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Bikini-Momma Gisele Bundchen Hits The Beach With Tom Brady!

EXCLUSIVE: Bikini-clad Gisele Bundchen hits the beach with shirtless hubby Tom Brady, their kids Benjamin and Vivian, and the family dogs in Costa RicaCredit: Pacific Coast

If you thought her impending retirement was gonna force Gisele Bundchen to pack on a few extra pounds, think again. As most of you know, the 34-year-old supermodel recently announced that she will kiss the catwalk goodbye at São Paulo Fashion Week in April, where she’s scheduled to work her mojo for the designer Colcci. She’s been at the game for about 20 years now, so it’s about time!

Earlier this month, Gisele was seen enjoying the luxurious beach life with her family while on a vacation in Costa Rica. She showed off her lanky bikini body alongside hubby Tom Brady and kids Benjamin and Vivian. While Tom dabbled in a little boogie boarding with his son Benjamin, Gisele chilled on the beach with her sister Patricia (not bad herself).

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Chiefs rout the Patriots; lingering thoughts from Sunday

NFL: New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

There’s still a little part me that is trying to figure exactly what happened last night. Before last night’s game, the Chiefs were in an upswing while the Patriots were trending in the opposite direction. But last night’s game pushed both teams in the same direction at an exponential rate, something few could have seen coming. The Chiefs, in front of their raucous crowd, completely dominated the Patriots from start to finish last night. At halftime it was conceivable that Kansas City, shutting out Tom Brady and co, could hold the Patriots to a zero on the scoreboard. Nothing was working for New England on offense, nothing. The Chiefs did a nice job of completely eliminating New England’s running game, forcing the Brady to make throws that he didn’t seem comfortable making. The Patriots QB was abysmal (11.6 total QBR) as he was picked off twice and fumbled the ball. The stellar defense by Kansas City was matched only by their offense, led by pro-bowl running back Jamaal Charles. Wait, wasn’t #25 on the Chiefs supposed to be hurt? You wouldn’t think after Charles ran for a score and caught two more touchdown passes with some nice red zone plays by Kansas City. Alex Smith looked sharp (20-26, 248 yds, 3 TDs) as he spread the ball nicely among his weapons, executing an effective game plan that the Patriots defense had no answer for. It doesn’t hurt when the home crowd (record breaking atmosphere) is given reason, after reason, to becoming louder and louder. What now for these teams? Well, the Chiefs are trending in the right direction and are in San Francisco this weekend. Should be a great game. The Patriots though, might be in some real trouble. The Brady “elite” questions are a hot topic right now but if I were a Patriots fan, I’d be more worried about the coming schedule. Things might get worse before they get better in New England.

I’m tempted to make some power rankings right now, but seeing as four of the teams that would probably be in the top five (Denver, Seattle, Arizona and Cincinnati) were on bye week, it seems kind of pointless. We’ll leave the lists for next week. The latest breaking “news” coming out of the league right now if the firing of Dennis Allen, who is now the former head coach of the Oakland Raiders. I put the word news in quotation marks because it’s nothing unexpected. Rumors of Allen being fired this season were swirling before the season started and after an abysmal 0-4 start, it was only time until the Raiders made it official. Normally i’m not a fan of mid-season firing but considering that Oakland is the worst team in the league (I’d take the Jaguars on a neutral field) there had to be something done. Cue the Jon Gruden rumors everyone! Alright, so lingering thoughts from Sunday’s games. Is the NFC East all of a sudden one of the stronger divisions? Unfathomable before the season started. The NFC West will hold the title but the East is right up there with them, the AFC North and AFC West, as a strong division. Worst divisions in the league? The AFC South is the clear contender but I think the AFC East is giving them some real competition; the NFC South is heading towards that zone. The NFC is slightly ahead of AFC in terms of overall wins but it’s a little early to try and determine which conference. That’s the thing about the NFL, your first two weeks or your first month might set the trend for the season but it’s not an ultimatum. There’s still a lot of football to be played and much will be determined as we get into the real meaty part of the season. Let’s just hope the negative headlines don’t resurface.

