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Revisiting Miley’s Outfit @ Billboard Awards: So, What’s The Official Take?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; WENN

Hey, Miley could’ve taken Brooklyn Decker’s depressing approach to the red carpet & put on a comforter that covered every inch of her body, so Miley & her army of stylists definitely deserve some props. She obviously knows what people wanna see & she’ll happily dish it out to stay relevant until she figures her shit out. Having said that, I feel like she could’ve bagged a hotter dress than something that looks stolen from her dad’s suit closet. Pass or fail, I’m really digging the fact that Miley likes to experiment.

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Cannes Film Festival: Natasha Poly @ “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” Premiere

Photo Credit: WENN

Granted, this might be a little too hot for the premiere of a children’s movie, but hey, you gotta own the cameras when they’re pointed in your direction. Natasha Poly did exactly that on the red carpet for the “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” premiere during the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

This is a side note, but Natasha reminds me of those of freakishly hot Russian spies you’d typically find in “James Bond” flicks, who’ll easily rip you apart with her left pinky toe while you’re busy thinking she wants to make dirty love & have your kids.

If you want to see more red carpet action from the premiere, check here!

BREAKING!! Pete Wentz & Meagan Camper Both Rocked The Same Nikes While Out w/ Bronx!

Photo Credit: Karl Larsen/INFphoto.com

You’d think sugar daddy Pete Wentz would buy different colored kicks for his latest sex-toy & himself, but I guess he got a special deal. The former rocker-turned-“Dude who was married to Jessica Simpson’s annoying little sister” enjoyed the weekend with his girlfriend Meagan Camper & his son Bronx Mowgli as the three hit a special event at the local farmer’s market in Los Angeles, complete with petting zoo & air jumpers. Photos like these simply confirms that Meagan’s in it for Pete’s dwindling stash—not that there’s anything wrong with that!
Photo Credit: Karl Larsen/INFphoto.com

Eva Longoria Continues To Amaze @ 65th Cannes Film Festival

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Before glamming things up for the “Rust & Bone” premiere later in the evening, Eva Longoria cat-walked through the shops on Rue d’Antibes wearing leather short-shorts. The “Desperate Housewives” actress is currently in the French Riviera enjoying the high life during the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

As for the glamorous evening premiere of the French film “De rouille et d’os” (a.k.a. “Rust & Bone”), we’ll have more red carpet action coming right up. Needless to say, Eva was definitely a standout.

Miley Cyrus Continues Turning Heads in Miami; Creepy Old Dudes Show Their Love!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Aaaw, how cute! Judging by the army of creepy camera phone photographers, it’s fairly obvious that the average age of Miley’s fan base is slowly going increasing with each additional day she spends in Miami. The 19-year-old pop star is apparently in South Beach recording music, but I think she also digs all the attention she’s getting from the local papz. She continues to wear attention-grabbing outfits that show off her various thinning assets, so let’s see what she has in store for us tomorrow!

These latest photos were snapped earlier today as she left her hotel wearing short-shorts on her way to the recording studio.
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Cannes Film Festival: Diane Kruger Lookin’ Like A Million Bucks @ Jury Photocall

Photo Credit: WENN

With the critical success of “Inglourious Basterds,” Diane Kruger slowly came into the limelight & as a result, created opportunities for herself in Hollywood. For the next week and a half the actress will dive into countless screenings as a member of the 65th Cannes Film Festival jury panel. Accompanying her include names like Ewan McGregor, Jean-Paul Gaultier, among other big names from the global film industry.

Her only film this year was the French drama “Farewell, My Queen,” which hit theaters in limited release back in March. Diane scored the role of Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France. You can read more about the plot here.

Trailer (it’s in French):

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; Pictured: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Diane Kruger and Ewan McGregor
Photo Credit: WENN

BERLIN: Micaela Schaefer Stole The Show @ ‘Men In Black 3’ Premiere! OWW!!

Photo Credit: WENN

For those of you bastards who’ve been Micaela Schaefer’s longtime followers, fans & haters, you’ll know that she never disappoints when the cameras are pointed in her direction. That was exactly the case when she hit the red carpet for the German premiere of “Men In Black 3” held at the O2 World Arena in Berlin earlier this evening. GOD DAAAYUMM! We couldn’t post all the body shots (for obvious reasons), so make sure you flip through the subsequent pages to get a complete sampling.

From the looks of the “dress,” it appears to be from made from the film found in VCR cassette tapes, so it’s nice to see that Micaela & her team of stylists are always thinking outside the box.

L.A.: Maria Menounos & Derek Hough @ 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Maria Menounos, Derek Hough

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough continue to give us the illusion that they’re definitely sleeping together as the hit the red carpet together at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango at The Home Depot Center in L.A. Yes, we’re aware that this touchy-feely closeness could all be a play to get us interested in watching Dancing With The Stars but who wouldn’t be surprised if in fact all the extra hours they’ve been “practicing” has actually been frolicking in between the sheet; it could be the cause for Maria to continually be getting injured during the competition. Let’s remind you all, Maria has been with producer Keven Undergaro for over 10 years so this could all just be short-term for the rating; Keven’s in the biz so we’re sure he’s completely understanding. In fact he’s probably the one benefiting the most with Maria’s even more rockin’ body after all these months of rehearsal… DAT ASS. But one more thing:

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Maria Menounos, Derek Hough

The Hotties of The Barcelona Bridal Gaudi Fashion Show

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Bar Refaeli

The Barcelona Bridal Gaudi Fashion Show took place and well, we’re in lazy mode so therefore haven’t found much information or official websites to give you a head’s up on what happened. However, do we really care when we’ve got three hotties to look at? As you know, Bar is a regular on the site while Helen Lindes has previously appeared on the site in a bikini as Rudy Fernandez’s girlfriend while Malena Costa makes her first appearance to the site. So let’s just get to the poll, who’s your favorite?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Malena Costa (Left), Helen Lindes (Right)

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London: Highlights From “The Dictator” World Premiere

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Isla Fisher

Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) and his harem of hotties took over the Royal Festival Hall in London for the world premiere of The Dictator. Amongst the attendees were Sacha Baron Cohen’s wife Isla Fisher, looking smokin’ in that mini, along with Anna Faris who stars in the film and had an upskirt moment on the red carpet. You’ll also see that Louie Spence took the chance to blatantly look try look up the dress of one of the unnamed guests; probably someone who appears on a random British Reality TV Show, right?

Anyway, The Dictator hits theaters on May 16th. Learn more about the Republic of Wadya and join the other followers of Admiral General Aladeen on Twitter.

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Anna Faris

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Random Hottie w/ Louie Spence

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen)

Photo Credit: WENN

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