New York Post Trashes Season 9 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

This clip from the latest episode (S9.E3) is great example of the forced ideas in season 9.

Michael Starr unleashes on the latest season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”:
“Lightning hasn’t struck twice here; what was novel, funny and outrageous when “Curb” launched in 2000 — with Larry’s on-the-spectrum social quirks, remarks, gaffes and tics — now feels stale and annoying. Why would anyone want to be friends with this obnoxious guy, who argues with virtually every human being he encounters (including the very first scene of Season 9)? Life’s too short. And, predictably, the “Larry moment” in every scene is telegraphed a mile away. Uh-oh, Larry grabs a hotel-lobby cookie (sans tongs): Cut to the ensuing argument with the lobby manager. Uh oh, Larry loudly beeps a cop (Damon Wayans Jr.) at a stop light: Cut to the ensuing argument with the cop (who will, predictably, reappear later vis a vis some farcical setup). Uh oh, Larry asks a smarmy, evasive restaurant manager about a “kitchen disturbance.” Cut to the ensuing, endless argument with the guy — who, naturally, reappears later when Larry causes his own kitchen disturbance to wrap the episode’s arc in a neat little bow.” [Read more]

I have to admit, I tune in with high expectations each Sunday evening and I’m left scratching my head once the episode ends. While everything seems somewhat forced with the aforementioned “telegraphed Larry moments,” I do think the formula behind each episode is exactly the same as in previous seasons. So, what’s the cause for the disappointment?

I’m beginning to think that Larry David has officially run out of worthwhile (i.e. funny) things to bitch about, so he’s simply scratching the walls of the goldmine that was once packed full with life’s monotonous, yet humorous, moments that everyone experiences, but nobody gives a shit about until they laugh about it while watching “Seinfeld” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Anyone else following the latest season? If so, chime in below with your thoughts.