Dr. Dre Looking To Buy Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s $50 Million Mansion

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's Brentwood mansion

See what selling you headphones can get you? Assuming, Dr. Dre can pull this off, I’m sure the property’s now-famous Koi-filled moat will be the center of attention during his parties.

We’re happy for Dr. Dre, if indeed the rumors that he’s currently signing a deal to purchase the French Chateau style home located in Brentwood. Tom & Gisele built the mega-mansion for a whopping $25 million (after paying $11.75 million for the 3.6 acre plot of land), so it appears they’ll make a few bucks after the deal is completed. The house reportedly has views of the ocean, coastline, city, and surrounding canyons, so it’ll definitely be an upgrade from Dr. Dre’s current pimp-pad.

Let’s turn our attention back to Gisele & Tom. Why get rid of such a nice property? I guess they were scared their kids would turn into egotistical monsters and with a such a visible property, let’s not forget about the ruthless L.A.-based papz. Currently, the New England Patriots star quarterback and his supermodel wife are holed-up in the gated Brentwood Country Estates section of Brentwood and on the same street as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Check out more photos, which includes interiors, on Curbed LA.

Panthers edge out Patriots amid controversy; ranking the top 5 teams in the NFL


There was controversy to end the game, that much we know. How much controversy exactly? Well, for one that depends on what team you were supporting last night. Patriots fans saw a flag that was rightfully thrown because they believe it was clear pass interference on Gronkowski during a game-deciding pass. Panthers fans saw a flag that was thrown, discussed by the officials and deemed not a penalty after all. From a neutral standpoint it wasn’t great to see the officials throw a flag and then completely go back on the decision. That does happen every now and then. It’s not very common but what is less common is when it the flag is revoked at the end of a game after a play that directly decides the outcome. Is this as big of a controversy as the Packers-Seahawks ending? No but there’s reason for discussion. Regardless of the controversy at the end of the game, the Panthers played a great game and very much deserved to come out on top last night. Huge win for Cam Newton, who continues to make the highlight reel while at the same time having the poise of an experienced quarterback. Remember when it seemed like Ron Rivera had the hottest coaching seat in the league? Now it’s six straight wins with no signs of slowing down. The last couple of weeks have proven that the Panthers are a real contender. The Patriots leave with a bitter taste in the mouth but last night’s game can’t linger too long in New England. Yes, they’re at home but it’s against Denver, who has just come off their biggest win of the season. How do the Patriots bounce back at home after last night’s game? Will we see another classic Brady-Manning game? First let’s see how the best teams in the league stack up as of today.

Record wise, the top three teams would be the Seahawks, Broncos and Chiefs. Seattle is the only team with 10 wins right now because of their schedule (on bye this week) so they’re naturally the best team in the league right now. As long as Seattle has the best record and is playing at home, there’s no reason to make anyone else a favorite going up against them. But if one team could have a legitimate shot at beating them, who would that be? Well Denver has proven that it can handle an elite defense and win without having to simply outscore the opponent. So they’re coming in second and i’m putting the Chiefs right behind them. After a shaky start to the game, Kansas City held their own in a hostile environment. Their offense has some questions but it should be different when they’re at home and Denver is the one in the hostile environment. With all due respect to Brady and co, the last two spots belong to the Saints and Panthers. The Saints didn’t look unbeatable at home for once but their road questions still linger. The Falcons on Thursday shouldn’t be much trouble but after that, visiting Seattle and then at home against Carolina is a tough two game slate. Panthers round up the top five teams in the league. They’re the hottest team in the league I don’t see them slipping anytime soon with the Dolphins and Bucs being their next two opponents.

BOSTON: Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Show Their Halloween Spirit

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Leaving A Halloween Party In Bostin

First of all, congrats to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series at Fenway last night. Read all about the big victory on ESPN >>>

As for Gisele & Tom, the power couple went with a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme this year, with Gisele dressing up as a sexy & somewhat slutty version of Dorothy and Tom Brady donning a full-on Cowardly Lion bodysuit as he accompanied his supermodel wife. These were snapped this past Monday evening (October 28) as they were spotted leaving a Halloween party in the city.

