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“Orange Is The New Black” Season 2 Trailer is HERE!

The Girls Are Back.

Check out the finally released trailer of the upcoming second season of Orange Is The New Black from Netflix. For those who watched the first season religiously (as I did), it looks like we can expect Piper to learn a whole lotta new life lessons from her crew.

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Dean McDermott Admits To Cheating On Tori

Proof that it really is straight couples that have destroyed the institution of marriage: Dean McDermott admitting during a taping of True Tori that he did, in fact, cheat on his wife.

Please, help us find our surprised face. And also help us believe that their marriage was ever anything but a publicity stunt…

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Drake In Disguise Gets Strangers to Diss Drake

Is Drake getting tired of rapping? Is he trying to get a talk show?

Sure looks like it, given the news that he’s hosting upcoming ESPY ceremony and this hilarious bit he did for Jimmy Kimmel in which he disguises himself and then gets random strangers to diss on the real Drake.
He gets called a “chicken head” and gets called out for refusing to acknowledge athletes of a certain racial background. Oh, and then there’s the whole Taylor Swift thing.

Check it out and see if Drake has a future as The Next Sacha Baron Cohen.

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First “Girl Meets World” Trailer Is Here!

Get ready to feel super, duper old.

The first trailer for the much-touted Girl Meets World television series has finally been unveiled by Disney . . . and if the first look is anything to go by, the series could prove to be as successful as the original.

Girl Meets World debuts this summer.

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Colbert To Replace Letterman On “Late Show”

Photo Credit: Comedy Central/Viacom

“The decision comes about a week after Letterman announced during a taping of his program that he would retire from the program – and the longest tenure as a latenight host on broadcast TV – sometime in 2015.”[Variety]

Political punditry just won’t be the same.

Comedian and faux ultra right winger Stephen Colbert has been named the new host of CBS’s Late Show with the announcement last week that David Letterman plans to step down in 2015.

Colbert’s contract with current boss Comedy Central is set to expire in 2014, which may be why he jumped ship. What remains to be seen, however, is if Colbert can actually be himself and not the nutty right wing pundit he plays as host of The Colbert Report … and if audiences will like him in the role.

The late night terrain sure is a’changin’.

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Kate Upton Hits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ To Promote ‘The Other Woman’

Kate Upton Hits Jimmy Kimmel ADDS-1982471

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Kate Upton’s latest pit stop on her seemingly endless ‘The Other Woman‘ promo tour was ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. Her new film, which also stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, hits theaters on April 25. Aside from the movie, Kate also talked about her zero-gravity photo shoot for the latest issue of Sports Illustrated (see photos here).

You can watch the directly interview below:


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Ellen DeGeneres’s Oscar Selfie Worth $1 BILLION

Photo Credit: @TheEllenShow/Twitter

“The tweet was seen by 37 million people worldwide, according to Twitter numbers. In contrast, 43 million viewers tuned in to the broadcast.”[THR]

Here’s something you should do if you want to make a TON of money fast: take a selfie with a bunch of Oscar nominees.

Ellen DeGeneres’s much retweeted Oscar selfie has been determined to be valued in the neighborhood of $1 billion – with a b.

Publicis CEO Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis – Paris-based global advertising and marketing firm- says, ”the Oscar photo of host DeGeneres with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey and others [is valued] at the large sum because of its massive sharing on social media.”

So there you have it: a picture is not only worth a thousand words. It’s worth a billion f@%^king dollars.

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X-Men’s Quicksilver Shills For . . . Hardee’s

Need proof that the X-Men are bigger than God in the American Midwest? Then check out this strange and unexpected commercial featuring one its lead characters, Quicksilver, in a shameless promo spot for fast food chain Hardee’s.

Warning: eating Hardee’s may turn you into a mutant. #jk #libel

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