• Player

    Please send in your wife’s pics to Moe and I am sure the entire Bastardly community would be happy to see a 42 year old ass that is 10X sexier than Cindy Crawford’s and provide you feedback.

  • Tapper

    I think they did a disservice to her by focusing on her butt. That’s never been her calling card. She looks great and most women would be thrilled to look like that at 43. Inasmuch as the word “booty” appears in the title though, she needs to hike those glutes up a bit. Time for some cable pull throughs, good mornings and squats.

  • olddood

    My wife is 42 and her ass looks 10x better than this porker.

  • junglegirl

    hotter than most girls in their 20’s who munch on donuts all day

  • klik

    She’s going to need A LOT of airbrushing for these pix because she’s not really in good ‘magazine cover’ shape.

  • 1

    If I still look that good at 43, I’ll be quite happy!

  • skilligan

    she is as hot as any 43 year old ever born, but the booty is just ehh, it was ehh when she was 23 too

  • Some Guy

    Damn . . . she’s still really hot.

  • senoritabonita

    we bastards unanimously highly doubt that…i call bullshit.

  • Leni

    stunning woman.

  • klklk

    have you seen her son presley is so pretty

  • Mundo

    Yeah I agree, she still looks good, considering her age.

  • Boz

    what do you expect? she’s already 189 year old..

  • Kristin

    Wow… 43, huh? I can only dream I’m looking that hot at 43.

  • Moses

    I’d lick her beautiful white skin for days, yes sir.

  • jerry kinella

    Remember when husband Richard Gere reportedly spanked her at a photo shoot for what he called “begging for attention on her tush”? She certainly got away with a lot because of who she was —– her rear photos all seemed to say “I want you to give it to me from behind!”