Young Gemma Atkinson During Her Slutty Clubbing Days! Ow!

Over the years, we’ve seen many pics of Gemma Atkinson, but in my opinion, her hotness level exploded last year during her 2009 calendar shoot.

If those don’t do it, check these pics from Gemma’s various bikini-flavored vacations down below…

Gemma Atkinson Bikini Pictures From Cuba
Gemma Atkinson Has Ocean Sex in Spain
Gemma Atkinson Bikini Does A 2009 Bikini Calendar

  • Frost

    I feel dirty looking at her.

  • Go Balls Deep

    Her nipples must be at the very bottom of her boobs since you can see most of them and no nips. Call me old fashioned but I tend to like mine near the middle.

  • frankg

    I think they are cute, sexy boobs, gives me a stiff opinion!!