Meaty Christina Aguilera: American Music Awards 2012 Red Carpet

Meaty Christina Aguilera: American Music Awards 2012 Red Carpet

I love how Christina Aguilera just doesn’t seem give a fuck anymore about what anybody thinks about her. That’s definitely a sweet spot few celebrities in her position rarely reach and it’s already paying dividends in the music she’s putting out. Her seventh studio album “Lotus” was released last week to much critical acclaim. To continue the celebration, C.Ags hit the AMAs w/ performances of her latest tunes from her new album which included “Lotus Intro”, “Army of Me”, and “Let There Be Love.”

Here’s a clip of Christina chatting it up w/ Lance Bass on the red carpet:

  • the ugly truth

    Looks like she’s not done yet with gaining weight.

    • looks like she ate christina.

      was that in bad taste?


  • oompah loompah, yuck

  • xoo

    No clown make up, her hair is okay,she wears a classy dress her size and she still looks ugly,cheap and trashy?

    • lenilovesfeet

      I think it’s because of the contrast between her hair color and tan, if she had went with pale skin she’d look nice.

      • Good pecs. Could that be a photo of your lover?

        • This is Aziz Shavershian known as “Zyzz”, never met or saw this guy, I just like his body.

          • That dude got his muscle due to playing with his wiener a lot. Does he have big one, you know? If it is massively big, then it has something to do with stroking one out. More pressure and work on the muscles.

          • Nah, he took steroids and clen to look this good. My husband was a bodybuilder, I know what it takes to look lean and muscular.

          • Oh well, it is fact that the penis and balls shrink while using steroids.

          • lol yeah, the shrinking penis size was a blessing!
            Btw. why you talk about penis and balls so much, u gay?

          • It’s a myth, roids don’t make penis shrink, however balls do get much smaller.

          • lenilovesfeet

            sorry for the double post, disregard the gay comment

          • Nah, wanted you to talk dirty, thought you were for some reason.

            And the reply system here is messed up

          • bryanzee

            Can’t believe you have a pic of Zyzz as your avy……..R.I.P Aziz

          • lenilovesfeet

            Call me stupid but I believe he’s alive. I saw grave pictures, tombstone, still not convinced, lol.

          • bryanzee

            He died in Bangkok 2011.

            His family buried him unless you mean it in a spiritual way lol

          • lenilovesfeet

            I think he just wanted to escape his internet fame, killed “zyzz” persona. Even his brother doesn’t know how exactly Azis died, it’s all very shady. I don’t care because I did not know that kid but it’s always sad when a young person dies. Especially a young hot person LOL

          • bryanzee

            I’m still scratching my head you know about him.

            You don’t even lift

          • I’ve been a misc member for years 😉 no one knows I’m a female 😀

          • bryanzee

            This reply system sucks ass

      • bryanzee

        too fat to look nice

        • lenilovesfeet

          Funny thing is, she looks way better with bare face, younger and prettier. No idea why she cakes on this shit, why would a woman want to look like a clown, it’s not attractive.

  • I’m of two minds about Christina. She is supertalented and I like some of her songs. I don’t think she is the nicest person in the world and she is probably a bitch to work with because she is always trying to be the “strong” woman that she wants to appear to be. But, whatever, it has worked for her and made her one of our top artists.

    I wish she was still thin and girlish but she is no longer a girl and not everyone is thin or has to be. I certainly am not thin anymore. Nor is most of the country. She actually looks quite good here although the dress makes her butt bigger than I thought it was. But she still is way shy of the booties of Kim, K, Nicki M. and JLo. If she is truly happy in her new body then that can actually be a good thing for the legions of women who have eating issues due to being afraid to gain a pound or two.

  • jimbolovesmiley

    Im loving fat xtina, i wanna fuck her more now than i did in her dirty days!

    • bryanzee

      I’ll pray for you Jimbo

      • jimbolovesmiley

        Thanks, but only pray if i actually get chance to do it!

        • Oh I think you will be able if such an opportunity arises. She is loose. Maybe she comes to you and starts blowing you, and you do whatever you so dang please with her. But I’d want someone else than her. She has been dancing for so long, she probably knows how to fuck good though. But then when a girl lets you do whatever you so please with her, she can’t start acting all prudish, when you know every inch of her! No sir, not when you have explored and played that body like a violin.

  • bryanzee


    Fuck, there was a time Christina was fucking super hot………..what a fucking shame.

  • Always and forever trashy, no matter what she looks like.

  • Tapper

    I liked her a lot better when she was succumbing to her label’s pressure to look like, as she described it, “a skinny white girl.” I’m beginning to think that her ex-husband is quite pleased with himself for banging the daylights out of her when she was essentially a human blowup doll.