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Brooke Burke-Charvet Needs Her Own Sketchers Campaign!

Exclusive - Brooke Burke-Charvet Arrives at Fitness Class

Oops, I looked through Brooke’s Wiki just now and it appears she already did a Sketchers commercial. Well, it’s nice to see that Brooke’s a worthwhile advertising partner seeing how she wears the gear she’s promoting when she’s off the clock!

It’s nice to see that ever since leaving her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ TV gig, Brooke Burke is still keeping things tight and sexy with regular visits to the gym! These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as Brooke Burke was seen arriving at her Sunday fitness class with kids Shaya and Heaven in Malibu.

Exclusive - Brooke Burke-Charvet Arrives at Fitness Class

CONFIRMED: Claudia Romani Just As Hot When Not Wearing A Bikini

Italian model Claudia Romani goes for a morning walk in Miami where she showed off her fit body

First of all, we’d like to note that this is the first time we’ve posted Claudia Romani on the site when she’s not wearing a bikini. It was a great streak while it lasted. While I know some of you bastards will undoubtedly disagree, I gotta admit, it’s nice to see Claudia mixing it up b/c it’s fairly obvious that this woman can light up the room regardless of whether she’s striking poses in a bootilicious bikini or sexy workout clothes. The best thing is that Claudia knows it & to a certain extent, that’s sexy in itself.

Photogs @ Victoria’s Secret need to take notice b/c earlier today we saw them photographing Erin Heatherton in South Beach for their upcoming swimwear catalogue & I seriously feel like Claudia could hold up her own against a few VS Angels, especially Erin (but that’s just our take).

These were snapped earlier today (Thursday, Dec. 20) as the Italian model was seen hitting up a morning workout in Miami. As always, Claudia didn’t mind showing the flashing cameras some love w/ a few air kisses & twirls as she sipped on her O.N.E. coconut water. (Note to all girls looking for a hot bod: COCONUT WATER IS WHERE IT’S AT!! OW!)
Italian model Claudia Romani goes for a morning walk in Miami where she showed off her fit body

Her Final Week? Maria Menounos Dumps Usual Reebok Kicks For Sketchers!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Many are saying that due to an rumored rib injury, Maria Menounos’s time on “Dancing With The Stars” is very limited, but let’s hope for the best. These were snapped over the weekend as Maria arrived at the show’s West Hollywood studios. Normally we see Maria pimping Reebok as she does the arrival catwalk, but it appears she scored a juicier deal with some shrewd marketing peeps at Sketchers. More power to her.

Here’s Maria & her dance partner Derek Hough workin’ the Rumba last week:

Photo Credit: Splash News Online
Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Amy Childs Rocks Daisy Dukes While Filming “It’s All About Amy” in L.A.!!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

As some of you bastards know, Brit-hottie Amy Childs continues her extrended stay in L.A. as she films her reality show It’s All About Amy which I’m sure no one in L.A. is aware of; however, she’s been there filming. Obviously, the only reason we’re getting these babies up is because Amy’s rocking daisy dukes & midriff-friendly tee as she cruises around the Hollywood Hills with cameras capturing her every step. And, another thing: Is that big dude behind Amy the guy who’s currently banging her or is that just her bodyguard (who also bangs her from time to time when she’s horny) b/c his job seems kinda cool.

Photo Credit: WENN

Amy Childs’s Trip To L.A. Sponsored By Sketchers Shape-ups & Puma!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Considering how much Europeans love the brand, it’s only a matter of time until we see Amy Childs & her giant boy-toy carrying 10-15 bags out of an Abercrombie & Fitch. And from the looks of her boyfriend’s workout sweats, it appears Hollister is also on the shopping hit-list.

Anyway, these were snapped over the the weekend Amy arrived into LAX on Saturday (far left photo), then hit some shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon and capped off her day w/ a workout. We’re gonna assume she’s in town to simply vacation & not pursue a career in Hollywood. Then again, her inevitable failure in Hollywood might lead her to L.A.’s other (far darker & slightly raunchier) industry.

The past year has been a fairly successful one for Amy. Aside from being named Personality of the Year at the National Reality TV Awards back in July (I guess boob0size was a factor), Amy was recently selected as the next contestant on the new British version of “The Bachelorette,” so as you guys can see, her career is taking off!
Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Brooke Burke Promotes Sketchers at Magic in Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Wenn

As with athletes getting contract extentions, so can celebrities. Brooke Burke signed a two-year extention through June 2013 to continue her relationship plugging Sketchers. The newly married previous winner of Dancing With The Stars will be the face for the brand’s Fitness products, including its Shape-ups Liv shoe and the Resistance ProSpeed running shoe. Says Sketchers president Michael Greenberg:

“We’re huge Brooke fans and we’re delighted that she’ll be part of the Skechers family for another two years.

“As both the career mom who sometimes wants a casual workout and the athletic enthusiast who at other times needs a serious run, she represents multiple Skechers Fitness customers in one complete package.” [Source]

Kim Kardashian Lookin’ Bootilicious In Her Sketchers! OW!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures (first two); INF Photos (last pic)

So, does Kim Kardashian get paid for EVERYTHING she does through the day? Life’s simply not fair, damn it. These were snapped earlier today as Kim left a Los Angeles fitness club showing off her various assets.

It’s fairly obvious that when she’s not filming one of her E! reality shows, she’s shrewdly pimping brands that send her fat checks or attending events that also send her boat loads of cash for walking the red carpet. It’s going to be very interesting how Kim Kardashian & family can transform her career down the road when her beauty starts fade & her booty starts to sag
Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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