Twin Programmers in My Office

But seriously, same color shirts w/ the same exact line-pattern. I wonder what kind of other things they do exactly the same? Ok, I won’t go further w/ the last thought…. It’s possible that their parents started to dress them exactly the same in an attempt to make both feel equal, but this is absurd. If I had twins, I’d make them feel completely different b/c for god’s sake, they already look the same and have the same genetic make up, why not make them look differently on the outside so they can have 2 distinct personalities? Is that too much to ask?

These two guys might as well be the same person. I’ve also come to the conclusion that they are one of those twins who take pride in being twins, so that might explain things. They told me last week that they will be attending the Twins Conference (yes, there’s such a thing) in Ohio later this summer. I was thinking of tagging along and telling hot twins that my other half was too busy to attend the conference! haha, ok bad joke.