Dianna Agron Did A Shoot For La Ligne NYC

Photo Credit: La Ligne

These photos are a part of shoot to promote one of NYC-based designer La Ligne’s newest collections, The Glass House. The overall shoot is overflowing with sex appeal and does well to shine a spotlight on Dianna Agron‘s classic beauty.

This is pure speculation, but Dianna seems like one of those strong blondes in Hollywood who would’ve probably kicked Harvey Weinstein in the balls if he pulled one of his bathrobe stunts. Sadly it’s probably because of that type of attitude toward harassment-prone, highly networked Hollywood bigwigs that Dianna’s career didn’t go far following her stint on “Glee.” While I remain very skeptical, let’s hope things change for the better for women in the entertainment biz following the Harvey Weinstein debacle. Again, I’m very skeptical!

You can see more photos from teh shoot on La Ligne’s website.