Charlize Theron @ "The Burning Plain" Photocall

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Theron attends `Burning Plain’ debut in Venice

No stranger to flawed characters, Theron said she loved the role of Sylvia.

“You should ask people that question. Why are people so flawed? Because that’s who we are,” Theron said. “Why is it when you watch a film and something happens that moves you — it either moves you to tears or gives a chill down your spine — it’s because we can see ourselves in that moment.” AP

  • Sassy

    She has a gorgeous face but her body is not good at all.

  • johndoes

    Charlize is HOT and has always been HOT since the first time I saw her in 3 days in the Valley


  • Mundo

    I like Charlize and her sweaty legs also….

  • Jacky

    Am I the only one who thinks she gained alot weight?

  • barto

    No I agree 24. She has gained a lot of weight and it doesn’t look good on her because her chest is still flat. She looks awful in these pictures. She’s another actress going downhill fast.

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    Not gonna lie, I think she was better-looking during the “Astronaut’s Wife” era. She’s getting a little soft around the chin now.

  • hula

    she’s too pretty.. i don’t think she’s sweating THAT much, it’s all that glitter stuff they put on her that makes her extra shiny, whatever she’s gorgeous

  • Candi

    I never thought she was pretty. I hate fat round faces and she has always had one. And I hate her weird pig nose and plump cheeks.
    And her body has always been disgusting. She has skinny shapeless legs that are too skinny compared to the rest of her non-skinny body. She has huge shoulders, no tits, no ass, no waist at all, and no hips.


  • some of you competely suck

    now you say she put on some weight and needs to lose it, but then you go right to calling nicole richie a 12 year old boy, I mean they can’t look like what you want them to look like. She looks just fine to me.

  • vanos28

    she is pretty but she needs to loose the extra weight

  • mwill

    There’s nothing feminine about this one’s body.

  • d55’s magical yapping anus

    There are lots of crazy people in the world. Many of them have access to the internet. D55 just likes to hear herself talk.

  • Razorblade Tongue

    This is going into ED. Congrats to Pam & d55. You guys are going to have your own ED article.

  • John of the Thomas

    Pic #5, with a hint of foot?

    Are you kidding me?

    Strikingly beautiful.

  • Goliano

    Too bad some of that weight gain doesn’t go right to her ass.

  • admin

    Kickin’ out da buggs, baybee. Thanks for the pointer. It’s on my list!

  • fucking bastard

    Why doesn’t that d55 bitch ever shut up?
    It seems like everyone on this site hates her. And she’s delusional, she thinks everyone is a “stalker”. Only a narcissistic person would be paranoid and consider everyone a stalker because you’ve got to be pretty fully of yourself and consider yourself very important if you think people give a shit about you and stalk you.

  • mcfarland


    That is 1 hot wet babe. Like the shoes too. Bet she likes to be tied up & made to cum over & over & over…..

  • !!!

    me thinks d55 & moe is the same person…

  • Ugly Model

    Don’t like the tat, but I would love to taste the sweat on those legs.

  • Stone Cold

    Thats some “HOT” South African ass………

    And thats the bottom line……..

  • jay2daflo

    eeeeeyyyyyy… did the bastardly get a facelift, or are the treez startin to kick in?

  • Sierra

    she looks like shes put on a couple of ponds, but still gorgeous. However, whenever she puts on weight she reminds me of how she was in monster. Not so hot…

  • BASTARD ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    d55 your a cunt

  • Pretty much

    She’s just an attention whore who, think that any attention, even negative attention, is better than being ignored. Just ignore the dumb slut and maybe she’ll go away. You’d think that given the fact that pretty much everybody here tells her to fuck off on a regular basis, she’d go away, but she clearly thrives on it. Sad really.

  • Goliano

    Why is the front page pic showing on every page?

  • krosss

    OMG of course the off topics conversations are still alive.
    I used to come here in the past i won’t anymore since some morons(pam,d55,d55 haters,asha…)don’t understand you should stay on topic.
    The website is very negative and dumb anyway.Charlize is beautiful and talented,im sure she doesn’t give a shit about your opinions.Beauty isn’t everything.Bastardly sucks!!

  • Aisha P

    She looks pretty, but she does seem to have gained a little bit, though she still looks great. Anyway, whats with the new layout? Wheres the stalker list gone?!

  • sandra

    I think her weight is perfect, theres nothing wrong with her body. She is absolutly stunning

  • Sierra

    hey im not sayin the womans a moose here, she just look like shes put on a few pounds. jesus can all the fat chicks out there just calm down, I am not attacking you lol. Just because I made a comment about someone gaining weight doesnt mean it is a negative. You’ve probably been brainwashed into believeing that any mention of a woman gaining weight is an insult. Charlize is one of my favourites – I did happen to say she was stunning aswell. I just mentioned that her gaining weight made me think of her performance in Monster as she gained weight in that. People need to stop attaching their own issues onto some of the flippant comments others make.

  • Anonymous Black Chick – ABC

    I actually agree with you. Charlize is an apple, so weight gain on her is going right to her arms, love handles and gut – NOT attractive. On the plus side, apples usually have great legs.

  • concubine

    Yeah this new layout is freaking me out big time

  • BASTARD ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    she’s really mad over the fact she still an H-O-E

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    [D55] I’ve got H-I-V…

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  • Glimmer

    i wish i was at the venice film fest….

  • admin

    The stalker list is still on the profile page, but it’s been moved to the sidebar. And now with PICTURES! Woot!