Maria Menounos vs. Jessica Alba vs. Renee Bargh: Rear-View Matchup

Maria Menounos, Jessica Alba, Renee Bargh

Pictured: Maria Menounos, Jessica Alba, Renee Bargh

Extra TV has taken to filming live at Universal Studios and yesterday Maria Menounos interviewed Jessica Alba to promote her new film A.C.O.D. which Renee Bargh was on assignment to interview Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan. However, we’re not here to talk about that but give credit to the photograhers who purposely take shots of these fine ladies from behind. Jessica went a little conservative while Maria and Renee definitely looked like the hot hosts they were cast to be. So which one of these views most appeals to you?

  • Mundo Lopez

    Maria’s ass just stands out above the rest…..owww.

  • mike

    disappointed in Maria legs but she has the best ass

  • bryanzee

    I like MM as much as the next guy but Alba is on a different level.

  • DrewMoney

    Maria with Renee’s legs.

  • lenilovesfeet

    Alba wins. Maria has a great ass, but Alba’s face, legs and smile are much better. Renee is slightly bow legged, I don’t see the appeal.

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like her knees, nice and not bony, but do you really like her legs? 
    It’s not that I found the worst pictures, her legs look like that in every picture taken from front, not the side. Side pics of her legs are nice.

  • S

    Alba doesn’t look good; raved about eating disorder and my grandparents look so much better than her and they ate everything.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I have been one of the most guilty parties on this site complaining about Jessica Alba. Leni has lately been one of her staunchest defenders and she has convinced me that I haven’t been very fair to Jess. Jessica IS gorgeous. I had the biggest crush on her as soon as I saw her on Dark Angel before most of the world was even paying attention to her. I raved about her. I still think she is one of the prettiest women in the whole world. But for some reason all the papz pics with her scowling set me off against her. But I hate being noticed in public and if I were her I would HATE a bunch of middle age fat guys following me around all the time shouting out to me so they could take a picture to sell so they don’t have to get a real job. She has enough money that she could hide away from everyone and have hired help shop and take her kids out and all that, but she has chosen to live very publicly with her family despite all the papz. So I am going to quite calling her a cunt. She has done nothing bad to me and she continues to look good and make my man parts tingle so I will just comment on how good she looks here and in future photos where she is making a planned appearance and is killing it or has made another unfortunate wardrobe choice ( the lady still has dodgy taste in outfits).

  • curvefan

    The title was Rear-View Matchup. Thus my opinion is which would I prefer from the rear and Maria is the winner easily.  Alba has too much baggage and horrible common sense for my taste and Renee is at least another tier down from Alba.