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A 3 OT thriller, LeBron’s mask and the rest of last night in the NBA

Mask on mask crime

Mask on mask crime

The headlines are going to feature LeBron James and his mask, wearing it after suffering a broken nose last week against the Thunder. Yes, the mask looks plenty cool and the various nicknames trending around Twitter were fun, but that wasn’t the best story line in the NBA last night. It’s a shame that NBA TV can’t just cut away from their regular programming when there’s something like a triple overtime game going on. That’s what we were getting last night when the Wizards were visiting the Toronto Raptors last night. But no, let’s keep watching re-runs of a “classic game” from 40 years ago. I understand that it’s more complicated than that but can’t TV executives just make a judgement call there? Anyways, once I knew the game was heading into double overtime, I went online and found a way to “legally” watch the game on my computer instead. One thing really stuck out at me from the Wiazards-Raptors triple overtime marathon: John Wall can bring it on any single night when the game is on the line, he brings his best and makes his teammates better. Wall and Marcin Gortat (combining for 62 pts, 15 reb and 10 ast) led the way for Washington as they outlasted Toronto to take a triple overtime victory on the road. Gortat was signed during the off season and may wondered whether or not he was going to be a solid addition. The Wizards big man has been inconsistent at times but last night proves that he can certainly be a significant part of the this team. For the Raptors is was more about losing personnel as the game went on. As the game gets longer and longer, there’s a bigger chance of teammates fouling out and depleting your chances of playing at full capacity. Still, DeMar DeRozen (34 pts, 4 reb, 6 ast) and the rest of Toronto should hold their heads up because last night was a battle. Who knows, we might see these two teams square off in a playoff series and have ourselves a sequel of sorts.

Now we can go ahead and focus LeBron (or LeBane, LeBat etc.) and how the Heat took care of the Knicks at home pretty handily. If I had to describe the Heat’s performance last night it would be: effective. I mean, the team combined to shoot just over 60% from the field. James (31 pts) and Wade (23 pts) themselves alone were 23 of 32 from the field as they led Miami to a 108-82 victory, their 9th in the last 10 games. Carmelo Anthony, who scored 29 points, and Tyson Chandler (19 pts, 16 reb) were the lone bright spots for New York last night, as their dark season continues to unfold without a real ending in sight. Melo’s scoring in the 2nd quarter kept the Knicks in the game but once the 3rd quarter was over, Miami stepped up their defense and took the game out of reach. It’s clear that Miami is on a different level and as the season has progressed, is forming into the favorite once again. Questions still remain on defense but right now, the Heat are playing some of their best basketball of the season. Other games around the NBA included a surprisingly close game between the Bucks on the road in Indiana. The Pacers did well to close the game out but may be without George Hill for a couple of games, after suffering a shoulder injury. He’s listed as day-to-day right now but we’ll have to see how much the Pacers are affected by it. The late night match up on TNT had the Nets visiting Denver, two teams that are very much underachieving this season. What in the world was Denver doing last night? The Nuggets should be embarrassed after only managing to score 9 (yes, NINE) points in the first quarter. Let’s remember that Brooklyn hasn’t exactly been known for their “lock-down” defense at any point this season. Shout out to Reggie Miller (part of the announcing crew) who did a good job to call out Nuggets coach Brian Shaw during their pathetic first half performance. The Nets took care of business and went on to rout Denver and we even saw Jason Collins get some playing time, notching 3 points.

In case you aren’t tired of LeBron yet, here’s a funny bit with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show:

Lebron James Goes To The Dark Side

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Wizards finally win; Rondo fights Kris Humphries and other headlines around the NBA

It’s only been a few weeks of NBA basketball but the Wizards were already beginning to be the butt of jokes around the league, starting at a horrendous 0-12 but they finally broke that streak as they got their first victory in a close game last night over the Trailblazers 84-82. My favorite pun about the Wizards being win-less was their name change to the “Lizards” because you know, their team only has Ls. Anyways, now that the Wizards have finally got their first victory the bigger question is, when will their NEXT win come? They have a few tough games in a row (at Knicks, Heat, at Hawks, Warriors) but then they go to New Orleans who still might be without their rookie sensation Anthony Davis. If the Wizards aren’t able to win that game, they’re looking at another tough stretch and it won’t be until the 3rd week of December until they face an opponent that they can compete against. Of course this is professional basketball and upsets do happen throughout the season but 1-21 is a really possibility for these Wizards. Keep an eye out for that.

