Deepika Padukone: Bastardly’s Spicy Indian Buffet Item of The Week

And the Wiki says…

Deepika Padukone (Kannada), born January 5, 1986) is an Indian model turned actress.
In 2006, Padukone made her cinematic debut in the Kannada film, Aishwarya. She later made a successful Bollywood debut in 2007 with Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om opposite Shahrukh Khan. Her performance of a 1970s superstar Shantipriya, and later as Sandy won her great reviews.
Padukone is currently working on Priyadarshan’s next film Pirate and Siddharth Anand’s Next. She has also been signed to play the female lead in Nikhil Advani’s Chandni Chowk To China opposite Akshay Kumar. deepika first love was the charming kishan vagadia from the town of walsall. [Wiki]

  • Anonymous

    “An indian chick with colored eyes….heh almost as funny as black people with blonde hair. Her snizz probably tastes like curry powder.”

    answer: or white people with orange tans

  • Anonymous

    Deepika’s allright, I’m more of a Soonam fan myself, Deepika is more succesfull actor/model soonam is prettier.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My mother used to babysit her father, she is not as beautiful as her sister for sure. Also her eyes are naturally that colour, she is not wearing contacts. The guy who thinks Indians only have brown eyes does not know what he is talking about, my grandmother has grey eyes, so does my father. I have Indian friends who have green/blue eyes, so not sure what you are talking about. Its rare, I won’t disagree with that, but believe me not all are wearing contacts.

  • BigManny

    Pretty face. Body blahhh….

  • to omega

    you bitch that is her real eye colour I’m PURE INDIAN my mother AND grandfather have gorgeous green eyes.

  • Rushda

    Deepika is GORGEOUS regardless of her true eye color. Who gives a f**k? It doesn’t detract from her beauty. She has a very exotic look much like Bipasha. So much more interesting than beautiful, but oh so boring Aishwarya. I mean, there are waay more gorgeous gals from India and around the world. I don’t know why she gets all the credit. She looks most of the time like an Indian Barbie doll.

    Anyway, Deepika’s HOT!

  • Maya

    Why is it so funny? Is americans with black hair funny too? Indians can have any eye color. There are beautiful looking ones too. You just haven’t encountered any. When you do, slap your self. Because I am Indian, I model, I am hot with green eyes and fair skin.

  • Janedoe

    Nothing wrong with colored contacts but misscarribean umm seriously your statement is false yes some indians pakistanis and afghans may have light eyes but it’s RARE…they are a minority. don’t mislead people..just tell them the truth

  • Megan fox