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Taryn Manning Brings The Afternoon Links!

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And, of course…

Taryn Manning @ “Jack and Jill vs the World” Premiere

Jack and Jill vs the World

Jack (Freddie Prinze, Jr) is a thirty-something advertising exec in New York City , living a life forged from routine. He is successful and stylish… and entirely bored – until he meets Jill (Taryn Manning). In her twenties, fiery and adorable, Jill enters Jack’s life like a hurricane. They meet and instantly connect, launching into a romance. Together they write a Manifesto of Rules To Live By, beginning with Rule 1 – Be Honest. But after too many instances of Jill’s disappearing, Jack forces Jill to reveal her secret. Source

Bastardly Fashion Rating: Taryn Manning @ Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Hot List” Party

And the Wiki says…

Taryn Manning (born November 6, 1978) is an American actress, fashion designer, dancer and singer/songwriter. She has starred in films including Crossroads, crazy/beautiful, Hustle & Flow, Cold Mountain and 8 Mile. She is the vocalist for Boomkat, a band she is in with her older brother Kellin Manning. Taryn has a clothing line, Born Uniqorn with best friend Tara Jane, a brand that has been spotted on the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Tori Spelling. [Wiki]

Taryn Manning’s Double Bogey: Butta & Butch

Is this woman the definition of butchiness or what? Bastardly Brownbag Sex all the way, baby! Anyway, here’s what the Wiki has to say…

Taryn Manning (born November 6, 1978) is an American actress and singer/songwriter of the band Boomkat.
Manning was born in Falls Church, Virginia. Her parents divorced in 1981, and her mother, Sharyn, worked two jobs in order to support Taryn and her older brother, Kellin; her father, a musician and hotel manager, committed suicide in 1993. She grew up in Tucson, Arizona, where her mother moved to after her divorce, and later in Los Alamitos, California, where she attended Orange County High School of the Arts. Manning started dancing at age twelve and won many competitions, including the Arizona state championship in karate. [Wiki]

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