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Today’s Top 3 Supermodel Instagrams

Just a heads-up, we’re finally complete our migration sometime this week. The site will be 10x simpler to run (and hopefully much cheaper to manage). Thanks to everyone for their support and patience.


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Seahawks hold off Redskins; lingering thoughts from week 5


After their win over Denver, the Seahawks were looking to use their bye week to focus up on the rest of the season which lies ahead. Their journey to try and repeat as champions got going again in our nation’s capital, taking on a Redskins team that was trending in the wrong direction. Washington isn’t as bad as they looked on Thursday night almost two weeks ago, but no one was expecting them to provide Seattle with some real competition. At least for myself, last night’s game was more competitive than expected but we did get the end result that was anticipated. Carried by Russell Wilson’s big game, the Seahawks went into DC and took down the Redskins, holding them off for most of the game and eventually closing the game out with a strong 4th quarter finish. Wilson finished with a career-high 122 yards on the ground, to go along with a score, and also paired that with 201 yards and two scores through the air. An all around, excellent performance from #3 on Seattle. Early on, it appeared that this would be a rout in favor of the Seahawks as they led 17-0 at halftime. But Washington fought their way back into the game with some big plays (Kirk Cousins to DeSean Jackson) and got within one score twice in the second half. Washington had the ball multiple times with a chance to drive and tie the game, but Seattle’s defense stepped it up. Let’s also remember that Seattle’s punting unit did an excellent job pinning the Redskins deep into their own territory, allowing Seattle to play the more risky style of defense that they flourish in. And of course, my favorite play of the night was Seattle’s fake field goal early in the forth quarter that successfully got them the first down. Now the Redskins try and save their season but with injury and off-the-field issues continuing to linger, they might be looking at early hope in next year’s draft. Seattle is now tied with Arizona atop their division and have a big game this weekend when my Cowboys are in Seattle for what (I hope) is a great game.

First off all, i’d like to apologize to a couple of players for not included them in “plays of the week” yesterday. So Sammy Watkins and Riley Cooper, you both made catches worthy of being some of the best plays of the week. Also, I can’t believe I completely missed on Philly Brown’s punt return for a touchdown. It was a great run but what made it special for me is the abundance of flags on the play and how obscure the entire series was. Just goes to show that playing until the whistle will usually result in something good. So tomorrow, now that we’re over a month into the season, i’ll be ranking the best five teams in the league. I’m torn on a few teams (one that includes the one I support) and whether or not their record, as a opposed to their actually strength of schedule, should be the stronger determinant. The debate rages on and on of which factor should determine which team is doing best right now. Remember, it’s more a ranking of if all these teams were to play on a neutral field this weekend, which would have the bench chance to come out on top. And it’s not a probability ranking, so things like a team’s momentum and current injuries (or lack thereof) both come into play, among other factors. Then on Thursday i’ll be going through the dregs of the league.

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Blake Lively Annouces Pregnancy; We Pay Respects To Her Amazing Legs

Blake Lively

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As longtime fans of Blake, it’s the least we could do…

Blake Lively Photo Shoot

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Wrapping up week 5 in the NFL


With only two teams on bye, fans of the NFL were treated to a massive slate of games that included plenty of surprising results along with some big wins. Statement wins by the Cowboys, Broncos, Chargers and Patriots highlighted yesterday’s action around the NFL. I zoned in on those four teams because they’re the four victories that stuck out to me as most impressive or most significant. Dallas was at home (“home”) against the Texans, battling to be 4-1 for the first time in I don’t know how long. Despite a bit of sloppy play that included multiple turnovers, the Cowboys were able to redeem themselves in overtime to take home the victory over their in-state rivals. How crazy is it to think that the Cowboys have one of the best records in the league built off a solid running game and defensive stops? Also, how crazy is it to think that Peyton Manning now has 500 (yes, five hundred) touchdown passes for his career? But more importantly, the Broncos bounced back from their loss to Seattle and won impressively over the Cardinals, who were undefeated before the game took place. Surprisingly enough it was Denver’s first impressive win of the season, something that the rest of the AFC needs to fear going forward. How much momentum can the Broncos gain? Speaking of momentum, how about the Chargers? If the game were played on a neutral field, I would take the San Diego Chargers over any other team right now. Yes, that’s right, the Chargers are the best team in football right now. The latest victims are the Jets, who were on the wrong side of a lopsided shutout yesterday. Speaking of victims, what about anyone who was doubting Tom Brady or the Patriots? Scrutinized to no end for the entire week, New England responded in great fashion against the Bengals in front of the home crowd. And it was a surprisingly raucous crowd and a Patriots team that was fired up from start to finish.

Of course we have to specify which players stood out the most yesterday. It’s an easy week for me, partly because records were achieved and partly because i’m going to use this platform to be a bit of a homer. I attended Cowboys-Texans game and was fortunate enough to sit next to some particularly obnoxious Texans fans. It felt very good to gloat after the Cowboys won the game but first things first. Peyton Manning’s day as a whole wasn’t that impressive but he did record his 500th TD pass so he gets the performance of the day award; Romo dodging JJ Watt followed by a huge TD pass gets the play of the day. Romo’s Houdini-like skills highlighted the game for me and made the price of admission worth it. But that wasn’t the only impressive play of the day as we have tons of honorable mentions form yesterday’s games. Logan Thomas’ pass to Andre Ellington was about the most impressive throw of the day and the run afterwards was also nice. If this Panthers reverse goes for a score, then it gets play of the day but I still love it just for the block by Cam Newton. Antone Smith appeared the break the sound barrier after his catch and run against the Giants. Plenty of impressive catches highlighted by Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Travis Benjamin and Brandon Lloyd all deserve praise as they are some of the best plays that we saw yesterday. Can’t forget to mention Khiry Robinson’s run as he bowled over some Buccaneers players to win the game in overtime. Lots and lots of big plays in an entertaining day of NFL action that was overall good television.

Tonight we have the Seahawks (-7) in the nation’s capital to take on the Redskins. Washington looked terrible against the Giants last week, but it was a Thursday night game and those tend to exaggerate bad teams looking a bit worse than they really are. But still, all signs point towards a rout by Seattle as they are coming off a bye week.

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