Ginnifer Goodwin Really Needs To Grow Out Her Hair Again

Ginnifer Goodwin Guests on Extra!

Unless she was forced to chop it all off due to cancer or another health reason then there’s absolutely no reason for Ginnifer Goodwin to look like this when she could easily look beautiful with longer hair. This absolutely atrocious and I just want to send out a big F You to Ellen DeGeneres and Halle Berry for convincing women that this type of hairdo will make them look beautiful. I’ll be honest, the short ‘do works, but it’s VERY rare.

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as actress Ginnifer Goodwin made an appearance on ‘Extra!’ at the Universal Citywalk. Ginnfer is the star of the ABC series ‘Once Upon a Time’, which airs Sunday nights at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT. Find more info on the show’s official website >>>