Dianna Agron Did A Shoot For La Ligne NYC

Photo Credit: La Ligne

These photos are a part of shoot to promote one of NYC-based designer La Ligne’s newest collections, The Glass House. The overall shoot is overflowing with sex appeal and does well to shine a spotlight on Dianna Agron‘s classic beauty.

This is pure speculation, but Dianna seems like one of those strong blondes in Hollywood who would’ve probably kicked Harvey Weinstein in the balls if he pulled one of his bathrobe stunts. Sadly it’s probably because of that type of attitude toward harassment-prone, highly networked Hollywood bigwigs that Dianna’s career didn’t go far following her stint on “Glee.” While I remain very skeptical, let’s hope things change for the better for women in the entertainment biz following the Harvey Weinstein debacle. Again, I’m very skeptical!

You can see more photos from teh shoot on La Ligne’s website.

  • super secret

    Maybe it’s just the makeup but her looks are starting to fade.

    • Lenilovesfeet

      Definitely it’s the makeup, also, she’s over 30 and lost some weight, that contributes to more mature appearance.

  • Gabbo

    Fathom Events was running the 30th anniversary of Princess Bride, so I caught a Robin Wright double feature with Blade Runner. Age is everyone’s worst enemy. Saw these pics, made me think of that.

    • IamLegend

      At least she’s not Robin Wright Penn anymore……that phase was not good.

      • Gabbo

        That phase went 15 years, and then Charlize Theron dated him for 18 months, even was engaged.

        I’m actually amazed we haven’t heard from Penn during the Trump era, since he was so anti-Bush and his Katrina handling

        • Curvefan+

          Many he grew up and realized he should be thankful that Killary isn’t using the White House as her personal flea market and selling access to the highest bidder. Probably not on Penn wising up however.

          • Gabbo

            Heh, I’m thinking maybe he’s wondering if El Chapo put a hit out on him and that Venezuela which he thought was USA’s ideal goal is in utter ruins.

    • McP
    • Spanglylovesheels

      Hi Gabbo. I saw Blade Runner 2049 yesterday. I didn’t even recognize the tough bitch cop as Robin Wright aka Princess Buttercup. God I am fucking old now! Age demolishes us. It just fucking does. I don’t care how fucking “fit” you are or fat you are. It just pummels you. I know I know, this is a pessimistic assessment. I know there are advantages but I think they pale in comparison to the enthusiasm and energy and beauty of youth.

      Having said all of that, what did you think of the movie Gabbo? I thought it was pretty good all in all. I might have enjoyed it a bit more than the original which I never did get too excited about. I love Ridley’s Alien storyline more than his Bladerunner storyline.

      • Gabbo

        Yep, age is a bitch that’s gonna kick your ass.

        It was a fantastic movie, highly ambitious. It’s crazy enough that Gosling, who did a great job as the straight guy, is the least interesting character. I also loved how they gave away the ending without actually giving it away. Currently #2 in my best of 2017 list. It’s a down year for movies so far before prestige season comes. I have Dunkirk, 2049, IT, Logan Lucky (not Logan), and Wonder Woman.

        The original is an odd fish with all of its versions, but is pretty revolutionary. Tons of concepts we take for granted now. At the end the day though, BR is just a fancy crime procedural. Alien buttkicking is generally going to win. At the box office too, judging from BR’s awful box office.

        • Spanglylovesheels

          Glad you liked it too Gabbo. I wasn’t going to go at first but some article about how it needed to be seen on a large screen with large sound convinced me and I now agree with that recommendation. Yes Gosling was very flat but since he is a replicant I guess that is a good thing. I loved his “girlfriend” played by Ana de Armas. That scene where she melds with the prostitute was interesting. Basically it was all pretty interesting and what I took as an upbeat ending. I think the standout performance was that of Sylvia Hoeks playing Luv. She was like a Terminator. She stole every scene she was in.

          I would put it as the best film I have seen this year with Wonder Woman being in the number 2 spot. Didn’t see Dunkirk yet nor Lucky Logan. I thought IT was a bit over hyped. Good but not great.

          • Gabbo

            The de Armas/Mac Davis scene was freaky hot, right? Hoeks did kill it, so much so she just won a role in the next Girl with Dragon Tattoo movie, though not as Liz (Claire Foy takes over for Rooney Mara). Unfortunately, it’s also pretty much her next role, so it’s a long wait to see her again.

            As great as WW was, the ending was middling to crap for me.

          • Spanglylovesheels

            It was freaky hot and I loved it. This film has grown on me more and more over the weekend. Many films lose my interest after I see them. Good ones like this just get me more interested.
            I agree about WW. At the end it seemed like someone told Patty Jenkins to take a coffee break and took over filming the rest of the movie. It was very by the numbers and meh.

          • Gabbo

            The ending is why I put IT > WW. I’m left worried, WW2 becomes the search for more money Hollywoodized, like so many of the superhero sequel stuff is. BR had a fantastic end fight. No fancypants fight scene, no cgi, just raw beatdown. A shocker considering it’s set in the future.

          • Gabbo
          • Jahrgos

            Syliva didn’t “steal focus” from the others as the article says, not for me anyway. Even though it’s a terrible dress, I’m only looking at Ana. I love her face.

          • Lenilovesfeet

            I don’t care for Sylvia at all, Ana has one of the sweetest, cutest faces ever, awww!

          • Gabbo

            Give Ana some dimples and she could be Cuban Miranda Kerr.