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Every Single Time Samuel L. Jackson Has Had “Motherf—ker” EVER

Someone with both an encyclopedic knowledge of film and waaaay too much time on their hands has compiled every single time Samuel L. Jackson has ever said “mother—ker” on film for our viewing pleasure.

What else needs to be said? Watch – and be amazed, mother—kers.

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Sandra Bullock Turns 50, Parties with Chelsea Handler at Cowboy Bar

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 8.38.58 AM

“They came out and danced and took a bunch of pictures.”[HuffPo]

If you were one of the biggest stars in the world (and an Oscar winner to boot) how would you spend your 50th birthday? At a Cowboy Bar in Wyoming?

Probably not, but that’s exactly what Sandra Bullock did when she turned 50 on July 26. She hit Wyoming’s Millon Dollar Cowboy Bar along with friends Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings and her sister Gesine Bullock-Prado. Handler then instagrammed the above picture . . . so there it is.

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Selena Gomez at “Behaving Badly” Special Screening in Hollywood

Selena Gomez

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures, WENN

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Selena Gomez attended a special screening of Behaving Badly at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. In the film Selena stars as Nina Pennington with Nat Wolff alongside Austin Stowell. Look for it in theaters on August 1st. Keep up with the film at Behaving Badly on Facebook.

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Trailer Watch: “Hot Tub Time Machine 2”

Yes, the dudes are back, and so is their hot tub.

The gang from the original surprise hit Hot Tub Time Machine return in the sequel this Christmas which follows a new adventure: this time it’s set 10 years into the future, so expect a lot of old man/penis jokes.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 stars Rob Corddry, Adam Scott, Clark Duke, and Craig Robinson.

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Jenny McCarthy: “I NEVER Told Melissa McCarthy to Lose Weight!”

Photo Credits: Scott Kirkland/Picture Group; Valerie Goodloe/Picture Group

“Anyone to attack like that is just wrong and hurtful and it doesn’t do anyone any good.”[HuffPo]

Comedian, actress, and former talk show host of The View Jenny McCarthy is steadfastly denying any reports that she ever told her cousin Melissa that she needed to lose weight to make it in showbiz.

She told People Mag: “There is a crazy story going around that I once told my cousin, Melissa, that she would have to lose weight in order to get into show business. Nothing could be further from the truth. She has accomplished everything she has accomplished through hard work and her extraordinary talent, and I’ve only ever encouraged and supported and wished her the very best.”

“It’s hurtful that people make up stories that pit not just families, but specifically women, against each other,” she affirmed.

Yup, yup and yup s’more.

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Jessica Alba Promotes “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” at Comic-Con

Jessica Alba

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

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Jessica Alba attended the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For press line during Comic-Con in San Diego. Along with Rosario Dawson, Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Josh Brolin, the group discussed the upcoming film which comes 9 years following the first film. Look for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in theaters on August 22nd.

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OMG He Can’t Act! Robin Thicke’s Acting Debut Is (Shudder) Here

Robin Thicke has been having a rough year: after splitting from wife Paula and having his latest album bomb on the charts, he now has to contend with a barely-made-it-to-release feature film which marks his debut as an actor . . . and which is getting very nasty reviews.

Check out the trailer to his VOD feature debut in which he plays the ex-boyfriend of Jamie Pressly’s character. He speaks so, so, so softly as at all times it’s kinda maddening. Where’s Miley Cyrus when he needs her?!

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