BOSTON: Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Show Their Halloween Spirit

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Leaving A Halloween Party In Bostin

First of all, congrats to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series at Fenway last night. Read all about the big victory on ESPN >>>

As for Gisele & Tom, the power couple went with a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme this year, with Gisele dressing up as a sexy & somewhat slutty version of Dorothy and Tom Brady donning a full-on Cowardly Lion bodysuit as he accompanied his supermodel wife. These were snapped this past Monday evening (October 28) as they were spotted leaving a Halloween party in the city.

Patriots top Jets in ugly game; previewing Sunday’s games


Is there still time for the NFL to take back their Thursday Night Football idea? Last night’s game between the Patriots and Jets was just downright ugly. Both offenses struggled to get going, the players on defense looked out of gas midway through the 3rd quarter and to add insult to injury, a storm decided to show up at halftime. Despite all of those factors, Tom Brady was still able to (somewhat) lead the Patriots to a 13-10 win over the Jets. Throughout last night’s game, I didn’t know who Brady was throwing the ball to half the time. But luckily for New England, the Jets were even worse when it came to offensive production. Geno Smith looked decent in the first half, despite not throwing a pass for touchdown but when it came to the 4th quarter, it was all downhill. A couple of dropped passes might be a bit to blame but Smith ended up with 3 interceptions in the 4th quarter to seal to win for the Patriots. I’m all for more football whenever possible but not if it’s going to make the game this sluggish and inefficient. Things got really ugly at the end of the game (pictured above) as a scuffle broke out between the teams, resulting in two Jets players being ejected. Maybe, because of all the circumstances, last night was made for a bad game. Next week’s game (Chiefs at Eagles) should provide a better product but we’ll have to wait and see.

Luckily for us, last night’s game wasn’t the most promising game of the week. Not even close. The only game that has the chance to be worse than last night’s is definitely the Jaguars in Oakland to take on the Raiders so avoid that game at all costs. Great slate of early games. I’ll of course be watching the Cowboys-Chiefs game in what feels like a game that will show us just how good both teams are after a 1-0 start. I’ll also be watching the Packers-Redskins game because one of those teams will come out of that game 0-2 and could spell doom for their season. It’s VERY rare for a team to start with two losses and make the postseason in that same season. Am I the only on who thinks that the Dolphins might be good? At the very least they’re the team that starts off 4-0, gets some buzz, comes back down to earth and ends the season 6-10. It’s either them or the Titans. Has to be an AFC team because the NFC is way too stacked for a dark horse team to really make some noise. The late afternoon games will revolve around the Broncos in New York to take on the Giants. It will definitely be a great game to watch but with respects to both Manning brothers, they’re not playing the game of the week. Everyone knows Sunday night’s game that has the 49ers in Seattle is THE game to watch. I might even wait until after the game to watch Breaking Bad like I did during last Sunday night’s game. That’s the potential between these two teams.

Enjoy the games everyone. Should be another great Sunday of NFL football.

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady at The 2013 Met Gala “PUNK: Chaos To Couture”

Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady

In addition to signing a contract extension (with some resturcturing to his current contract) which essentially guarantees Tom Brady $50 million from the Patriots though age 40 and winning $25,000 (sure that’s pocket money for him) at the Kentucky Derby by betting on Orb, Tom Brady continues to flaunt with his MILFilicious supermodel wife (and mother of two), Gisele Bundchen. The beautiful worked the red carpet at the Met Gala “PUNK: Chaos To Couture” as Gisele ditched the idea of wearing a gown like 95% of the attendees and decided to go with a tight little mini that displayed her sexy legs. Gisele stunned wear a dress by Anthony Vaccarello. Visit The Met to learn more about the “PUNK: Chaos To Couture”.

Is a Brady vs Manning AFC title game inevitable?


