MILFilicious Maria Bartiromo & Sexy Petra Nemcova

It’s a pity Kristina Applegate had to get her ass in there to spoil things.

My heart skipped a few beats after spotting these two beauties together @ some Reader’s Digest “Please-Show-Your-Face-And-We’ll-Pay-You” luncheon. As you people already know, Petra Nemcova is a personal favorite. I think it’s because her love is genuine, she doesn’t do crack like all the other bitches & lastly b/c she’s a true survivor!

As unbelievable as this will sound, just 10 months back, this woman was recovering from one of the craziest catastrophes on record & these days, she’s making sure to enjoy life to its absolute fullest. Who wouldn’t, right? It’s unfortunate that homo- & heterosexual men, all over the globe, are literally missing out in one of God’s finest creations (in her prime). Petra, give us a call & we’ll make sure to savor your silky, Czech bod, the way it should be savored. Amen.

Ok enough bullshitting. Here’s some more eye candy from yesterday’s event.