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Victoria Silvstedt Leaving Eden Roc Hotel With Sugar Daddy

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

I know most of you haters don’t like her, but I gotta admit, Victoria Silvstedt, by far, leads one of the sweetest lifestyles of all the women who get posted on the site. Judging by her public appearances, it appears she resides mainly on the beautiful French Riviera—whether it’s cruising on her Sugar Daddy’s yacht or relaxing on various pimped-out beaches in Cannes, St. Tropez or Monte Carlo. GOD DAAAYUM!! Life sucks!!

Obviously, any girls looking to hook up w/ rich men, I guess the place to hit is South France & hope that you get picked up by one of the countless sugar daddies rolling around in their pimp-modes of transportation (i.e. Ferraris, Bentleys, yachts, & even gold-plated, convertible Smart Cars.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Bar Refaeli & Elisabetta Canalis Hit Up The Roberto Cavalli Party!!

Photo Credit: WENN

Roberto Cavalli hosted a party at the Cannes Film Festival and naturally two of the hottest of the hotties in Cannes had to show up and kill it on the red carpet. Bar killed it on the red carpet at The Beaver premiere yesterday and we know that Elisabetta was doing a bikini shoot earlier in the day on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht.

The common theme between these two ladies; they attended alone and had no problem with Roberto Cavalli getting all up on them. In the case of Bar, we’re going to make the Bastardly assumption that post-breakup rebound sex was had with Mr. Cavalli and in this same Bastardly assumption, we’re saying that Elisabetta was there too. We’re just saying…

Cannes: Ana Beatriz Barros & Other Beauties @ de Grisogono Dinner

Photo Credit: WENN

This is the same event as the Karolina Kurkova post from yesterday, so hit that just in case you missed it.

Anyway, from the looks of all the hotness at Cannes, all I gotta say is that the annual film festival is pretty much a haven for single (or married) sugar daddies looking to hook up with hot chicks in search of fame & fortune. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t exactly your local skanky hos, but rather, very respectable & beautiful women who simply need designer handbags & shoes every other day, tanning sessions on fancy yachts, daily cruises inside Ferraris, Bentleys & Aston Martins and dinners at the best joints, but if you’re a deep-pocked producer or investor hanging out in South France, you shouldn’t really have any problems keep up financially with these chicks. Just like NYC socialites accessorize with puppies & designer handbags, so I feel like sugar daddies have every right to accessorize with fast cars & hot chicks half their age. Am I wrong here?

Stacy Keibler Bikini Pics From A Yacht in Cannes! OW!

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God damn, how the hell is Stacy Keibler able to afford mutiple days on a yacht in the frickin’ French Riviera?! I didn’t even know she had a job besides hitting up promotional events, so we’re gonna assume she got her hands into some deep pockets or maybe Calvin Klein’s hookin’ her up? Stacy’s been cruising around the Cannes Film Festival since it kicked off last week. Here she is at the Calvin Klein party last week:
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

A Very Leggy Eva Longoria Rollin’ In A Black Bentley In Miami! OW!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures; Bauer Griffin Online (center photo)

Earlier this afternoon, Eva Longoria was out & about Miami shopping for her latest lover Eduardo Cruz. She rolled up to a greasy Armani Exchange store in a frickin’ Bentley (anybody know the model?)—definitely bad marketing for the Bentley brand. Here’s a short list of stores worthy of the curbside Bentley action: Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Versace, Parda, off-Broadway designer stores in SoHo, etc, etc, but A/X is definitely real low on the list.

“Entourage” Star Adrian Grenier Had Foreplay Dinner @ STK! OW!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

If any of you guys thought Adrian Grenier led a boring lifestyle off camera when not taping “Entourage,” think again. The dude was spotted hitting a delicious dinner at STK restaurant in West Hollywood a couple nights ago with some random hottie before heading home to get down & dirty.

As for all you “Entourage” fans, the eighth season containing eight episodes will premiere on July 24, 2011. It’s also rumored that the series creator Doug Ellin plans on making a feature film after the series ends. Naturally, that sounds pretty sweet, but I’m not sure how he’d pull it off.

Legs Ratings: Emma Watson All Dolled-Up @ The Ritz in Paris

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Apologies on the delay in getting these babies up, but Emma Watson was once again showing off her legs a couple nights back as she arrived back to her luxurious digs at the Ritz in Paris following an event. So, what’s the official take on those legs, anyway? Should she continue showing them as we slowly approach an endless stream of “Harry Potter” premieres around the globe? The final film in the series hits theaters on July 15, so here’s plenty of time!

My take is simple. While her legs aren’t exactly ugly, I still think Emma needs to hit the gym & shape those babies up a lil’ more (leg shaping strategies for Emma). The goal when it comes to achieving sexy legs is to shoot for Blake Lively’s legs & hope to get somewhere close. Here’s a closer look (for added effect):
See more from the matchup here & you can find more Blake Lively here.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Hottest “Getting Out of a Limo” Pics EVER! OW!

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Major props to the member of the papz who had the presence of mind to snap 300 pics of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley getting of her limo as she arrived at the MET gala earlier this week! All we gotta say is God DAAAYUM, woman! From the looks of her painfully erotic technique, you can tell Jason Statham makes her practice when they’re chillin’ at home (i.e. between tantric sex sesions).

Since all this manufactured buzz is to help pimp Rosie’s debut action film, i guess now’s a good time to plug the upcoming “Transformers!” It hits theaters on June 29th!

Morning Bikini: UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Chills in Miami Beach!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

I know Arianny Celeste’s UFC connection might freak some of you bastards out, but let’s admit it, inceased freakiness simply adds to a girl’s hotness level. Arianny’s not only a ring-hottie, but she’s also dating UFC fighter Tiki Ghosn (not pictured). She was spotted cruising around in South Beach rocking what appears to be a extremely delicious brown bikini with her boyfriend & another UFC fighter Jon Jones.

“Shameless” Star Emmy Rossum Took Her Dog Cinnamon For A Walk!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

These were snapped over the weekend as super cute Emmy Rossum was spotted walking her dog back to her car following a trip to the hair salon.

As for her hit Showtime series “Shameless,” we don’t know any details about when the second season will kick off, but we do hear chatter about the first season DVD hitting stores soon! Start saving up, kids! Just think of all the director cuts!! OW!

Eva Longoria @ Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Eva Longoria has been cast by President Obama to be an immigration advisor; along with America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson. These ladies are seen as “influential Hispanics” to which the President wants to receive advice about immigration policy reform. You could say that he’s also doing this to get his raise approval rating with the Latinos.

The president assured those at the meeting that congressional Democrats would continue to call for passage of the DREAM Act, a measure that would provide permanent U.S. residency to college graduates and military veterans who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. The legislation passed the House in 2010 but was blocked in the Senate. [Source]

In other non-related news, Tony Parker and the #1 seed San Antonio Spurs were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs by the 8th seeded Memphis Grizzlies; we sure Tony’s handling his offseason disappointed just fine.

Photo Credit: WENN

Photo Credit: WENN

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