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DAAYUM! Sophie Turner Visits Sydney’s Bootilcious Gardens!

Australian model Sophie Turner enjoying time at the Sydney Botanical Gardens in Australia

This is definitely one of the hottest posts in our extensive “Celebrities Paying Parking Meter” category. The always-bootilicious Sophie Turner took time out of her busy schedule to hit up the Sydney Botanical Gardens. Sophie’s been cruising around back at home in Australia for a while now, but she really needs to screw relaxing at gardens around Sydney and return to running around in her bikini at one of the city’s beaches.

The Bikini Booty Matchup – Candice Swanepoel vs Sophie Turner

Candice Swanepoel & Sophie Turner

Candice, Sophie, Candice, Sophie…blah, blah, blah! There can only be one, damn it!

As part of our MoeJackson After Hours offerings for tonight we’re shinning the spotlight on everyone’s favorite body part, the bikini booty. Even though we have a feeling where this matchup will go, we’re still going to run with the poll simply to listen to each side defend their booty of choice. Remember, we’re taking into account only the booty for this matchup, so don’t slim-shady your way up to the face since that will give one of the girls an unfair advantage.

Anyway, without further do-do, choose your favorite booty:

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Queen Booty Sophie Turner Works Her Bikini Body in Sydney!

Queen Booty Sophie Turner Works Her Bikini Body in Sydney!

Aussie model Sophie Turner Bikini Pics!

With a booty like hers, you’d think Sophie Turner would rock a bikini 24/7, but sadly that’s not the case. The bootilicious Australian model was seen cruising the beach in Sydney in celebration of Australia Day.

We’ve seen Sophie working her booty on numerous occasions over the years, but this is the first time we’ve seen her running around in a bikini (at least in recent memory), so major props to Sophie! Happy Australia Day, baby!!

UK: Sophie Turner Workin’ It @ Cambridge Style Week

Australian model Sophie Turner seen leaving her hotel and heading to judge the Cambridge Style Week in Cambridge, England

As we mentioned last week, the always bootlicious Sophie Turner is currently lending her talents to the judging panel at the Cambridge Style Week going down right now in Cambridge, England. Look for a lot of booty-friendly styles to surface after this event.

The Australian model’s main job at the event will be to judge the first ever CSW Ambassador search and announce the winner at a VIP Cocktail Event in partnership with dress borrowing service, Girl Meets Dress.

LONDON: Sophie Turner Officially in the Running For Airport Catwalk of the Year

Australian model Sophie Turner arriving at Heathrow Airport. Sophie will be a judge at this years Cambridge Style Week.

As you bastards know, along with keeping tabs on who’s going up & down curbs & paying parking meters, we’re also monitoring celebrity airport fashion. Most celebrities unsuccessfully attempt to sneak past photographers camping out at various airports around the globe, but when you’re Sophie Turner & have to lug around that big ‘ol booty, sneaking around is nearly impossible.

The Australian model was seen catwalking through Heathrow Airport yesterday afternoon. She’s currently in the U.K. to serve as a judge at this years Cambridge Style Week.

Sophie Turner Treats Catwalks Her Booty Across Millennium Bridge in London!

Australian model and reality TV babe Sophie Turner struts her stuff as she soaks up the historical sights while on the Millennium bridge in London.Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

The always-delightful Sophie Turner kept things fairly PG as she did some sightseeing in London over the past few days. Last Thursday the shamelessly-bootilicious model & reality TV star was seen striking a few poses while on the Millennium Bridge in London. So does Sophs take pics of herself & send it into the papz or does she have a list of papz phone numbers that she calls when she arrives into a new city? These look curiously staged—not that we really give a shit, but just sayin…

Sophie should consider doing the walk over the bridge over again in one of the following outfits:
Sophie Turner WOrkin' The Booty
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; WENN; Bauer-Griffin; See more from each set in Sophie’s category (workout pics here).

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