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Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Make A Starbucks Run

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Make A Morning Coffee Run

Starbucks needs to hookup whoever convinced Eddie to change up his coffee joint with a fat check seeing how the company will get countless free plugs as Eddie & his longtime girlfriend Aussie model Paige Butcher make their daily coffee runs. Previously these two were very loyal Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf customers, but more recently they’ve been hitting up a Starbucks in Bel-Air.

Any guesses as to what they did with the rest of their day following the coffee run?

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Jeff Goldblum & Takes His Pregnant Sugar Baby For A Walk

Jeff Goldblum & Pregnant Emilie Livingston Out Walking Their Dog

Here’s Jeff Goldblum’s latest attempt at married life. You’d think the guy would simply opt for the long-term girlfriend option and actually enjoy the company of the opposite sex, but it seems like he got played by his new wife & soon-to-be baby-momma Emilie Livingston. Maybe “played” is a little harsh…

Regardless, she’s 30 years younger than him, so I guess it’s a somewhat fair tradeoff if you really think about it. Then again, if you judge by the length of his previous marriages, this guy probably has one or two marriages still left him before he takes his final bow (he’s 62 right now).

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as the couple were spotted out for a casual walk with their dog in Hollywood.

Jeff Goldblum & Pregnant Emilie Livingston Out Walking Their Dog

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butler Have Seriously Ditched Coffee Bean For Starbucks

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Like we said the last time we posted these two, they must have scored a sweet deal with Starbucks because they pretty much swore by Coffee Bean as their go-to, pre-let’s-have-sex-all-day coffee joint. The only other theory is that they received very shitty service at Coffee Bean and Eddie decided to try something else or who knows, it’s possible that Paige initiated the change? Needless to say, if you’re currently reading this and actually give a shit, don’t forget to click on a few ads & leave comments!

If changing up cafes took this long, don’t expect Eddie to do the same in the sugar baby department anytime soon. Eddie continues to stick with Aussie-flavored model girlfriend, Paige Butcher. You’d think he’d experiment with other chicks like every other high-powered Hollywood big, but I guess Paige & him have worked out very agreeable terms with respect to their relationship so there’s no point in screwing shit up (i.e. Eddie snaps, Paige arrives, Eddie pops, Paige leaves). In exchange for having annoying kids and living a cookie-cutter family life, Paige is opting for life as “Eddie’s Trophy Girlfriend,” who gets to enjoy all the luxuries of that life has to offer, which apparently includes a lot of free frappuccinos and lattes.

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Lionel Messi Greets His Son & Pregnant Sugar Baby Girlfriend

Lionel Messi is greeted post-game by his 3 month pregnant girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo and his 5 yr. old son Thiago at Camp Nou in Barcelona

Let’s face it, the only thing better than having Lionel Messi as a sugar daddy is actually having the guy as your dad. Girlfriends will come and go, although we should note that Lionel has a far more loyal track record when it comes to women in comparison to fellow soccer stars and athletes in general.

These latest photos were snapped over the weekend as Messi was greeted post-game by his 3-month pregnant girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo and 5-year-old son Thiago in Barcelona. There are rumors circulating that Messi might decide to leave his longtime team if another team can cough up his release clause of $310 million. For the record, at the his contract in Barcelona runs through 2019.

Lionel Messi is greeted post-game by his 3 month pregnant girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo and his 5 yr. old son Thiago at Camp Nou in Barcelona

Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Actor, comedian & prominent Hollywood sugar daddy Eddie Murphy and his Australian-flavored full-time sugar baby and part-time model girlfriend Paige Butcher make a morning Starbucks run in Bel-Air. It’s interesting to see Eddie jump off the Coffee Bean bandwagon and running to Starbucks for his coffee fix. Was he in a rush or does he have some sort of special deal with Starbucks?

For those of you who might have missed it, back in January Eddie released a reggae single, “Oh Jah Jah,” which has long been a somewhat low-key pet project of Eddie’s. In a recent interview, he went on to say, “When I’m not acting and being funny, in my private time in my personal time I do music more than anything. I’m always in the studio.” You can listen to it below:

Why’s Alec Baldwin Putting Himself Through All This At 56?!

Alec Baldwin & Family Out For Lunch In Beverly Hills

The dude should be on a yacht somewhere in South France—not carrying babies, pushing strollers & hanging with a pregnant & possibly cranky trophy wife. It’s a real pity.

Actor Alec Baldwin, who reportedly has a net worth upwards of $65 million, was spotted out & about Beverly Hills with his wife Hilaria and daughter Carmen. We should note that Hilaria is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Seal’s Hot New Play-Thing Looks Like A Younger Version Of Heidi

Seal seen out for a walk with a female friend in Malibu

If you’re Heidi Klum, that’s either really flattering or somewhat upsetting. Heidi appears to be on the pragmatic end of the spectrum in how she approaches life (yes, we’re shamelessly making that assessment by analyzing her on reality TV shows and various interviews), so we’re pretty sure Heidi could careless who her ex-hubby is banging, mainly because she’s too busy with her own relationships.

These latest photos were snapped earlier today as Seal was seen walking with a “female friend” (as the papz like to call her) in Malibu.

If Anastasia Guseva Is Prince Harry’s New Sex Toy, He Can Do Much Better!

Is Anastasia Guseva Prince Harry's New Love Interest? **FILE PHOTOS**

God damn, for a guy who can bag any chick out there, you’d think Prince Harry would find hotter chicks to date. Obviously German model Anastasia Guseva isn’t the “one,” but she certainly qualifies as a one night stand. Apparently Harry met Anastasia at an exclusive yacht party late last year in Abu Dhabi, and is reportedly captivated by the German model. Harry was previously dating dancer Cressida Bonas for two years before splitting last year.

So, who has a shortlist for Prince Harry?

Is Anastasia Guseva Prince Harry's New Love Interest? **FILE PHOTOS**

Sports Journalist Sara Carbonero Looking Great After Giving Birth

Sara Carbonero has filed a guide of the life stages of a woman 6-12

Well, she gave birth to a boy back in January, but I think it’s safe to say that Sara Carbonero is back to working her A-game! The Spanish-flavored TV presenter & journalist is still in a relationship with Real Madrid and the Spanish national team goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

These photos were snapped earlier today at a press event held at Ruber Hospital in Madrid. Apparently, Sara is promoting some sort of guide titled ‘Woman Being’, which covers the life stages of a woman. She gave birth at the same hospital earlier this year.

NYC: Here’s Jeremy Piven Latest Play Thing

Jeremy Piven lunches with a mystery woman in Tribeca, NYC

Actor Jeremy Piven was seen laughing it up with a mystery woman in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood. The 49-year-old ‘Entourage’ actor has successfully avoided emotionally draining long-term commitments with women and instead focused most of his energy on his career.

His latest project, the critically acclaimed ‘Mr. Selfridge’, is a series set in the 1910s about Harry Gordon Selfridge and his London department store Selfridge & Co.. Earlier this year, the series was picked up for a third season, so look for it sometime in 2015 on ITV and PBS.

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