The Beautiful Adriana Lima: 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party

Adriana Lima: 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party

Literally, the life of the show! Don’t know what Victoria’s Secret will do when their Brazilian firecracker of spontaneous energy & sex-appeal decides to retire one of these days (judging by her workout schedule, we don’t see that happening anytime soon). They better get their act together find a replacement so Adriana can do some on-the-job training before she gives her final bow.

Adriana’s return to the spotlight @ the VS Fashion Show: Backstage & Runway

  • wow? she just had a kid? unreal

  • err

    Out of this world beautiful.

  • grgecdnbastard

    I must be lonely as all these VS chicks are making me think nasty thoughts.

  • bryanzee

    Her tummy still needs a lot of work but she’s be back in no time.

  • backwoodsman

    Could be bad lighting, but I’m thinking her makeup is a miss here. Looks a little pale.

    • Moe

      ya, too much flash in one of the photos…

  • JPRichardson

    Impossibly beautiful. Greatest VS come back ever.

  • Maggzzz

    Looking like this after just 3 months of having her second child, She wins big time.

  • leticiaambrosini

    Adri is the soul of Victoria’s Secret … I can

    • leticiaambrosini

      Oops …

      I can’t imagine them without her.

  • Sun

    Sorry but she was not ready for the VS fashion show. If you see her in underwear will understand it. Her belly was too fat. Alessandra Ambrosio did much better. Poor Adriana killed herself to be ready for the fashion show in two months, but she was not ready.

    • Dustin

      Her belly is not fat, it’s just shapeless.