Justin Timberlake Will Dump Jessica Biel Soon. Just Watch.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com
These were snapped as the couple shopped for furniture at Bisazza on Melrose in Los Angeles.

JT is famous for hitting subpar Hollywood ass—at least subpar from the type of ass he can potentially hit. And, if you can’t tell, his current relationship with Jessica Biel is as boring as they get.

Rumors are swirling that Jessica Biel might be pregnant, but rest assured, they are all false. A Bastardly source close to JT’s team claims the relationship is exactly the opposite of what everyone is blindly assuming. In other words, it’s dead.

It’s very simple: JT’s unhappy with what is obviously a very dead relationship. Jessica wants to move forward with Project Bastard Children by trying to have twins or triplets like every other Hollywood couple (and in the process locking up JT’s massive fortune).

All we gotta say is, “Not so fast, Jessica!” Justin knows Megan Fox is fresh meat on the block, so naturally that’s his next target. All I gotta say is that if JT goes this route, he’ll finally be putting his crazy fame & fortune to good use. Finally.