• Mickey23

    broken link…….

  • tool

    It’s a G-string. Don’t conflate it with T-backs.

  • Angus

    This, this is just wonderful.

  • HIV infected hooker

    That is not a G-String.
    It’s a T-String.

    And, have you guys ever gotten laid?

  • TheTruth

    Pic #4 just caused a mess in my pants.

  • RG

    Jeebus! Her ass is fantatstic, though she looks like she got spanked raw in the first pic

  • Brancato

    Yeah. That’s why I get excited when I see a girl with a hot ass and pussy. Because I know how nice a girl’s ass can taste, and I know how fucking hot a girl’s pussy feels. That’s why.

  • Spork

    Next stop is work restrooms for relief.

  • skilligan

    wow, who cares what letter it is, her ass is out, we should celebrate that

  • Jack Uoff

    The face isn’t so hot (saw it on another site). But the body cancels it out. HER ASS AND PUSSY ARE ON FIRE.

  • Will Smith


  • roger

    wheres pic 4 noooooooo i want to see it. what was it about

  • RAK

    Am I the only guy on this site that thinks this girls ass is plain and uninspiring. I like a nice thick ass…this broads ass is way too small.

  • Erok8150

    fucking AMAZING.
    effective Immediately all girls should.
    #1 smoke cigarettes
    #2 accept that Anal sex is the way to a mans heart

  • anon80

    what is wrong with you people, this girl is fucking ugly. Great ass but ugly face, I guess nobody’s perfect.

  • nybigapple

    Average face but nice body. Overall still ranks as an “attractive” girl. People calling her ugly are idiots. Her face is average, which is very different than ugly. She’s not a model, but I’m fairly sure she’s still higher on the scale then the majority of you bastards.

  • eric nike
  • eric nike
  • wiseblood

    pic 4 is beautiful.

    then she turned around.

    someone call the brown bag police. i have had it with these girls that everyone considers “hot” just because they have a tight ass. look at that face. how much bitter beer did she drink?

    she looks like fucking celine dion and i HATE celine dion.

    fuck. i’m so angry.

  • d55

    anyone who says anything positive about that face must have been damn horny while typing…that face is U.G.L.Y.

  • Bugs on the Windshield

    I agree with some of our Bastardly fellows here… Nice ass, but very very average face.

  • Horsedick.mpeg

    i totally agree – her ass is too bony. i commend her on her tight bod, but too skinny and ugly.She’s obviously whoring for the paparazzi, such a turnoff, but maybe that’s because i’m a girl..the End.

  • Stud

    Can someone relink pic 4? DAMNIT!

  • Mario

    So who photoshoped her butt? Go around the net and look at the originals, there are more spank marks on them cheeks.

  • Ugly Model1

    What a cocktease!

  • RockHard

    QUICK – HURRY UP …… go back to those pictures – THAT IS A PERFECT ASS

  • Sasss

    Ummm… I´m not lesbian, not even bi but pic 4 is giving me some freaky ideas…

    • Aaa Aaa

      Me too

  • Mundo

    OOOOOOweeeeeeeeee!!!I could say a dozen things about this photos…but I’d rather keep quiet and admire..this is grade A handjob material…

  • FallenRawToast

    She was looking great till she turned around, still not bad from the front, but her turning around ruined a bit of the fantasy.

  • chase87

    What’s her name?

  • d55

    no, people who call her ugly have standards…this bitch has an ugly face.

  • Leni