Paris Jackson Shows Off All Her Daddy-Funded Regrettable Tattoos

Photo Credit: Instagram

I think it’s safe to assume that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris paid top dollar for each and every one of those tats—not including tip! Let’s hope she paid a little extra so that she has the option to remove some of them in a few years when that all to common and somewhat painful feeling of regret comes knocking on the door. These photos were snapped recently as Paris was seen enjoying a luxurious vacation in Hawaii with her mooch, hippie-hipster friends. Her net worth is estimated at around $100 million. The latest estimate comes following a 2016 sale of select crown-jewel portions of her father’s estate (the sale was valued at around $750 million and included MJ’s 50% stake in the the Sony/ATV music publishing company). Estate lawyers framed the sale as a way to capture value for MJ’s kids—-riiiiiiighhhht!!

Apologies in advance for the grainy closeups.