Bai Ling Makes China Proud. Again. Does Nude Peep-Show in Edmond; Talks Star Wars III DVD, VH1 Reality Show & Shanghai Baby

In Edmond‘s credits Bai Ling is referred to as “The Peep-Show Girl.” So w/ that in hand, for all you Bai Ling Horndoggs (yes, even you rice chasing fanatics out there), check out a brief clip from the film on Rapidshare. Due to the size of Bai Ling’s nipples, the size of the video download is fairly large. Our sincere apologies (not really).

W/ that Horndogg News to the side, let’s talk about a recent interview Bai Ling did w/ Cinematical.

As expected from these generic interviews, the interviewer went straight for gold by asking Bai about her being cut from Star Wars III. Bai Ling didn’t dive into the sexual details about what really happened w/ George Lucas, but trust us when we say that Bai Ling refused to gag Mr. Lucas w/ her nippies after one of the shootings & as a result, Mr. Lucas got upset. George Lucas is the type of man who gets what he wants when he wants it and how he wants it, so can you blame him for getting upset & cutting everything Bai Ling-related from the theatrical release?! Of course not! More power to him. Regardless, it appears Bai Ling & Mr. Lucas have reconciled their kinky differences & Bai Ling will in fact be in the Star Wars III DVD.

Secondly & more importantly, we finally heard something more about Bai Ling’s long-awaited reality show on VH1. I’ll let you read straight from the interview.

Q: You’ve got a few things completed right now; what are you focusing your time on next? I heard a rumor that you might get involved in the upcoming Star Wars TV series.

BL: I would like to, but I don’t know yet. In the meantime, I’m probably going to do a reality show for VH1. We’re going to try to do something that’s a new way of doing reality shows. Nobody would ever think of where we’re taking it. It will probably be very intimate, and will capture the many colors of who I am, by the camera and reality. It will be very spontaneous and I think it will be good. It’s a challenge, and I’m a little concerned, but probably I’m going to do it. Also, I just got a leading role for a film called Shanghai Baby. It’s the best-selling contemporary Chinese book, by a young Chinese writer, writing about life in modern-day Shanghai. I play a writer who is very modern, but also lost and torn. She has multiple lovers; a western lover and a Chinese lover. It’s the fast-paced, exciting flavor of modern life in Shanghai. [Continue reading the rest of the interview on…]

More photos from the Edmond clip follow (some of them are NSFW)…