Ginnifer Goodwin Really Needs To Grow Out Her Hair Again

Ginnifer Goodwin Guests on Extra!

Unless she was forced to chop it all off due to cancer or another health reason then there’s absolutely no reason for Ginnifer Goodwin to look like this when she could easily look beautiful with longer hair. This absolutely atrocious and I just want to send out a big F You to Ellen DeGeneres and Halle Berry for convincing women that this type of hairdo will make them look beautiful. I’ll be honest, the short ‘do works, but it’s VERY rare.

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as actress Ginnifer Goodwin made an appearance on ‘Extra!’ at the Universal Citywalk. Ginnfer is the star of the ABC series ‘Once Upon a Time’, which airs Sunday nights at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT. Find more info on the show’s official website >>>

  • DrewMoney

    I could never be with a woman with short hair. There’s nothing sexier than long, beautiful hair.

    • McP

      @DrewMoney Yep.  And on her the short hair really highlights her flaws — her ugly ears and her huge pumpkin head.  Now add a double chin that hair could help hide in the profile shots.

      • JaneDahlinger

        McP I agree.  She looks so good with long her, but the short do shows her less than pretty ears and makes her look weird.  I understand that she needs to look different in Storybrook than when she’s the princess Snow White, but that could have been handled differently.  Doesn’t she have a mirror?

        • claire52149

          JaneDahlinger McP  All I can focus on is her right ear which is so much larger and sticks out so much further than her other ear.  I think she looks so much better with long hair.  But I really like Snow less and less as the show continues..  She annoys me..

        • TiffanyButler

          claire52149 JaneDahlingerMcP Stop being so critical. Even with a momentary double chin, she’s still more attractive than the average woman. If you all feel as though you’re gorgeous enough to criticize, why don’t I see pictures attached to those nasty comments?

        • claire52149

          TiffanyButler claire52149 JaneDahlinger McP  My comment was NOT nasty.   She is beautiful with long hair.  But one of her ears is quite a bit larger than the other and it shows more with short hair.  And I said I don’t care for the character os Snow much anymore.  The character she plays has nothing to do with my liking the actress.

  • McP

    Her downgrade in appearance also coincided with when she stopped the vegan diet.

  • Backwoodsman

    Agreed.  Not sure what’s going on here.

  • lenilovesfeet

    I hate short hair on women, hate it and even if some woman looks allright with short her I still think it sucks.

    • Boholicious

      Me too and I’m a woman! Really don’t like short hair most of the time. But especially not when it makes a woman look MUCH worse.

  • IamLegend_2000

    has anyone told her of a way to get rid of that double chin and the hair just looks like a little boys cut who doesn’t comb his hair…not a good look on her.

    • Nita

      IamLegend_2000 I actually happen to really like how she looks. So much so, that I, with very similar features (prominent ears – check!), have a quite similar hairstyle too 🙂

  • supercee

    I can’t tell if the poster of this article is serious and the comments are as well but people do understand that her hairdo is for her character as Snow White on “Once Upon a Time”?

    • IamLegend_2000

      supercee as I watch that (season 3) along with the new “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” I’m aware of her role in that TV show and I would bet that others here are also aware. After all it’s a huge hit for 2 years now. Still there are some very good wigs made and hair does grow mote than a bit in 2 years. Last but not least take a good look at the three pictures poster above this & in all honesty which one makes her look the best of all….sure not the center one is it  ;-))) one chin too many is not a good look….she can & has looked very pretty. I don’t beleive anyone here hates her these are simply comments.

    • Boholicious

      IMHO the show should give her a better haircut for her character!

  • chaelarox

    To me guys that are obsessed with long hair come across as stuck in social mores, and close minded. But I try to keep an open mind about them since as much as I like the short hair look more often than not, others have preferences towards blonde, long, straight or curly. “Hating” a style though certainly screams of other issues you have I think.

    • MichelleRenwickWilson

      This is not about being obsessed with long hair or not liking short hair. The style does not flatter her! Wear it short, but cover the ears – it’s the first thing you see!

      • Boholicious

        Her face shape is also wrong for this cut.

    • George Seattle

      chaelarox sounds like your issues not ours.  Long hair rules!

