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Julianne Hough Is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalker!

Julianne Hough out shopping with friends in Beverly Hills 4-1

Here’s Hollywood-exec-plaything Julianne Hough working her mojo while out & about Beverly Hills with friends. It’s odd that Julianne is holding out and not biting on the many offers she probably gets from various Hollywood execs.

You’d think that, by now, she’d suck it up and settle down with a suit after failing to deliver on the big screen with one of her recent films, but this woman has tremendous focus, and not to mention, confidence in herself. Then again, it’s also possible that she simply has a lot of money stashed away—so much so that she doesn’t need to tap a sugar daddy…just yet. We’re pretty sure the day will come, but by then, she might be old news, so Julianne better play her cards a lil’ more intelligently…

BREAKING!! Derek Jeter's First Post-Retirement Coffee Run With girlfriend Hannah Davis! What's Next For The Guy?

EXCLUSIVE: Derek Jeter takes in his first day of retirement by getting a coffee with girlfriend Hannah Davis

Now that his baseball career is officially behind him, we shouldn’t waste time & dive right into speculating about what Derek Jeter plans to do with the next 40-50 years of his life. The options are limitless, especially when you have a net worth of nearly $200 million. Wait, D.Jeter is only worth $185 million? While obviously not small in any way, for some reason I was expecting a number closer to $500 million.

Since he’s not a billionaire, our recommendation is that Derek Jeter better play it safe by A) wearing a condom 24/7 and B) refrain from using his “Let’s Get Married” card before his 75th birthday. Why 75th? The answer is so obvious that we won’t waste your time.

With that said, I just hope Derek’s current girlfriend Hannah Davis isn’t prematurely building her fantasy castle located somewhere in lower Manhattan. While she’s absolutely beautiful and probably perfect in every possible way, there’s still that annoying 60-80% chance that the marriage will fall flat simply because both parties will get bored and want to move on with other people.

Emmy Rossum Is Today's Parking Lot Catwalker!

Emmy Rossum - Leggy in black shorts while out in Beverly Hills-adds---3-128917

As of late, we’ve been seeing Emmy Rossum going in and out of the gym, but yesterday the ‘Shameless’ actress was seen catwalking through a Beverly Hills parking lot while sipping away on her drink from Starbucks.

Now we love Emmy just like anyone else, but as certified sticklers (10 years strong, baby!!), we have to zoom in on bodily assets that require attention—whether it’s at the gym or at the local Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon’s office.

Emmy Rossum - Leggy in black shorts while out in Beverly Hills-adds--8912-891721

Emmy Rossum - Leggy in black shorts while out in Beverly Hills-adds---2fsa

Rumer Willis Is Today's Parking Lot Catwalker!

Exclusive... Rumer Willis Shops At American Rag

Now, here’s a real shocker!

Rumer Willis was once again spotted out & about sipping on her venti-sized iced-coffee during yet another shopping trip in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. The actress grabbed lunch before hitting up American Rag. It’s possible Rumer was buying items for a new wardrobe for her moneybags-mom Demi Moore, after she reportedly said she wishes her 51-year-old mother would embrace her age and dress more maturely…

And, for more photos of celebrities performing two, three & more tasks at the same time, hit up our Internet-Exclusive AT THE SAME TIME category! If that’s not your cup of tea, we also have a category packed full of celebs walking through parking lots (mostly ones located in L.A.)– The Parking Lot Catwalker.

Exclusive... Rumer Willis Shops At American Rag

Hilary Duff Is Today’s Celebrity Jaywalker! Grabs A Green Tea Frap From Starbucks!

Hilary Duff Stops For A Smoothie

Celebrity mommy Hilary Duff was looking a little on the tired end of the spectrum as she catwalked around Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. Hilz was seen dashing to her car after grabbing a refreshing green tea frappuccino from Starbucks.

Also for those of you missed the recent news, it’s rumored that the former ‘Lizzie McGuire’ star-turned NY Times bestselling author is hard at work on a new track with singer Ed Sheeran! I feel like Hilary needs to invest her time & money behind the camera and produce shows & films as opposed to pursuing the music gig. It’s very hit or miss & definitely not a worthwhile endeavor from a long-term prospective.

Hilary Duff Stops For A Smoothie

Hilary Duff - out in Beverly Hills ADDS-FSA

Sophia Bush Pays For Parking and Hits Up Starbucks!

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush looked great in her tight workout pants as she put some money into a parking meter. She did so not wanting to get a ticket as she stopped off at Starbucks to grab a drink while out and about. Sophia currently stars as Detective Erin Lindsay in the NBC drama series Chicago P.D., the same character she played in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Chicago Fire. You’ll be able to see more of Sophia inthe role as NBC has picked up the show for a second season.

Hilary Duff Lookin’ Like A Million Bucks On Her Starbucks Run; Photographed Getting Out Car & Feeding Parking Meter!

Hilary Duff Stops By Starbucks 4

Hilary Duff Stops By Starbucks

God damn, Hilary Duff! This is almost as Hilary’s Million Dollar ATM Run from last year. Remember those pics?

Anyway, these latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as Hilary was seen stopping off at a Starbucks in Studio City in the process of running her daily errands. For all you Hilary fans, we should be seeing her workin’ her sexy hippie mojo while attending the second & final weekend of Coachella, which kicks off tomorrow and runs through Sunday evening. Interested in hitting up the festival, check here >>>

Hilary Duff Stops By Starbucks 4

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