Coming to Comedy Central: “Hobbit Week” on “The Colbert Report”


“Colbert has made no secret of his love for the series; he speaks elvish, the language spoken by elves in the book, and visited the New Zealand set of the film during production.”[THR]

Just how big a fan of The Hobbit is Comedy Central host and National Treasure Stephen Colbert? So big, it turns out, that he has dedicated an entire week of his show to the upcoming epic film from Peter Jackson beginning on December 3 when Gandalf himself (Sir Ian McKellan) stops by The Colbert Report to kick things off. Also expected throughout the week are Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis who plays “PRECIOUS!” Gollum, and star Martin freeman who plays Bilbo Baggins.

No word yet on whether Elijah Wood himself will make a surprise appearance on set…though this being Comedy Central, it’s a pretty good bet that Jon Stewart and Al Madrigal will find a way to work themselves into a sketch. Maybe Samantha Bee can wear Liv Tyler’s Elf Princess costume to get things started? Quick, somebody page Aragorn, son of Arathorn!