly expensive & cheesy gifts every other week, but at the end of the day, the dude has no control of his Jedi Manwhore powers, which is perfectly understandable considering his young age. Whatever the case, I feel like Selena has gotten all the fame she can squeak out of Justin Bieber & this would be the perfect time to take a bow and focus more attention on building her acting career than continuing to do lame performances at malls & arenas in shitty cities across the country.

Belfast: Bar Refaeli @ MTV Europe Music Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Lia Toby/WENN
Snapped earlier tonight at the 2011 MTV EMAs held at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

As with any event, where there are rich & famous dudes in attendance, Bar Refaeli swoops in for some potentially lucrative business fueled by endless amounts of Israeli Mossad-flavored tantric sex. Rumors over the summer following her tragic “breakup” with Leonardo DiCaprio has Bar linked to an Israeli businessman, the French president’s son & apparently Prince Harry from England wanted to nibble on Bar’s juicier parts. I think it’s safe to say that Bar Refaeli is a desirable asset for any capable sugar daddy who doesn’t mind getting Leo’s sloppy seconds.

Belfast: Irina Shayk @ MTV Europe Music Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Lia Toby/WENN
Snapped earlier tonight at the 2011 MTV EMAs held at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Excuse the flood of Irina Shayk posts, but with her brief hiatus over the past couple months, these latest sets should more than makeup for all the lost hottie time. Although, I gotta admit, when you compare her latest outfits with those from the past, the recent outfits are obviously a few notches lower on the hotness level. Take for example a couple outfits from over the summer:
Photo Credit: WENN
Irina @ “Friends With Benefits” Premiere

Photo Credit: WENN
Irina Shayk @ Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” Premiere

We don’t know whether it’s the weather or what, but Irina’s is not channeling her skanky-ho side as much anymore. What the hell happened to her “if you got it, flaunt it” attitude, damn it?!

Las Vegas: Jayde Nicole @ Mark Lash Jewelry Showcase

Photo Credit: WENN

Mark Lash Fine Jewelry showcased some of their latest designs throwing a party at Gold Nightclun at Aria Resort in Las Vegas over the weekend. Our guess is that Jayde attended as Mark’s special guest and left the next morning from his hotel room with some new pieces to show off. Travis Barker and Mix Master Mike attended but we really only care about Jayde considering she decided to come showing off one of her better features, which we’re accustomed to in all her posts.

Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos Crowned 2011 Miss World

Photo Credit: WENN

Miss Venezuela Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares, 22, was crowed 2011 Miss World last night at Earls Court in London. Looks like all the plastic surgery paid off!! The pics directly below were snapped earlier this morning as Ivian was spotted leaving ITV studios following an appearance on the U.K. morning show “Daybreak.” Here’s more info about her:

Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares, (born July 26, 1989, in Guanare, Portuguesa, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan beauty queen who won the Miss World 2011 and Miss World Venezuela 2010 titles[1][2]. Ivian is a Diplomacy student who stands 1.80 m (5’11”) tall. She was studying to be a nun[3][4]. Being an orphan at the age of 8 as her parents passed away, Sarcos was raised by the nuns in a convent in Cojedes. She intended to become a nun, but she eventually gave up the idea and realized that her appearance would give her a chance to become famed and she started her career as a model. [Source]

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Justin Timberlake’s Year To Remember w/ Co-Stars Mila Kunis & Amanda Seyfried

Photo Credit: WENN
J.T. & Amanda Seyfried pics on the left were snapped earlier today (Nov. 4) at an “In Time” photocall held at the Hotel Bristol in Paris. The ones with Mila were taken over the summer as the two promoted “Friends with Benefits.”

If you count all the chicks this dude has been around over the past year, you can also include names like Jessica Biel (ex-girlfriend), Cameron Diaz (“Bad Teacher” co-star) & Olivia Wilde (“In Time” co-star). And, those are just the famous ones—for every one of those, there are at least five random chicks behind the scenes. We’re gonna assume J.T. has the libido of a high school kid and hits anyone hot that comes within striking distance, but for ease of comparison, we’re going to narrow the field to his previous two lead co-stars, Mila Kunis from “Friends with Benefits” & Amanda Seyfried from “In Time.”

L.A.: Kristen Stewart Didn’t Dress Properly For The “Twilight” Hand & Foot Print Ceremony

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

You know there were at least 10-15 creepy bastards in attendance who were doing their best to get quality upskirt pics during the event, so look out for those pics to hit the net within a few hours.

These were snapped earlier today (Nov. 3) at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. ahead of their film’s big release later this month. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” will hit theaters in two parts so that producers can wring every possible penny from the franchise. Part one drops November 18 & the final part won’t release until November, 2012!

Kristen Stewart was accompanied by co-stars Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner at the ceremony held earlier today.
Photo Credit: INF Photo
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Beverly Hills: Selena Gomez @ Fulfillment Fund’s “2011 Stars Gala”

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures; WENN

These were snapped last night at the Fulfillment Fund’s “2011 Stars Gala” held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to collect a few bucks from hardworking celebrities & in turn, help them feel better about themselves. Others in attendance included Eva Longoria, Jason Segel, Sidney Poitier and others.

For those of you who don’t know much about the organization, here’s more info:

As a college access organization, the Fulfillment Fund provides first-generation, low-income students with the support necessary to graduate from high school and go on to college.

Through classroom instruction, college counseling, mentoring and scholarships, we transform the lives of students, beginning in high school and extending to college graduation.

Our impact spans beyond the students we serve directly. They, in turn, influence siblings, peers and their community by becoming role models, volunteers, mentors and donors. [Source]

NYC: Deliciously Red Blake Lively @ Christian Louboutin’s 20th Anniversary

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

French footwear designer Christian Louboutin was seen having fun with one of his most loyal celebrity customers following a book launch & 20th Anniversary Party held at a Barneys location in NYC (we’re assuming somewhere in Midtown).

The fashionable “Gossip Girl” star-turned Hollywood actress broke up with pimpdaddy Leonardo DiCaprio last month & is currently rumored to be sleeping with her former “Green Lantern” co-star Ryan Reynolds. We’re assuming they’re just fuck-buddies at the moment since they’re doing their best to keep everything hush-hush.

Here’s a pic of another guest who some of you guys might dig…
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

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