Prophet Madonna

Material Girl Ale, Baby

Above is the photo of Material Girl Ale, which is famously named after the Queen of Entertainment Marketing, Madonna. I wonder what kind of royalties she’s pulling in for this deal.

Surely, the Kabbalah, Inc. considers having an ale named & designed after oneself a sin. Right?! In doing some research, I found Alan Hassan’s website, Freedom of Mind, in which there is a cute little Kabbalah Learning Center. As I read, I fell upon these wise words,

“Alcohol carries light”, therefore -especially in the retreats in LA – consumption of alcohol is encouraged to “get close to the light” as part of rituals, also to minors.

Weird, indeed. So does this make Madonna the ‘Light’
since Material Girl Ale is in fact around 7.5% Alcohol? If she donates another $100 million to the cause, I’m sure Kabbalah, Inc. would most probably declare her a prophet of some sort. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Who really knows what the Kabbalah really is. Just buy the Kabbalah merchandise and drink some of the nutty Ale, for God’s sake! When you’re well tipsy & seeing the light of Kabbalah wisdom, all questions will subside & money will just flow out of your pockets to the current CEO of Kabbalah, Inc.