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Rita Ora Continues To Smoke Promotional Fashion Crack

Rita Ora Makes An Odd Fashion Choice

Let’s face it, Rita Ora is probably getting millions from Adidas, so it shouldn’t come as a total surprise when the singer was spotted walking out of the Adidas HQ looking like she dressed herself in the dark after drinking too much.

The outfit appears to be a combination of an oversized football shirt with a graphic print teamed with a leather jacket, beanie and sunglasses. So, is this chick trying to be unique or is she simply doing a horrible job at copying Rihanna?

Sweden: Lada Gaga Still Selling Out Concerts and Smoking Fashion Crack

Lada Gaga Spends The Day Out In Sweden

Let’s face it, Gaga is the queen of marketing and when this woman something to sell, she knows how to create the necessary buzz!

Here’s the singer cruising around with her pet French bulldog named Asia in Stockholm. The fashionista started her day on a boat and sever wardrobe changes later, in the evening she played a show for a sold-out Swedish crowd.

I’m happy for her success, but it’s going to really suck when she releases her next album b/c she literally blankets the entire media with her face. Although doubtful, now that she has new management around her, maybe they’ll employ a different strategy.

Lada Gaga Spends The Day Out In Sweden

Katy Perry Wearing First-Ever Pepperoni Pizza Tracksuit

Katy Perry - Pepperoni Pizza Outfit at Philidelphia Museum of Art ---adds--182761

Can’t believe somebody would actually design such a painful looking thing, but they again, they got a major(ly annoying) celebrity to cough up what was probably a huge sum of money to buy it. I’m sure the designer is currently working on an entire collection of food-themed tracksuits. Any good ideas out there?

These were snapped earlier in the week as Katy Perry was seen hitting up the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We’re assuming she’s on some sort of tour, but too lazy to confirm.

Fashion Crack News: Katy Perry Catwalks Around in a Sheer Green Dress

EXCLUSIVE: Katy Perry wears a sheer green dress with a spike necklace as she visits Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto

If she was trying to keep a low profile, she’s certainly doing a horrible job. Katy Perry was seen rocking a sheer green dress with a spike necklace and studded sneakers while visiting Black Creek Pioneer Village with friends in Toronto yesterday afternoon. We shouldn’t be so quick judge because maybe that dress hits the right spot for a few of you die-hard Katy Perry fans.

The 29-year-old singer is currently in the city for three concerts at the Air Canada Centre, with the final show later this evening.

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Shia LaBeouf Continues Clinging To His Homeless Style

Shia LaBeouf, wearing his trademark brown pants, boots and tattered hat, picks up some books in Los Angeles

God damn, just like most people in Hollywood say when actor Shia LaBeouf comes up in conversation, “What the fuck happened to this guy?” Seriously. I guess it was the people around him when he was flying high on ‘Transformers’ & ‘Indiana Jones’ fame (or maybe the lack of people) that caused him to somewhat implode.

I still think this guy will make a comeback, but in order to make a successful comeback Shia needs to complete his extended journey through the dark, sad & depressing side of life. In a way, this will ultimately build character when he inevitably bumps into the right person down the road who can successfully pull him out of his hole. Of course, that’s the best case scenario. The majority of other cases involves Shia overdosing on a wide assortment of drugs…

These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as Shia was seen wearing his trademark brown pants, boots and tattered hat while hitting up a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles. In other LaBeouf-news, the dude is apparently suing his uncle for a 2nd time for $200,000, after wining a judgment in February to the tune of $800,000. The lawsuits stem from an unpaid loan Shia gave his uncle in January 2011.

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