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Cameron Diaz: “I Don’t Believe In Monogamy”

'The Other Woman' German Premiere
Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

“A lot of people chase after it because they’ve been told, ‘This equals happiness. They chase it, they get it, and then they find out, ‘Why did I think this was going to make me happy? I’m miserable.’”[HuffPo]

Here’s something you probably don’t expect from an actress starring in the a film called The Other Woman: a public confession that she doesn’t believe in monogamy. And neither should you.

Megastar Cameron Diaz tells the Mirror: “For some reason, we get into relationships and we expect one man to understand ‘all’ the parts of us and meet all of those needs. I think that’s where everything fails.”

She also once said, “I don’t know if anyone is really naturally monogamous. We all have the same instincts as animals. But we live in a society where it’s been ingrained in us to do these things.”

Basically, we’re all animals. And Cameron Diaz is the prettiest.

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Trailer Watch: “Obvious Child”

Remember Jenny Slate on The Office? No, we don’t really either.

But the actress looks to have given a totally amaze-balls performance in the upcoming dramedy Obvious Child in which she plays a stand up comic who gets pregnant after a one night stand. The film releases on June 6.

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Paul Walker’s Brothers To Help Complete “Fast & Furious 7”

Photo Credit: DEN

“Walker, the oldest of five siblings, had shot most of his dramatic work before he was killed in a fiery car crash in Valencia, Calif., over the Thanksgiving break.”[THR]

For those who are wondering how Universal plans to complete the shooting of Fast & Furious 7 after the death of actor Paul Walker . . . well, it looks like they’re going with the next best thing: the late actor’s brothers.

According to the film’s Facebook page, “We have resumed shooting and now welcome Paul’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, into our FAST family. Caleb and Cody are helping us complete some remaining action for their brother and fill in small gaps left in production. Having them on set has made us all feel that Paul is with us too.”

Click the link for the full statement.

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Trailer Watch: James Franco, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde in “Third Person”

From Paul Haggis, acclaimed writer-director of the hit film Crash (and who recently tried to take down the Church of Scientology) comes the new drama Third Person, starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, Adrien Brody, and Moran Atias.

The film, which is described as a dramatic and international version of Love Actually, premiered at last year’s Toronto Film Festival… with Japanese title cards. Go fig.

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Trailer Watch: Ben Affleck In “Gone Girl”

It’s kind of amazing to think that Ben Affleck now stars in many of the best movies in recent years (Argo) after years of giving us disasters like Gigli.

Now come the highly anticipated adaptation by David Fincher of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling thriller which stars Affleck and Rosmamund Pike. Check out the first teaser for Gone Girl and see why it’s one of 2014’s most eagerly awaited cinematic events.

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Kate Beckinsale Continues Filming ‘Absolutely Anything’ in London

On the set of 'Absolutely Anything'

Photo Credit: WENN

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As we mentioned in our previous post featuring Kate Beckinsale on the set of upcoming Monty Python comedy ‘Absolutely Nothing’ in London, the 40-year-old English beauty will star alongside English comedian and actor Simon Pegg. The film is directed by Welsh comedian Terry Jones, who’s one of the original members of Monty Python. The film is slated for a 2015 release.

Again, as per Wikipedia, the film is “about a disillusioned schoolteacher who is given the chance to do anything he wishes from a group of aliens watching from space.” Just like all of her other projects, Kate’s probably going to kill it!

On the set of 'Absolutely Anything'

Photo Credit: WENN

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Kevin Costner’s Big 2014 Comeback? Eh, Not So Much.

Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP Images

“According to insiders, Costner is fielding several movie offers, although Universal’s thriller ‘Midnight Delivery’, produced by Guillermo del Toro, is apparently off the table.”[THR]

2014 was supposed to be the year of the Big Kevin Costney Comeback. And we’re talking Kevin Costner from before Water World and other huge 90s era megaflops.

But his three high profile flicks – Draft Day, 3 Days to Kill, and Jack Ryan- basically came and went without anyone under the age of 56 noticing. So what went wrong?

Basically, no one really remembers him from anything post-Bodyguard…and younger audiences aren’t ready to get acquainted. Plus, Costner needs to pace himself. It takes years to stage a full-fledged comeback.

Says an industry insider: “It is a long process, and people must have patience. He has to introduce himself to a new generation.”

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Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1
Photo Credit: NBC/Getty Images

“Wow, okay cool, so this day just got that much more surreal. The thing is, he’s going to get me in the studio and then he’s going to hear me for real, and he’s going to be like, ‘Oh, never mind.’ [I mean] he works with Fergie.”[HuffPo]

Is Anne Hathaway about to go EGOT?

The Oscar-winning actress is being actively courted by to record a single (or a few singles) together to be released for our listening pleasure.

The unlikely duo, which star in the animated Rio movies, apparently hit it off when recording a song for the first Rio movie called “How Wings (I Wanna Party)”. was so impressed by Hathaway’s vocals that he is now hellbent on teaming up with her for an independent track.

And lest you have forgotten, she sang her way all the way to Oscar as Fantine in Les Miserables.

I just hope she doesn’t rap.

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