Jobs I Want: More Gemma Atkinson Bikini Pics, 2009 Calendar

My top five jobs…

1. Alessandra Bikini Adjuster
2. Gemma Atkinson Hair Stylist (this post)
3. Gisele Bundchen Ass Rubber
4. Tie: Adriana Lima Ass Rubber & Adriana Lima Ass Smearer
5. Alessandra Thigh Fluffer

  • Ugly Model

    Her breasts look very heavy and full.

  • AlinaMaria

    yeah full of silicone

  • bigdog

    It is too bad about the giant fake fun bags. She could be really pretty.

  • My Cock Is Throbbing

    So hot! Gotta keep stroking!

  • Buck Nasty

    The are bolt-ons?,they sag quite a bit for fake ones.

  • Bossy

    Her body looks nice. But in all honesty her face is pretty average. That face w/o that body would not stand out in any crowd.

  • AlinaMaria

    seriously though, she is really photogenic but she lives near me and in person she does not look good. And then theres another girl whos been on this site who lives near me and everyone said shes a man but in person shes actually one of the prettiest girliest girls ive ever seen. Plus Gemma looks like every girl i went to school with. I guess theres nobody who looks like her where you are so i get why you think shes hot.

  • Paul Jackalby

    I’ve always thought she was hot since Hollyoaks. Her tits were a nice handful before, shame her low self-esteem made her get implants.

  • AlinaMaria

    yeah you caught me im jealous.

  • Caitie Harmful

    Ok, ACE….give me an example of a 10.

  • Ugly Model

    Jealous AlinaMaria?

  • redneck

    tasty. mighty tasty

  • JohnnyMak

    I have yet to see any evidence of her feet being busted. You want to know what busted feet are, try Britney Spears.

  • Yor

    If I am elected to office, here are four jobs that none of you will ever have, as I have reserved these jobs for me.

    1. Ashley Tisdale Pussy Eater
    2. Ashley Tisdale Ass Eater
    3. Ashley Tisdale Tit Sucker
    4. Ashley Tisdale Pussy Fucker

    In closing, let me just say that there is a dream, and it belongs to me, and you are not allowed to show up in my dream. If you choose to show up in my dream, be warned that there are monsters in my head and I will sick them on you.

    But please don’t let this stop you for writing me in on your ballot. Now is not the time for divisive politics, partisan crowing. No, now is the time for a coming together, for a change we can believe in, a change that benefits me and my cock. Thank you, and fuck you. All of you. God bless America

  • d55

    this chick is big…she is bigger than the men around her but she is big all around, which looks good and proportionated…she has big hips but also a big waist which looks small on her, etc etc…i think she looks hot in these pix even though i hate her boobs because they are huge and saggy and am not a fan of her face.

  • Edward Yang

    Ashlynn Brooke is a 10. So is Lexi Belle. And Tia Tanaka.

  • d55

    shit, forget it…when i looked at the rest of the pix, i saw her stumpy, fat legs, not hot

  • d55

    man, I really should look at all the pix before i write a comment…she either needs a smaller waist or bigger hips, too…ok, I’ll shut up now

  • jonrey

    can’t concentrate too hot

  • Nikki

    This chick is shit. Her tits are fake and they still sag? wtf? Her face is ok but her body is all disproportioned.

  • Bolt Uprite

    Incredibly sexy, udderly perfect.

  • Blickerfield93277

    shes damn HOT! sorry losers, gotten tired of bullcrap from u!

  • shandi

    she’s beautiful, i love her face, very clean and pretty.

  • Eve

    Moe wants all those jobs…hmmmm, is he aware they have such jobs because they’re raging queens?

  • Eve

    I couldn’t find anything wrong with her feet. But I do think smaller boobs would make her body look better proportioned.

  • davige101

    I want her, badly. She looks great here. Damn my life.

  • JTchicago

    Several of today’s models (and even those from past years) are seldom “camera pretty” without makeup. The reason for them even being models is either they have all the parts and pieces in the right place or they had an ability to play for the camera. Tyra Banks in person is really not all that compared to Cindy Crawford in person.