  • Angel

    She is ugly! She is pasty white, flat ass, no boobs, fat face and OH it looks like her Mom pulled her ears! One ear is huge!

  • MichelleRenwickWilson

    I agree! Really short hair does not flatter this woman. She doesn’t have to wear it long, but if she goes short she needs to wear it covering her ears. This hairstyle make her look ugly when she is actually very attractive. I have seen photos of her with her hair fluffed out on the sides: still short but covering her ears. She looked great! I wish I could post this photo here!

    • Boholicious

      Also it’s not just because the short cut makes her face ugly. Her hair itself looks awful, frumpy, dull. The cut is horrible.

  • MichelleRenwickWilson

    As I said, if she wants short hair, it should cover her ears. She looks fabulous in these photos! I don’t notice a double chin either. Only her beauty.

  • Boholicious

    I disagree that she’s still more attractive than the average woman. She really does NOT look good. But she’s a star. She’s SUPPOSED to look better than you or me!!!! So whether the posters are attractive or not is irrelevant.

  • George Seattle

    Finally.  The only positive comments you ever see to this awful haircut is by other women.   It is terrible.  She looks hideous.  I have never heard a man say they prefer this pixie cut to real hair.  Stop getting talking into it ladies.

  • 11frenchie

    @Angel Don’t have to that cruel, you must be Miss perfect!

  • MichelleRenwickWilson

    @Angel There is much she can do to camouflage her flaws, but it seems she is doing everything she can do to emphasise them. Since she seems to prefer short hair, there are short hairstyles she could wear that would flatter her and not make her look ugly. Why would she want to emphasise a plump face and big ear? I’ve seen flattering photos of her, so I don’t understand why she chooses to look like this? Nobody is perfect, true, but this is ridiculous!

  • LeslieLandberg

    I just can’t stand looking at her anymore. She is fugly! Isn’t Snow White supposed to be “the fairest in the land”? Can’t see she gave Regina much to worry about in the looks department, not unless you are blind as a bat.

  • Snowing

    Lol well screw all of you. She is more beautiful with her hair short. Her face shape fits that kind of style perfectly. And it’s more of a modern snow white look. In my opinion pale skin is much more beautiful than dark skin. Unless it’s natural. You’re all just jealous you couldn’t pull a hair style like that off. Only the most beautiful celebrities can pull it off and I think she does. I have the same hair cut. I don’t care what others say about it and I get nothing but compliments on my short hair from women and men. This blog was honestly just rude- how would you like it if someone posted something like this about you? People can look how they want to look. If you don’t like it, too bad.

  • Justmyopinion

    I absolutely love her hair like this she can pull any hairstyle off in my opinion and has serious guts to have cut her hair off! It looks fantastic and I adore her hair and her. She’s stunning <3

  • Parousia

    In Season 1 she had a cute pixie cut and it suited her. I’m not sure if she’s picked up weight or if she got a new hairstylist (a trainee, perhaps?) but her hairstyle looks much more roughly cut, and certainly doesn’t suit her anymore, as it is in Season 3, at least. I’ve watched from the beginning of Season 1 to half-way through Season 3 in 5 days, so the change is quite obvious. She looks much better in the more recent photos above though, despite still having a pixie cut.

  • YourOpinionIsWrong

    @Justmyopinion No, it doesn’t. She looks AWFUL and it’s sad because she can be gorgeous. No sane person can look at a picture of her will long hair and say it’s doesn’t look dramatically better. I’m convinced she does it to make a point about beauty in Hollywood.

  • RumpleDumple

    LOL Did you just say the pale skin is more beautiful than dark skin, and then say that this blog is rude? And you say that only the most beautiful celebrities can pull this hairstyle off, and you have this hair cut? Sounds to us like you are feeling pretty insecure about your ugly pixie cut and went looking for reassurance on blogs, only to find out that no one else likes it either. Both you and Goodwin should hold off getting a haircut, for about six more years.

  • Rosestar

    She looks like a male and her ears stick out. It’s awful and she’s so pretty with longer hair.  Maybe her husband likes the boy look. You hover know???

  • Pestilencia

    Rosestar She reminds me of the Troll princes in Shrek

  • TinaCollard

    I think she looks amazing hair don’t make the person keep in mind she beautiful just as she is I love her as an actress