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L.A.: Lea Michele @ Fox 2012 All Star Winter Party

Photo Credit: WENN

With the NBC Winter Tour event featuring their lineup of stars going down last Friday, other networks are also pimping their latest shows & starlets to advertisers ahead of launching new seasons for hit TV shows & premiering new pilots in search of the next big hit. The Fox network was at bat last night in Los Angeles and I gotta admit, if you compare all networks, Fox & CW definitely have the majority of today’s young hotties. Lea Michele, who’s in her final season of “Glee,” looked beautiful in a sexy blue dress that showcased her long legs. There were many others in attendance, so look for them later today.

Ladies Who Were Photographed Doing Nothing Special in L.A.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; FameFlynet Pictures

Since celebrities are still in vacation or slowly getting glammed-up behind the scenes for the upcoming awards season, there’s not much going on in Hollywood these days. All photos, unless noted, were snapped yesterday in the Los Angeles area.

Starting from the left, we have the sexy Ali Larter who was spotted doing some post-holiday shopping The Grove. Olivia Wilde, who was recently spotted in NYC w/ her boyfriend Jason Sudeikis, was seen leaving Leconte Salon in Beverly Hills after getting her hair done. Next up is Rihanna, who just enjoyed holidays with her family back home in Barbados. The world-famous singer kept it very simple by rocking a patchy sweater, blue jeans & a dark shades as she headed to a West Hollywood tattoo parlor last night. Leggy Ashley Greene opted for a pair of short-shorts as she was seen out & about enjoying a smoothie. And finally, we have Jessica Alba, who just returned from a relaxing holiday in Cabo. The actress was spotted making a charitable donation of goods she picked up from her office

Photo Credit: WENN

Victoria Silvstedt & Her Nike Kicks Bring The Morning Links!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Wow, we haven’t seen Victoria Silvstedt in a while! I gotta admit, it’s nice to see that she’s still workin’ her hotness. I guess Victoria’s taking a break from her sugar daddy digs in Monte Carlo & opting for a couple weeks in Miami beach. Did I ever mention how much my life sucks ass?

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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Bikini Xmas in Miami: Claudia Galanti Lights Up South Beach!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; Fame Pictures

Wow, these lanky foreign models are literally taking over South Beach—at least the delicious trio comprising of Paraguayan Claudia Galanti, Venezuelan Aida Yespica & Spaniard Natalia Bush are having some success driving dudes crazy on the beach. If you want more of the latter two (Aida & Natalia), check our earlier post.

These photos were snapped yesterday afternoon (Friday, December 23) as the three models were seen strutting their sultry bikini bodies on the beach. So, out of the three juicies, who’s your favorite? And, what if you could choose two?

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Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

MoeJackson 2011: George Clooney’s Ladies: Elisabetta Canalis vs. Stacy Keibler

Photo Credit: WENN; FAME Pictures; Splash News Online; Pacific Coast News; INF Photo

George Clooney started the year dating Elisabetta Canalis and ended it attached to Stacy Keibler. Dating (and having dated) George Clooney seems to be a good career move because it landed Elisabetta a spot on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars while Stacy gets all the publicity on the site without having appeared in anything.

Granted Elisabetta’s time on DWTS was short-lived but it did get folks in the US a bit more familiar with this Italian hottie. As for Stacy, well, she’s probably irrelevant since her appearance on DWTS and that was probably five years ago. Either way, she’s kept her best assets, those sexy legs in tact, and now serves as George’s arm-candy for premieres of his movies as seen in both The Ides of March and The Descendants. Our guess is that Elisabetta will continue to soak up the attention she’s gained in the US while Stacy better enjoy the increased coverage because our guess is that by this time next year we’ll be doing another “George Clooney’s Ladies” post with Stacy and whomever George decides to start dating next.

MoeJackson 2011: Leo DiCaprio’s Ladies: Bar Refaeli vs. Blake Lively

Photo Credit: WENN; FAME Pictures; Splash News Online; Pacific Coast News; INF Photo

Leonardo DiCaprio finally got tired of Bar Refaeli this year and decided to end their relationship and rebounded with Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively. Leo’s relationship with Blake didn’t last long and it was reported that he was hooking up with Romanian hottie Madelina Ghenea and now Victoria’s Secrets Angel Erin Heatherton but we’re sure their all probably just temporary time-fillers for Leo as he decides who’s next on his list to tag. Either way, both Bar and Blake are available and open for business to all potential sugar daddys!!

L.A. Red Carpet: Charlize Theron & Others @ “Young Adult” Premiere

Photo Credit: WENN

Charlize Theron stars as Mavis Gary in the Diablo Cody-written & Jason Reitman-directed film “Young Adult.” Charlize already visited Letterman & attended a premiere in NYC to promote her new film, so check those pics here. Besides that, the film is getting great reviews from critics & audiences alike, so it’s definitely worth dough if you’re looking to not waste time on other cookie-cutter affairs at the theaters. Rotten has it at 82% and Metacritic currently stands at 73, with audiences rating it 9/10.

Here’s more info about the film:

Charlize Theron plays Mavis Gary, a writer of teen literature who returns to her small hometown to relive her glory days and attempt to reclaim her happily married high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson). When returning home proves more difficult than she thought, Mavis forms an unusual bond with a former classmate (Patton Oswalt) who hasn’t quite gotten over high school, either. [Source]

Amy Childs Rocks Daisy Dukes While Filming “It’s All About Amy” in L.A.!!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

As some of you bastards know, Brit-hottie Amy Childs continues her extrended stay in L.A. as she films her reality show It’s All About Amy which I’m sure no one in L.A. is aware of; however, she’s been there filming. Obviously, the only reason we’re getting these babies up is because Amy’s rocking daisy dukes & midriff-friendly tee as she cruises around the Hollywood Hills with cameras capturing her every step. And, another thing: Is that big dude behind Amy the guy who’s currently banging her or is that just her bodyguard (who also bangs her from time to time when she’s horny) b/c his job seems kinda cool.

Photo Credit: WENN

London: Paula Patton & Tom Cruise @ “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”

Photo Credit: WENN

Paula Patton stars as Jane Carter, a memeber of Ethan Hunt’s team, in Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the fourth M:I film in the franchise. Tom, Paula, and the rest of the cast are making their rounds for the foreign press as they lead up to the opening of the film in US on December 21st (earlier on the 16th for IMAX). For more info, visit the Mission: Impossible official website.

A terrorist bombing destroys the Kremlin while IMF agent Ethan Hunt is carrying out an undercover operation in Moscow. The Russian government categorizes the attack as “an undeclared act of war,” prompting United States government to initiate a black operation known as “ghost protocol”, disavowing the entire Impossible Mission Force. Hunt and his four-person team are allowed to escape from the government’s custody as part of a plan to enable them to operate outside of their agency’s command structure. However, when the IMF is ambushed, they are forced to operate without any kind of official support in an attempt to locate an intelligence source connected to the Moscow bombing and the attack on the IMF. [Wiki]

Red Carpet Ladies: Spike TV’s 2011 Video Game Awards

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Spike TV’s 2011 Video Game Awards took place over the weekend at Sony Studios in Los Angeles and was hosted by Chuck’s Zachary Levi. Spike did their part in getting some nice-looking ladies to attend, all of which probably do not own a gaming system. New to this year’s award show was the creation of the Video Game Hall of Fame, the first inductee was “The Legend of Zelda”. For a full list of the winner, click here.

Both making their debuts to the site are Emily Rose from Syfy’s Haven and Felicia Day from the web series The Guild. As for Stacy and Brooklyn, you’re all very familiar with those two.

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