The Timeless C.G. Jung! & SuckWOMENto

As I write this, SUCKramento is losing to the Minisuckota– 28 to 36. I hope this is a blow out.

Anyway, after robotically finishing work today, I got into my car that was parked in the same place as it is everyday & drove home taking the same freeway, passing the same hot chick in the yellow jetta (I’ve never seen a yellow jetta until I came to the South, btw) who always leaves work exactly when I seem to be passing her workplace, & I get home only randomly pick up one of my Jung books to read a a couple bookmarked pages. [ya, my life has turned into one long, neverending day—it’s just a continuous cycle and the more I think about it, the more it upsets me.]

Anyway, one paragraph in particular caught my eye:

[by the way, the score now is 31-39…suckwomento losing]

It is the psyche of man that makes wars. Not his consciousness. His consciousness is afraid, but his unconscious which contains the inherited savagery as well as the spiritual strivings of the race, says to him, "Now it is the time to make war. Now is the time to kill and destroy." And he does it.

The most tremendous danger that man has to face is the power of his ideas. No cosmic power on earth ever destroyed ten million men in four years. But man’s psyche did it. And it can do it again.

I am afraid of one thing only–the thoughts of people. I have means of defence against things.

[Currently it’s half time, Suckwomento down by 10! 24 minutes until Lakers take the championship!]*