The Brooklyn Nets were in Boston last night, taking on the Celtics in what could be seen as two of a few teams that can take down the Heat in the eastern conference. The game started out with some good basketball, both teams playing well but the Nets began to pull away in the second as just as the Celtics began to cut into the lead a fight/skirmish occurred between PG Rajon Rondo and F Kris Humphries. The incident occurred after Celtics forward Kevin Garnett took a hard from Humphries and Rondo (right next to the play under the basket) wasn’t too fond of the foul so he basically tried to retaliate in defense of his teammate. Were Rondo’s actions uncalled for? Yes and no. It was ok that he stood up for his teammate but Rondo was too aggressive and it resulted in himself and Humphries being ejected. Anyone who has played sports knows that sometimes in the heat of battle, tempers flare but this was an important game for Rondo as his assist streak was on the line. A little less emotional next time Rondo. Gerald Wallace of the Nets was a little too aggressive while trying to break up the fight so he also earned an ejection from the referees. Also, Paul Pierce got his ankles broken by Joe Johnson during the 4th quarter.

James Harden returned to OKC for the first time since the trade to the Rockets but his return was spoiled pretty quickly by the Thunders’ defense and Durant’s 37 points. Not only did Harden shoot bad (3-16) but he also had six of his shots blocked by his former team. While other teams seem to be taking the spotlight early this season (Knicks, Lakers, Nets etc.) i’m not surprised to see the Heat cruising along where they left off last season. This is their title to lose so we’ll see how other teams respond because when the Heat are next on a team’s schedule, it’s the biggest test of the season. The Heat are the best team so far, followed closely by three powerhouses in the western conference (Grizzlies, Spurs, Thunder) and my fifth best team is…the Brooklyn Nets. Don’t get mad at me Moe, I know your Knicks are doing well to start the season but i’m going to wait until Stoudemire’s return and see how that goes before I include them in the NBA’s elite.

Quick reminder: NFL action tonight as the Saints visit the Falcons. If you’re not feeling that game there two good NBA games tonight as well (Spurs at Heat; Nuggets at Warriors) so there’s plenty to watch tonight for sports fans. Enjoy!

Here’s the fight:

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2012-2013 NBA season officially gets underway

Seems like the NBA season arrived out of nowhere. Maybe it’s just me as a Dallas fan, after not acquiring Deron Williams during the off season mixed with the Dirk injury, there really wasn’t anything to look forward this seasons. Not the case for the Miami Heat, who completed their championship season last night by raising their new banner and bringing out some shiny new rings. LeBron gets his ring and the “king with no ring” jokes can officially be buried and put to rest. Last night featured a nice opening slate of games for the league, leaving more headlines for everyone to talk about.

Things officially got going outside of the national spotlight between the Cavaliers and Wizards, two teams known for their young and talented players. Everyone knows these two teams won’t be talked about much when the postseason comes around but they played excellent basketball, particularly the Cavs. Cleveland’s two starting guards (Irving and Waiters) look like they have a great future but as great as they were, this game belonged to Anderson Varaajao. The Brazilian big man notched the biggest rebounding game of his career on his way to a near triple-double (9 pts, 23 reb, 9 ast) and led the Cavaliers to a 94-84 victory over the Wizards. The Wizards started off slow on offense, clearly missing their best player John Wall due to injury. Washington was able to cut the deficit in the 4th but down the stretch the Cavs looked to Irving (game high 29 pts) for the plays to seal the deal and take home the victory.

Down in South Beach, the Miami Heat continued their postseason success against the Boston Celtics in a heated game. Dwyane Wade led the scoring for the Heat (29 points) and they were able to show balance on offense and defense to take the victory over Boston 120-107. Things got chippy at the end of the game after the Celtics failed to rally and Rajon Rondo (20 pts, 7 reb, 13 ast) committed a flagrant foul on Wade, causing players from both teams to separate the two (pictured above) but it was nothing serious. Just two teams that aren’t particularly fond of each other playing a physical sport. Speaking of no love, i’m sure by now everyone else has seen Kevin Garnett give Ray Allen the cold shoulder when he approached the Celtics bench. More drama for a heated rivalry. LeBron James kept his momentum from last season but he did have to leave a couple of times during the second half due to cramping, nothing that Heat fans have the worry about.

Of course I saved the best for last just for Bryan. Just kidding, this game actually was the last to be played and caused the most noise around the league after it ended. In case you didn’t stay up for this one, a Dirk-less Mavericks (say that with a straight face) went into LA last night and ran around the new look “penciled in as the West champs” Lakers and defeated the star-studded team 99-91. The Mavs, looking  very different themselves, were led by Nick Collison (17 pts, 2 reb, 4 ast) but as evident with his stat line, it took a complete team effort by this depleted Dallas team. Six different Mavs players scored in double figures and they simply looked like they wanted it more, playing with much more urgency than the Lakers. Expectations are very high for this Laker team but if they’re going to reach the title game like most expect them to, they’re going to have to use Steve Nash (only 4 assists) much more effectively. Kobe and Gasol were able to get their points (combining for 45) but that isn’t going to matter if the team shoots 38% from the charity stripe.

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