Magdalena Frackowiak Shows Off Her Rockin’ Bikini Body

Magdalena Frackowiak Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Get those last minutes tickets to St. Barts pronto!! It’s our assumption that it looks like Victoria’s Secret has invaded the white sand beaches of St. Barts once again with supermodel hotties roaming the area while on location for their latest bikini photoshoot. Polish bombshell Magdalena Frackowiak showed off her bikini body during a photo shoot on the beach and gave a shout out to Apple using her iPhone to take some selfshots that we assume will be posted on Twitter or Instagram soon enough. And with each Victoria’s Secret visit to St. Barts, the question always remains, “Who’s Next???!!” (i.e. “When’s Candice getting there?”)

  • McP

    Where’s the rockin’ body you mentioned?

    • MoeJackson

      McP NOT COOL!!
      Mags is great, you bastard!!!

  • xenia

    she’s too tall for my taste

  • skilligan

    she is cute and all but i don’t love the body (or lack thereof)

  • curvefan

    There’s a reason we like T & A. If all it took was long legs to be sexy we would be looking at pictures of giraffes. I want curves leading to big T’s & a round A.

  • RoxyGilmour

    Aww, pretty pretty doll face! She’s so stunning in motion.