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The Harry Potter Cast That Never Was

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“Liam Aiken was almost the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter himself!”[PerezHilton]

Did you know that Naomi Watts was under consideration to play Narcissa Malfoy? Or that Tim Roth nearly got the art of Severus Snape before Alan Rickman became the most hated man in Muggledom? And what of the greatness that is Ian McKellen playing the greatness that is (spoiler: or was) Dumbledore?

Click the link to see the actors who didn’t get or passed on the iconic role of the Harry Potter films.

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Female Thor and Black Captain America Movies Not Coming Any Time Soon

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“The studio’s comic-book blockbusters for the next two years are already on the books.”[EW]

Marvel recently went all “modern” by reinventing two of its most iconic superheroes: Thor as a woman (gasp!) and Captain America as a black man (double gasp!)

However, as their recently released lineup of film shows, there are no plans to produce a film about either archetype-breaking character anytime soon.

Is this a smart decision on Marvel’s part? Or are we ready for the Chinese lesbian Iron Woman?!

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Rachel McAdams CRINGES Watching Her “Notebook” Audition


“I’m sitting next to Matt and he’s watching a movie, I’m reading a book and I notice he’s crying. He’s sobbing.”[HuffPo]

Actress Rachel McAdams took to the set of Today Show this week to promote her new film A Most Wanted Man when host Matt Lauer ambushed her with her 10 year old audition for the film she’s most associated with: The Notebook.

She cringed and cringed and cringed s’more. Yikes. Take a look at the audition to see if it’s really as bad as she thinks.

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Irina Shayk is Gorgeous at “Hercules” Premiere

Irina Shayk

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Irina Shayk looked gorgeous as she attended the premiere Of Paramount Pictures’ Hercules. This follows-up Irina’s sexy appearance on Extra to promote the film where she stars as Megara. Dwayne Johnson stars in the title role while hottie Barbara Palvin stars as Antimache. The film opens on July 25. Visit Hercules for more information.

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Trailer Watch: Oscar for Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Imitation Game”?

The world’s most ubiquitous actor is back, this time playing the historic Alan Turing, the brilliant British scientist who helped the Allied Forces win WWII. Turing went on to make incredible strides in developing the world’s first computers, before he was tried by the British government for being a homosexual.

Cumberbatch is said to have put in an astonishing performance which has Oscar written all over it. Co-starring Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game releases November 21.

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BOMBS AWAY? Why is Summer 2014 Full of Flops?

Photo: David James

“This summer might yield the worst box office in decades, with ticket sales down to disturbing levels.[EW]

Last summer was thought to have been the summer of mega-bombs, with giant, big-budget movies falling into the dust like a $200 million gaping hole in the ground.

But 2014, it seems, is actually doing worse . . . at least when it comes to moviegoers in North America. Ticket sales are way, way down, and there hasn’t been a big, historic blockbuster all summer (not even a Pixar movie is scheduled to release!)

So why the downturn? Experts say it’s a multitude of reasons: audience know that all they’re getting is sequels and reboots, and even when good, they’d rather stay home and watch the second season of Orange Is the New Black or House of Cards. It also doesn’t help that movies these days are made for the global audience, and not the American one, meaning that their appeal is very, very broad and sometimes not very good (does the humor of the Westside make sense to huge masses of moviegoers in Mumbai and Shanghai? Um, maybe not . . . ).

Click the link for the full, detailed analysis from Entertainment Weekly.

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Rachel McAdams Dishes on Working with Lindsay Lohan on “Mean Girls”

Photo: Paramount

“I was in awe of her talent.”[HuffPo]

Regina George may have been a bitch and a half, but the actress playing her says that she was the one who was intimidated by none other than her co-star Lindsay Lohan who had the starring role. She says in this month’s Allure:

“If anything, I was in awe of her talent. I looked at her as this experienced actor, and she had great comedic timing, so natural.”

And what of those reports that it was Lohan was scared of McAdams on set? “It’s just funny to hear that because you never know what people are thinking. We all try to act like we’ve got it together.”

It’s been a long time since anyone ever accused Lindsay Lohan of acting like she’s “got it together”.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets CREEPY in “Nightcrawler” Promo

Jake Gyllenhaal looks decidedly different (and by that we mean very very very skinny) in the first promo for the new thriller Nightcrawler. The actor, who plays a driven freelance crime journalist, appears in the ad as a craigslist jobseeker. We can see this is going to be an edgy drama.

Nightcrawler hits theaters on October 17.

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