Mr. Gross of PIMCO speaks to the kids…

I read a lot of articles through the day—This is probably because I get bored of staring at work-related papers . I’ve warned you now, so don’t be appauled if there are tons of references to random articles.

Ok, back to why I’m posting…Founder of one of the largest bond-investment companies in the world, PIMCO LLC., Bill Gross recently stepped up to the podium at Duke University to talk to the 2004 MBA graduates. You can read his entire speech here, if you so desire.

First, as usual, my favorite excerpt from the speech:

But beyond these qualities I would mention two others as perhaps most critical in your future pursuits. First of all to use a playground expression, you must have the “Love.” Not a love of hoops or the gridiron, but a fixation, an obsession, an exultation in what you do each and every day. You must find not only your niche, but also the niche through which you can symbiotically nurture your business enterprise and yourself at the same instant. This is not an easy task and I am not naïve enough to believe that all of you or even most of you can do it. There was, after all, only one Apprentice. The true winners from this group here today, however, will be those that can marry their education and people skills with their passion. It is a dynamite combination. If you haven’t already, find something eventually that makes you want to get up every morning and go in – not for the check and what it can buy, but for the LOVE. You should be working in a TGIM environment – Thank God It’s Monday. That alone will make you a life’s success in the businessworld.

I know you’ve heard all this crap before, but he put it nicely w/ that equation. Education+People Skills x Passion = Something totally indescribale. I’m usually a pessimist, but I am a believer in this philosphy. It’s totally possible.

Since we’re all in the first couple innings of the game of life, I figured this will provide some added motivation for change!