This isn’t a guarantee by any means but i’m sure you can guess which teams i’m leaning towards to advance to the AFC championship. It’s surely what the NFL and it’s money-hungry hands want. I’m not speaking for all NFL fans but i’m positive that most non-Ravens/Texans fans would prefer to see Brady face Manning next weekend. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves because as we know, crazy things happen in the NFL. Particularly this week where teams with the bye week can get caught off guard by being a little too confident. Then again there’s a reason that Vegas has the higher seed favored by more than one score (+9.5) but let’s take a closer look at how the Ravens or Texans can spoil some parties.

Biggest factors: Baltimore faced Denver not too long ago (week 15) and it was a lopsided affair in favor of Manning and co. Baltimore is a different looking team this time around with previously injured players not named Ray Lewis being much healthier and ready for action this time around. Can that be enough to slow down Manning? The Ravens need a couple of big plays on defense to help their offense keep up with Denver’s firepower. The Ravens must score quickly because being down by a TD against the Broncos in Denver is a death sentence. I know Ray Rice had 2 fumbles last week but look for screens and things of that sort to neutralize Von Miller’s pressure on Joe Flacco.

A big reason the Texans are playing this game in New England is because one month ago today, the Texans played against the Patriots on to road and it wasn’t pretty for Houston. Tom Brady and co laid the smack down. So what can Houston do to slow down the best offense in the league? Remember, this time Gronkowski is playing. For starters the Texans can’t get into such a big hole. The Patriots are susceptible to teams that can pressure Brady and control the clock. The Texans can do that but only if they score early. Playing catch up is not an option. The Texans biggest stars (Foster and Watt) both need big games and need to influence the game or else it’s going to be a long night for Houston.

Prediction: Like I said earlier, there’s a reason the Broncos and Patriots are favored so heavily at this stage of the season. They’re just better teams. It doesn’t take stats or extensive film study to figure that out, just watch the teams from week to week. That doesn’t mean that I don’t give the under dogs a chance this weekend. There’s always a chance for an upset and if I had to chose one, i’d take the Ravens. They’re not intimidated by any means and the Baltimore offense can catch fire at any moment. Also, Denver did have an extremely easy regular season schedule. I wouldn’t put my money on it though. Denver wins closer than expect and the Patriots roll. Get ready for an enitre week of Brady-Manning hype.

NFC tomorrow.

Who is the NFL’s MVP through week 14?


How does one determine the exact criteria needed to be an MVP? Some people take the definition literally, who is the most valuable player on a team relative to their success? Others believe that an MVP is simply the best player on the best team. It’s a little more complicated in the NFL because not only are there many more players, it’s a rare sport where the most valuable player can only affect one aspect of the game. Basketball only has five players on the court playing offense and defense while in baseball some pitchers get a chance to bat. In the NFL, I feel like it’s a combination of being on a successful team but more so the fact that the awarded player is above and beyond his peers in that respective position. 

There are a pack of QBs shuffling in and out of the MVP conversation, all with great reasoning as to why they should be considered for the award. That group includes Aaron Rodgers, RG3, Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan. All four have certain games or moments that have them among the MVP candidates but their consistency has them wavering a bit. On a side note, I think it’s pretty ridiculous that there are TWO rookies in the conversation in the same season. So take one of those four in the 5th spot (personally, i’d take Rodgers) and ranking 4th in the MVP race is J. J. Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans. I think he is far and above the best defensive player this season (linebackers Von Miller and Aldon Smith are his only competition) and while he took a slight blow on Monday night, he’s still more valuable to his defense than any other player.

Speaking of above and beyond, there’s a running back in Minnesota named Adrian Peterson that has been tearing through defensive players like they’re JV squad. Can someone say first RB taken in your fantasy draft next season? The only hit to Peterson’s MVP campaign is that the Vikings aren’t a playoff team right now but he’s still 3rd place in my book. That could change and if Purple Jesus carries his team into the playoffs, I think he should jump into the lead of the race. Everyone knows that the NFL is a passing league and it’s a quarterback league so naturally the two front runners for the MVP are the league’s two best quarterbacks right now. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are basically 1A and 1B for this season’s award for most valuable player. Both players have excellent cases so it’s going to come down to personal preference. Right now, for myself, it’s Brady at 1A and Manning at 1B but there’s still three weeks left so anything can happen.

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