Nina Dobrev Makes Last-Minute Wardrobe Adjustments On ‘Flatliners’ Set

EXCLUSIVE: Nina Dobrev seen for the first time on the set of 'Flatliners' filming in TorontoPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

We figured a few of you guys will enjoy photos of Nina Dobrev with her hands down her skirt. She’s obviously tucking in her shirt, but you can never be too sure these days. As we mentioned in our earlier post, Nina & her star-studded cast are currently hard at work in Toronto filming the remake of 1990 film “Flatliners,” which is set to hit theaters sometime in 2017.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Those feet, I can’t get past them.

  • nrkey

    I was getting a bit worried but she looks good here. Her legs look surprisingly nice in flats.

  • nrkey

    lenilovesfeet Did you really have to give her 1 star for that? 😛

  • Bowser

    Her feet make her a 10/10 😉

  • lenilovesfeet

    haha, I would not give her 1 star, I always give her 3 stars.

  • lenilovesfeet

    you forgot to add “I’m joking”

  • assman8

    lenilovesfeet I’ve literally never cared about anything below a woman’s knees until I started lurking this site and seeing your comments. Damn you Leni!

  • curvefan

    I think Nina is a big enough star to have a shirt tucker.  I respectfully apply for the job.  I’d tucker her every chance I got.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    lenilovesfeet hideous. Can’t she just wear Crocs?!