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MIAMI: Sylvie van der Vaart Continues Showing Off Her Bikini Body

Sylvie van der Vaart Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miami

Yup, she’s still on vacation! Dutch TV beauty Sylvie van der Vaart was once again spotted working her bikini body on the beach in Miami as she continues her vacation with son Damian. We would like to once again stress that the 35-year-old is a proud member of the Bastardly MILF Community, so somebody in the South Beach chapter of the Bastardly Sugar Daddy Community needs to step up to the plate and take Sylvie out for a night of hedonistic partying—Miami Beach style! Her hubby has since moved on to a model, so we’re sure Sylvie is aching to do the same…

Sylvie van der Vaart Displays Bikini Body! This Time With Extra Booty!

Sylvie van der Vaart

Sylvie van der Vaart once again showed off her bikini body in Miami, Florida while enjoying a beach day. As a reminder, the Dutch television personality and model is single so potential sugar daddies please form a single line. Remember though, with Sylvie comes her son Damian… guess Rafael and his current girlfriend Sabia Boulahrouz aren’t ready to play make-shift family just yet.

Sylvie van der Vaart Enjoys Bikini Beach Days In Miami

Sylvie van der Vaart

Sylvie van der Vaart has been spending the past two days at the beach with her son Damian in Miami. In the process the Dutch television personality and model has put on display her smokin’ MILFilicious bikini body. Note to all the sugar daddies in South Beach that Sylvie is has been separated from husband Rafael (who has since moved on to Sabia Boulahrouz) for quite some time now and so she’s ready to mingle

Sylvie van der Vaart Shows Off Her Bikini Body in St. Tropez!

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Shows Off Her Bikini Body

The 35-year-old Dutch-flavored model Sylvie van der Vaart looked sexy as she rocked a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators & showed off her tight lil’ bikini body on the beach in ultra-luxurious St. Tropez, France. It’s a playground for the rich, so it’s nice to see that Sylvie is enjoying the party, as well.

These days, Sylvie is also enjoying the single life after announcing her separation from Dutch soccer player Rafael van der Vaart. They’ve been together since 2003 & married since 2005 and have a son together. Assuming she’s ready to move on to a new relationship, I feel like she’s vacation in the perfect place to catch herself a billionaire lover!! We could all use one of those…

Sylvie van der Vaart Had An Upskirt Moment!


Sylvie van der Vaart recently celebrated her 35th birthday in Hamburg, Germany. She was spotted doing some shopping at Harald Lubner perfume store. The beautiful Sylvie also had a Marilyn Monroe moment as her skirt blows up revealing her underpants while exiting a van. As you recall, she’s seperated from husband Rafael van der Vaart so consider this upskirt her calling card for all potential future sugar daddies.

Sylvie van der Vaart Models Hunkemoller Lingerie 2013

sylvie-van-der-vaart-lingerie-040113 (11)

Sylvie van der Vaart has now been separated from husband Rafael van der Vaart for several months now and so the sugar daddies must be lining up to catch her on the rebound. Who knows why the two have split but given that she’s 34 years old and he’s 30 years old, we’re sure he’ll do just fine in the future temporary WAG department. As for Sylvie, here’s her calling card for all potential rich men; half-naked and looking sultry for the cameras.

HAMBURG: Lisa Tomaschewsky Caught Our Eye @ ‘Heute bin ich blond’ Premiere

premiere-Heute bin ich blond-Lisa Tomaschewsky-1

Pictured: Sylvie van der Vaart, Lisa Tomaschewsky, Sophie van der Stap

Heute bin ich blond” is a new German comedy that premiered last night in Hamburg. Aside from that, we got the trailer down below, so check that—even if you don’t understand German. All I gotta say is that Hollywood directors & producers need get their slimy hands on Lisa Tomaschewsky! We see a lot of potential!!

We don’t know much about the 24-year-old actress Lisa Tomaschewsky aside from what’s on her IMDb page.

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