Falcons take down the Saints and what to look for in week 13

11-29After being in so many close games the Atlanta Falcons were finally able to come out and take an early lead against the New Orleans Saints last night. After taking an early 17-0 lead, the Falcons took advantage of 5 interceptions thrown by Drew Brees en route to a 23-13 victory. Are the Falcons the least respected 11-1 team of all time? Even before the teams played last night, the Saints were only a 3.5 point underdog on the road! There are a few angles to this. The first being that the Falcons have been squeaking out wins against teams that they should be beating by two scores or more. Another reason the Falcons are looked over is because they don’t seem to have this same type of success in the postseason, when it really matters. I’m hesitant to trust the Falcon completely but edging out wins is still winning and that has to count for something.

Here are a few things that i’m looking at this weekend: The best game of this weekend will be the Buccaneers visiting the Broncos on Sunday afternoon. Normally Ravens-Steelers takes that title when they’re playing each other but after Big Ben was ruled out of the game, it can’t live up to expectations. The Bucs offense has been so great and Manning is the leading MVP candidate, so expect tons of fireworks in that game. New twist, my worst game of the week (stay away at all times) is the Browns visiting the Raiders. Why is the Cowboys-Eagles game on during prime time? I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was a child and a part of me doesn’t want to watch this game. Upset pick is the Jaguars keeping it close at Buffalo (-6).

Side note on the NBA: I’m completely against David Stern taking action against the Spurs for what Popovich did. The Spurs coach was looking out for his team, putting their health first. Stern’s job is to run the league, not a team’s locker room.