Minisuckota Rushed by Lakers!

There is a tragedy in being a Lakers fan and living on the east cost. One tragedy is simply the lack of other Laker fans in the South for the good ‘ol reminiscing about the great championships of the past & the second tragedy is the more obvious timezone issue. The 3-hr differential simply does not suit my work schedule! I was up until 12am watching the Lakers run over Minnesota. I have to admit, I was a little scared in the 3rd quarter, but thank God, Kareem Rush came up huge w/ his six 3-pointers. It was luck, God damn it, but winning championship year after year after year takes a little luck, along with a tremendous amount of skill. Minisuckota has the skill, but simply needs more luck. Maybe next year they can get to game 7? Or possibly spend $300 million & bring hall-of-fame players to compliment Lattrell & KG?

As for ‘Soul Plane,’ I was unable to watch it yesterday. Things came up beyond my control, so I was forced to postpone until later this week (hopefully Saturday). I’m kind of glad because I didn’t really want to watch the movie w/ a bunch of rowdy Southerners on a holiday weekend anyway. So yes, you will have to wait for my full review of this epic.