Social Media Spotlights The Best From Oscars Night

Photo Credit: Instagram

As you guys know, we’re total cheapskates these days, so we have to cherry pick from social media sites that pretty much own the Internet these days. All the ad-bucks are flowing to them, so I’m sure they can share! With that said, we aren’t sure whether some of these were planted by shady Russians to further fan the flames of division, but it shouldn’t come as a total surprise if that’s indeed the case.

We haven’t said it in a while, but “DAAAA-DAAAYUMMM!!”

Definitely the youngest looking mother-daughter combo in attendance…

Damn you, Josh Duhamel!!

What’s up with the bangs? Definitely not digging them…

Aging like fine wine!

So, this is supposed to be an actual outfit?!


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