George Lopez Found Drunk And Passed-Out On Casino Floor

Drunk George Lopez

“Tied one on last night,” the comedian said in a statement. “Not feeling great this morning. I was trying to sleep it off, unfortunately, it was on the casino floor.” [Source]

Damn, somebody needs to give funnyman George Lopez a steady job because all this downtime is eventually going to take his life. The 52-year-old comedian was apparently arrested for public intoxication on Thursday night after he was found passed out drunk on the floor of a Canadian casino.

Rather than tossing him out of the hotel, security at the Caesars Windsor resort in Ontario chose the public humiliation route by calling the cops to help with disposing of the one-time late night host. The cops held him in a cell overnight to help him sober up (damn, with a world-famous coke-addict mayor, you’d think Canada would be slightly more accommodating to drug & alcohol abusers) and according to, he was released early Friday morning—without any charges filed against him.

Believe it or not, but George Lopez was scheduled to perform at the same casino, so I’m sure this set is gonna be especially hilarious. Any of you bastards planning to catch it? Let’s hope parts of it end up on YouTube in the coming days…