Hiromi Oshima – Another Pic

Varian Gray has been gracious enough to provide us with another personal picture of him and Hiromi Oshima…the girl who left him for fame with Playboy. She has stirred up quite a bit of conversation amongst the comments from the last post and the first post where I ever mentioned her. This picture is from whe they lived together in Playa del Carmen…moving from Puerto Vallarta back in ’02.

Varian & Hiromi happy together!

Does Hiromi not look happy to be with Varian?

What started as a post to show the sweet girl from Tokyo before the fame of Playboy has become a verbal assult towards both parties. Our readers have inquiring minds and thought provoking information that only Varian and Hiromi could really answer…

Comments about Varian Gray and Hiromi Oshima from our readers include:

“What I want is for Mr. Varian Gray(whoever he is) to give us a detailed description of what it was like to slide his mushroom headed warrior into Hiromi-chan’s quivvering mound of love pudding.” – Steve

“Hiromi Oshima is a vacuous slut. Back in April I saw two black guys double team her in public! It was behind the Marlin Hotel on Ocean Drive. Absolutely disgucting. She’s a filthy negro cock whore.” – Steve

“Last fall she spent the night with Nelly and Juvenile(that tape would outsell the NIGHT IN PARIS video) again at the Marlin, but this time in a room.” – Steve

“I’ve been told that she likes to be taken from behind;…” – Steve

“Varian, I’d like to know how Hiromi liked to get it. There is a well documented back alley gang bang she endulged in, anything freaky that went down during your tenure with the Shibuya-Super-Slut?” – Steve

Varian, would you like to comment?