• jennyla

    Dayana is actualy very beautiful, she doesn’t have “psycho eyes” in these pics as she did in the last post… she deserves to be the winner.

  • Hallery

    Why do beauty contestants always have to wear the most hideous evening gowns that they can find? I know there are better looking dresses out there but they always look so silly in these old lady, metallic looking getups.

  • d55

    out of the 2, it is very obvious the winner was gonna win…she looks more attractive here than she did in yesterday’s pix

  • ACE

    I don’t think Miss Russia has been equally represented here.

  • Player

    Taliana (Ms Columbia) should have won she is way better looking than MS Venezuela -who is pretty but doesn’t have the complete package.

  • rare

    Colombia looks a bit like dark version of Petra nemcova

  • Misty

    Does anyone, besides old ladies, even watch these beauty pagent snore fests?

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